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Submitted by Killer Khakis on January 9th, 2019 at 4:11 PM

I'm thinking of getting my dad tickets to a Michigan basketball game for his 50th, and neither of us have ever been to a game in Crisler. Where are good sections to sit for a game, and where might the best place be to purchase tickets? I don't wanna spend an arm and a leg, however for his 50th, and with the season Michigan is having, I'd like to go to a game with him. Thanks and Go Blue! 



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My MGoD took me to the PSU game (which was packed) in the Maize Rage and I had a blast. Standing up the whole game, booing the refs, and screaming like a 20 year old was fun (although I needed to chug a Coke to rehydrate and sugar up). I dressed like a M lunatic and fit right in.

She probably went out to Ricks and I went home and slept...


rob f

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He's your ONE AND ONLY Dad and only turns 50 ONCE, while you have TWO arms and TWO legs.  

I hope this prompts you to make some sacrifices and decide in favor of good seats for dear old Dad...


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I usually go hunting in sections 222-224 and 204-206, rows 23-30 (edit: basically what skurnie said above). You get a great view of the whole game from there, you aren't too far away from the action, and the prices aren't usually insane. Granted, I'm usually buying early in the year and often for crappy non-conference games, but that's where I'd start.

The good news is that there aren't a ton of bad seats in Crisler (if any), so get something that balances not being too far up and being close to center court with your budget and you'll be happy.

True Blue Grit

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I think anywhere in the blue seats are best, if you can swing the cost.  The experience is so much better than sitting in maize seats above.  Of course now that it's the Big Ten season, prices are not going to be cheap for any of the games.  


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I attended the PSU game, my first game since the remodel, and I was extremely impressed with Crisler. Lower bowl is a little better than upper bowl, but the sight lines are great from about anywhere. Some suggestions: get there early for the shoot around and to walk the concourse. There are a ton of displays for all M sports (one of my favorites was the Bill Freehan display). As an MGoD, I think its a great thing to take your dad. I attended several football games with my son (sat in the student section next to the band for one), and we'll be able to share some great memories forever (despite one of the games being the MSU downpour game).


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Get as close to Mid-Court as possible and you can't go wrong. Even if it is high up, these are good seats. I don't like the ends...but I guess that is a personal choice.

1989 UM GRAD

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I'm 51 and my kids never take me to any Michigan games.  Then again, I had kids a bit on the later side and the oldest just turned 17...and we have football and basketball season tickets.  Maybe they'll take me to a gymnastics meet?


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I'd say blue seats - any of them. I've sat all around the arena, including directly behind the backboards, and there's not a bad blue seat IMO.

Ham sandwich

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Took my wife and daughters to their first game (vs. PSU).  We sat in section 116 about 2/3 up.  Great view for the $ and convenient to entrance and bathrooms.  Also, every staff member we encountered was very friendly and helpful.  Our girls got on the jumbotron a couple of times and they were invited to take pictures with the cheerleaders after the game.  It was such a great experience that we are now planning to go to at least one game a year. 

Have fun with your dad!

Taco Panda

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Awesome of you for doing this. I dream of the day my son posts on this board for advice on tickets for a special occasion with his old man. But he's 9, so in the meantime I do the game planning. We're in southern California and went up to LA for the sweet 16/elite 8 games last year and had a blast. Gotta seize the opportunity especially during this promising season and your dad's half-century mark. Have fun, happy 50th to pops, and go blue!


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I've sat all over Crisler and I don't think there's a bad seat in the house.  But, I think first few rows in the upper bowl on the Michigan bench end would be good for your situation.