SEC Championship thread

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Pretty good first half. Bama is up 10-7. I'm pulling for Georgia because I always thought Richt was a pretty good guy.



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We don't really compete with Alabama over recruiting much...we do with Notre Dame.  Most believe that Alabama is more likely to beat Notre Dame than Georgia is.  Although we all kinda think both will beat them, we prefer the more likely win.  Ultimately Notre Dame losing is what's best for Michigan, whoever that may be that beats them.

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Why the HELL would you want Notre Dame to win another national championship EVER????

Yeah, it's cool that they still require their athletes to be able to write their own names in the dirt with a stick, but their fanbase is intolerable even when they go 7-6.  For them to go 13-0 and win a championship is the worst possible possibility there is.  Good luck getting ANY Catholic kid in the state of MI if the Irish think they want him first.


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I really don't think either of these teams are that much better than ND. I don't think there would be much scoring, but as long as ND didn't turn the ball over the game should be close. Too many people are overrating the dominance of the SEC this year. ND has a better resume than either of these teams. Having said that I hope Georgia pounds them.


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I dislike the SEC banter as much as anyone, but look how many teams they have in the top 10...Bama, LSU, Georgia, FLA, SC, T A&M.  The only team I think that can play with any of them is Oregon.  I'd hazzard to guess outside of Oregon the SEC has the top 5 teams all in their conference.  Granted, the top team, Alabama, is not as good as last year, but they are all really strong teams.


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You can't compare Ok or Stanford to Alabama  Oklahoma has spent the past few weeks barely beating average teams.  Landry Jones implodes every time he is in a big game.  Stanford does not have anything comparable to Lacey and Yeldon and somehow lost to Washington.


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that means Georgia plays ND in the National Championship, which could mean 2 things:

1) ND has a better chance of winning a national championship (I think they'd match up better with UGA than Bama)

2) If Georgia wins the national championship, does that mean Ohio has a better chance of winning the AP national championship (not as much prestige with UGA)?

*Also, does that mean we play Bama in the Capitol One Bowl? Gulp.

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Ohio will not win the AP national title. They have no conference championship game, no bowl game, and would not be able to compete with Alabama, Notre Dame or Georgia. I think there are quite a few other teams, like Oregon and Stanford, that would wipe the floor with them.

Ohio winning an AP title this year would be a disgrace to college football.

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I think this will end up being the defacto National Championship Game.


Hey ND, the NCG won't be you guys playing an over rated WVU team led by Major Harris at QB, true story.

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I must say that I love what Bama can do and I like that we are heading that way to a degree, I really believe that starting next season we will start seeing us look like what we did in the 3 games before ohio where we over thought it and didn't take advantage of a beatable team.

I want Manball capabilities but I want to be able to do different things because of talent and scheme, yes, I'm greedy like that.