SEC Championship thread

Submitted by michfan6060 on December 1st, 2012 at 5:48 PM

Pretty good first half. Bama is up 10-7. I'm pulling for Georgia because I always thought Richt was a pretty good guy.



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This isn't your typical Alabama team - I'm not sold ND won't be able to stop them.  They can run the ball against a Georgia line that doesn't seem nearly as good as they sound on paper, but this defense had a hard time in the second half slowing down Georgia.


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If ND had Gurley in the backfield or a QB like Murray who is a threat to throw the ball down the field they might, but they have neither.  Georgia has a NT that is better than anything ND has and they still couldn't slow them down.  Yeldon is a beast.  Sooner he is in the NFL the better.


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Georgia blows every game like that and Bama wins every fucking one that they should lose. Two of my top 5 hated teams are playing each other for the NC....great.


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LOL! Why did they run a play?! They wasted 6 of the precious 15 seconds left calling one, and the rest of them because it was caught. Spike it, and you have 3 quick plays.


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Bad coaching there.  Clock it.  Huddle up.  Two good throws into the endzone, maybe even three if you're quick.

That was a Tyrone Butterfield '95 play, without the lucky drop.  

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Te'o is a proper badass, but ND's schedule hasn't done them any favors.  Who in Christ's Holy Name would predict that in a conference championship game played against the (admittedly overrated) #3 ranked team in the country, Alabama would have TWO RB's combine for 300-plus yards rushing?

Seriously, stats like that don't appear in games of this stature since the days of Tom Osbourne and Barry Switzer (and the late Darrell Royal) winning national championships.


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Can't blame the kid who caught the ball, that was just peer instinct. 

That's on Richt and Murray. Spike the ball. Gives you two, possibly three plays to get the winning score. 

So Michigan vs. Georgia in the Capitol One Bowl? 

coastal blue

December 1st, 2012 at 8:06 PM ^

Ah, forgot about Texas A&M. 

It could go a few different ways. Texas A&M, if Manziel wins, might even jump Florida for a BCS bid. 

The Big Ten is going to get hammered this bowl season. 

If Nebraska wins the BTCG, Michigan, Wisconsin and Northwestern are all going to be facing 10-11 win teams in their bowl games. 


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coaches get paid millions to know basic clock mgmt.  to forego spiking the ball not once but twice in the final 30 sec was completely insane.

richt cost his university several million $ tonite.

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December 1st, 2012 at 8:33 PM ^'s not unusual.

Mark Richt is a TERRIBLE game day coach.  There is a significant number of folks in this state who want to see him fired. 

Gerogia's high school infrastructure is to be envied when it comes to football talent; it is a tier below California/Texas/Florida, but on par with Ohio/Pennsylvania.  The fact that UGA does not contend for national championships the way Alabama does is something of a statewide disgrace...anyone with the ethics of Les Miles or Nick Saban coaching in Athens would own the crystal football until they saw fit to loan it to someone else,

It is to UGA's credit/detriment that they hired a good man with a reasonable sense of ethics (who graduated from "THE U", of all places) to coach their football team.

My theory is that the ESS EEE SEE should trade UGA to the B1G for ohio; both conferences would get what they wanted out of the deal.  The B1G would get one more program with a sense of honor, the ESS EEE SEE would get one more program without one.


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I dont think any team can beat Alabama when they have a month to prepare, its easier to upset someone during the regular season when they're playing a game every 7 days. Saban's too good of a coach not to win against a less-talented team with a months preparation.

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Bama is a much more complete team than ND, but ND is a team of destiny this year. They have found ways to win every game this year, regardless of whether or not they deserved to win.

I can see ND winning like how we won the Sugar Bowl. Bama will thoroughly outplay ND, but will make critical mistakes at the worst possible times. Yeldon will fumble inside Bama's 5, McCarron throws a costly pick, Bama makes a costly special teams error, or better yet, McCarron falls down the stairs and breaks his leg the night before the game.

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December 1st, 2012 at 8:59 PM ^ that 2013 ND = 1989 Colorado.

Undefeated before they played the defending national champs from the previous year in a bowl game, wherein they got their asses handed to them due to no experience playing a team with the pedigree of that which PWNED them.

Of course, Colorado ended up winning a share of the MNC the next year, so that doesn't mean things necessarily get better from here.



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UGA was 7 yards from beating Bama, we were 7 minutes into the game when the beating started.

Agree that UGA is a collection of individual talent but they have 15 kids who will make NFL rosters. Bama has premier recruiting classes every year for the last 5 years.

Look, Georgia state had 170 FBS signees, Florida had 344 and Alsbama had 86 = 600 kids in the UGA and Bama recruiting area. Michigan had 59 and Ohio 144 = 200 in the OSU and UM areas.

We don't need equal individual talent, but we need to be close to win on execution and character. Their talent is far superior at this point.

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December 1st, 2012 at 9:07 PM ^

that Michigan had running backs gain 300 yards rushing in a game against a Top 5 opponent?

1995 Tshimanga Biakabatuka and (insert your user name here)?

That defies reason.  Of course UGA was overrated (they always are), but from a team that does not run an option-oriented offense, those numbers are absurd.


December 2nd, 2012 at 12:02 AM ^

I would prefer a Georgia national title over Bama, but just didn't trust Richt enough to take down the Irish to pull for them today.  For the exact reasons as you saw at the end of the game with the clock management, I don't have confidence in Richt and Georgia to close and would have given the coaching edge to Kelly in the title game.

My Notre Dame hatred forced me to pull for Bama.  Saban with 6 weeks to prepare for a freshman QB...I just think Bama will be much tougher for the Irish than Georgia.  IF not for all the special teams mistakes, Bama wins this one by 2 scores today.  I doubt they make those types of errors again.  Feels dirty, but Roll Tide.




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What a great game... I don't blame richt for not spiking there... Bama was confused, uga had matchup, and they got lucky a tipped pass floated to another receiver. Not nearly as bad les