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I'm wondering if anyone is at the scrimmage and if there will be any updates here today?





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He started out on WTKA back in the mid-90s, and back then (as now with Webb & Co) provided the absolute best in UM football coverage of anyone in Detroit-area broadcast sports media. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he went to MSU, but his loyalty to UM was absolutely clear even back then.


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aceanbender Denard, Grady, Hopkins, Moundros, V. Smith, Jerald Robinson, and Jibreel Black all impressed me today. Didn't see Austin White in uniform...

aceanbender Concerns about the secondary are very much warranted, however. Played pretty soft and paid for it a lot of the time.

Those of you who were there, did Kelvin get any carries, or did he impress with receptions?


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RR did say he was going to keep things pretty vanilla, and maybe he meant on both sides of the ball. That's what I'm telling myself... I think we're looking at a lot of 42-39 games this year. It'll be "exciting."


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As long as we improve enough from last year to turn those close losses into close victories, I'm completely fine with it for 2010.

Just finish with a 8-5 or 7-6 ish record, keep your job, and get ready to unleash hell in 2011 with all that experience on offense.  Please, for the love of all things maize and blue, rich, please.

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Now that we seem to have a 3rd servicable QB, I still wouldn't mind seeing Denard in the slot on occasion.  Double passes from the slot to WRs who 'miss' their blocks could be fun.

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I have ever seen so many people give up/jump off the bandwagon as fast as some people have with Tate.  I realize that Denard is an athletic specimen, but Tate showed some serious passing skills (skills I can't imagine Denard has yet), not to mention I thought he showed some guts on numerous occasions.  The team's inability to get to a bowl was due to the defense, not Tate.  Obviously, he has had an "interesting" off-season, but the kid is 20 - I think it is way too early to write-off his ability to help the team in the coming years. 


A question to anyone who was there - did Denard pass the ball well beyond short range?  Did Tate look anything like he did at the beginning of last year?


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I do think it's too early to give up on him.  I remember a guy who admitted that he played four years at Michigan without putting in the amount of committment it takes to be a champion, but decided to come back for a fifth year.  I think it worked out pretty well for both him and the team, and I think you may have heard of him:  Brian Griese. 

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We heard all this same stuff last year. How the QB was a real battle. And, we all know what happened. Denard just didn't play very much because he wasn't very productive.

BTW, RR said the QBs would NOT be live for the scrimmage. So, that means it is hard to tell about running plays because the D is not going full tilt at the QB.


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I actually haven't heard hardly anyone write off Forcier. But I also haven't heard anyone say Forcier looks better than Denard since last Fall. Of course we won't know if Denard's improvement is the real deal for another two weeks, but his approbations have been consistent since the start of spring camp. Just because people think (or hope) he is going to start vs. UCONN doesn't mean people are writing off Tate.


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I'm not jumping off of the Tate bandwagon.  But I want a guy that's going to show up and give everything he's got and be a leader.  Not showing up for voluntary workouts is unaccepable and definitely not something a leader does.  It's my understanding that Denard didn't miss a single one.  His obvious talent in the running game is something that Michigan has never had before.  Couple that with the fact that he obviously has improved his passing game and there is a specimen that can beat you in many more ways then Tate can.  We can win with either one.  But we can shredddd with shoelace

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True too but I don't remember any of them being that fast or able to make DRob's moves.  He is like genetically morphing Tyrone Wheatley with a great throwing arm.  If Drob has better passing than last year, he's going to be pigskin death to the opposition.    And if he's not and Tate steps into the starting position, he's also faster and a better runner than our previous running QB's but unlike QB's like Demetrius Brown, this kid can throw.


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pic taken by @aceanbender at scrimmage while he was smoking and drinking from the water bottle that he brought into the stadium:


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...that means he has earned it.  And that would be great.  The competition will make all three better.  Last year, Forcier had little or no competition (Sheridan?  Please...).  Pushing Tate will make him better, and vice versa....which is good for everyone involved. 


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That is a point that can't be stressed enough about not only Tate but the rest of the team. Because Rodriguez came in and declared the whole thing open for whoever earned it in open competition, the level of individual improvement from year to year is hard to quantify.

Frankly, most programs don't operate the way Rodriguez operates his. He counts on guys taking quantum leaps throughout their time in the program because of the existence of the ceaseless pressure to compete. 

I said it before and know I won't get snickered at on this blog of the unbelievably wise and  learned: it is the system and method of operation used by Pete Carroll at USC.  The sort of improvements it creates in individual players are often hard to predict. 

So only a fool would look at the roster and simply say that it can't achieve a certan win total.


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I am excited for a new season and I am tired of hearing the hoopla over Tate. Last year was last year he had four good games. I'm tired of hearing the injury report on him obviously his injury wasnt bad enough for him not to play so in my opinion its an excuse for poor play. Excuses get coaches fired. Now if Tate performs well and gets the job im all in but until that happens he is still unproven. four games hardly classifies you as the next year starter. I am glad to see him having to work hard this should be a lesson to all athletes and kids who have a sense of entitlement. At some points he behaved immaturely and didnt go to class and argued with the coach he got away with it because he was the only option. Year two rolls around we have depth now the coaches dont have to put up with your attitude because your replaceable. this is a humbling lesson for him. im excited to see him progress im excited for denard and devin


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A little advice for you, if you don't mind my sayin' ....

This subject has been beaten to a bloody pulp on this site for the past year, and longer. But just like Dracula, (dead and loving it!) unless it gets a stake in the heart, it keeps coming back.

Do yourself a favor, and spend some time searching the archives, (note there is a very good search function) for Brian's UFRs from the games last year. You'll note that not only was Tate's shoulder injury important to his throwing accuracy, it was probably the #2 most critical injury last season, (#1 was the loss of Molk at Center). This is also the kid, by the way, who played his heart out at MSU and almost single-handedly gave us a chance to win at the end. Sure, he threw the interception in overtime, but it was through his efforts that we even got that close.

There is no evidence that Tate has a sense of entitlement. What "evidence" we have is purely circumstantial. Why was he not a gym rat this summer? Perhaps he had classes, other injuries, illness, etc. You don't know, and neither do I.

Finally, no one on this team is "replaceable", least of all a returning starter who last year, as a true freshman, arguably gave Coach Rod his best win at Michigan.


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true indeed that this subject has been drawn out for far too long I dont need a search engine or archive to see that I also dont need sarcasm from a complete stranger who feels witty behind his computer. dont mean to assume but thats the way your response reads. The only reason why I brought up the issue was in general response to comments made about the scrimmage and excuses that are everywhere. I am not new to this blog site I just choose not to blog. the issue of entitlement wow you must not work or deal with kids now a days. no evidence hmm lets take a look at it per reports not going to class hmm not showing up for voluntary workouts thinking he is still going to be the man hmmm if that isn't entitlement than im not sure what is. He doesnt have to be a "gym rat" as you put it but he does have to be dedicated just like the rest of his team. according to how you come off practice and workouts are not important if thats the case i vote allen iverson next president "practice". There where other key injuries that in my opinion where bigger than Tates lets see Brandon Minor Carlos Brown because we had no running game Tate was exposed a bit more. Yes everyone is replaceable this is competetive sports my friend thats why we recruit year in and year out. Finally I applaud Tates toughness for sticking it out but poor play is poor play point blank period and I am sorry but Notre Dame was not that big of a win on the national level. it was a big win against a rival but in the grand scheme of things they where'nt a very good team. lets just be honest. for the results that we got the last 8 games we where better off playing sheridan or robinson we would have got the same results which is losses. Im sorry but a torn acl is way different then a partially torn labrum. one is debilitating the other nagging. I dont want to argue with anyone over my opinion besides im rooting for the same team. Didnt mean to be sarcastic "I" felt that your response was a bit condescending.

Anyhow blessings

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Certainly your right my fine fellow. I don't care if my opinion is challenged thats perfectly fine. Its one thing to challenge but its another to be condescending. By the way who cares if my caps aren't right and my paragraphs are fragmented my points are valid. I'm glad journalism is your strong point and M.L.S style writing. you can be the worlds best writer but have no knowledge of football. so please don't base credibility on grammar I am sure your better than that. My point is I don't care who you are condescending is not acceptable. 



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Tate's not proven because he only played well 4 games, (nevermind that pesky shoulder injury, not possibly a factor for a quarterback...) but his struggling backup who looks kinda good in the spring game and practice, and a true freshman are certainly much better options.

I don't think Forcier's skillset really shows thru in practice. Give him some reps at live game speed and I won't be surprised if he wins he starting job back from Denard after a couple games. And I still think Gardner redshirts. Just sayin...


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Its obvious thatTate is your prefered starter no matter what facts or stats that are presented you feel the way you feel and im fine with that. However you play how you practice. sunday through Fridays are where champions are made where film is watched. If Tate doesnt perfrom well in practice honestly how do you expect him to take us to a national title . im fine with who ever starts I just expect a little more I dont know about you but I want those young men to win im tired of excuses. just it remember its rare for anyone to go through an entire season without getting banged up but champions make it happen. thats just the way I feel



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stoney is a uofm guy.  loves boseason ticket holder...enough of the media hates uofm on here.  yes hes on the ticket now but wdfn folded not his fault.


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But this may be a more appropriate place:

In the video, the only guy I saw making a serious attempt to conceal his handoffs was Forcier. This is something that has been missing BIG TIME from the offense. I don't care how fast you are as a QB, if it's obvious EVERY TIME that you've kept the ball instead of handing it off, you're not going to have a ton of success.

Did anybody notice if either of the other QB's were trying to conceal at all?