Scouting Report: Vernon Hargreaves III

Submitted by Magnus on July 19th, 2012 at 7:14 AM

With Michigan's 2013 options dwindling and recent news that Michigan might be getting back into the mix with Florida cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III, this week's scouting report is on Hargreaves.  He has a ton of athleticism.  However, of the cornerbacks offered by Michigan in this recruiting cycle, he's one of the least physical.  I would expect him to play field corner for a team like Michigan.



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You know, analysts have a lot to knock on his game despite his #1 ranking. They knock on his inconsistent and lack of confidence in his coverage skills and his utter lack of aggression for contact and poor tackling skills. Maybe it's because he's been looked at so extensively but I've never seen a top ten recruit with so much knocking on him.


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Your scouting does not make him sound like a concensus elite player. But I think this is the perfect player to come to Michigan, with the coaching he will get and the pure talent he has, I think he would become an All- American and be a top 15 draft pick.


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I would be glad to get someone who's "Deon Sanders, but not quite as fast" too...but I'm not sure anyone is making that comparison except the guy above.  I'm certainly not.  Sanders is the best cover corner in NFL history, in my opinion.  People can't even necessarily agree that Hargreaves is the best corner in this recruiting class.


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I can't really think of a Michigan player who's close in comparison, because most of Michigan's good corners have been pretty physical (Hall, Jackson, Woodson, Law, etc.).  Cullen Christian wasn't very physical, but Hargreaves is a lot more athletic than Christian.

Perkis-Size Me

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Does anyone have any reports on where we stand with him? Like, have we made his top 5 schools, or has he expressed a lot of excitement about Michigan, etc.?


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I don't think his tackling will be an issue.  There are clips where he tries to drag down the ball carrier like a Pop Warner player, but others where he uses good form.  So he can do it, and probably just needs a little more coaching.  If the 185 is true, that's good size for high school junior CB.

My question is what would the ratings be if Hargreaves played at Cass Tech and Jourdan Lewis played in Tampa.  They remind me of each other.


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One of the big knocks on Lewis is his lack of size.  He's measured in at a couple camps at just a little over 150 lbs.  And while I doubt Hargreaves is his listed 185 lbs., he's bigger than Lewis.  I also think Hargreaves changes direction a little better than Lewis.  One thing that's tough to tell on film is focus/concentration.  I've seen a lot of clips of Lewis at 7-on-7 tournaments, and he seems to get lost sometimes.  I'm not sure if Hargreaves has the same issues, but Lewis needs to improve his field awareness a little bit, I think.

NOLA Wolverine

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How much could you expect someone like Lewis to bulk up? Seems like Cliff Harris dimensions are his ceiling. It really seems that Lewis and Hargreaves fit the same mold to me, they're both pretty much relegated to field corner.

With Lewis, Richardson, and Countess already on board (for field corner. Then you have Stribling & Conley for the boundary), would you take Hargreaves over McQuay III? It seems like McQuay III is more versatile and in positions that could use some more depth. 


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My guess is that Lewis will get to 175 or 180 eventually.  He won't be that big by the time he gets to Michigan, but after a few years of lifting and eating.

I would take McQuay over Hargreaves, based on what we currently have on the roster.  I don't necessarily think McQuay is a better prospect, but he could play three or four positions and could be a starter by his sophomore year.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Are the coaches firm @ 24 in this class?  If Treadwell and McQuay or Green commit and then Fuller or Hargreaves wanted to be a part of this class, would the coaches make room somehow?


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It seems to me that the weakeness listed could be worked on via coaching and conditioning, so there is still a potentially big upside to having someone that is on the quick side and potentially dangerous in space. He has decent size too - comparable to most of CBs we have right now, I believe. I did like the comparison made under "reminds me of" - Cliff Harris-esque production would make some noise in the secondary definitely.


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Yeah...that sounds about right. Oh well. He was not really on our radar for the longest time anyway. So its not really a big loss.

Still hoping for Treadwell, and then one of McQuay/Fuller/Green to top off an amazing class!


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Just saw this on ESPN, Kendall Fuller's narrowed it down to VT and Clemson.

This is the caption on rumors without having insider access.


2013 CB Kendall Fuller

Four-star CB can't decide between two ACC schools.


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That's not a bad comparison, I guess.  Hargreaves has a little more upside, though, I think.  He's smoother than Warren was, although I think Warren was more physical as a high schooler.