Scouting Report: Kyle Berger

Submitted by Magnus on February 28th, 2013 at 8:10 AM

This week's scouting report is on Cleveland (OH) St. Ignatius outside linebacker Kyle Berger.  The battle for Berger's services is reportedly down to Michigan vs. Ohio State.  He is a SAM linebacker all the way, and Michigan needs to replenish the ranks of its SAM linebackers with just two certain ones on the roster right now - Cam Gordon (who will graduate after the upcoming season) and Jake Ryan (who is a redshirt junior).  A couple other guys (Mike McCray II, Michael Ferns III) could play there, too.  Berger's highlight reel on Hudl is a little long and could probably be condensed a little bit, but if you watch all the way through, you'll see him showing some impressive speed, an ability to hold the edge, and some pass rushing ability.…



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I joked because Magnus referred to himself in the third person.  I also think that Magnus is totally on the level.  I enjoy his contributions here and I visit his blog with some regularity.  I appreciate his perspective.  

RDT was posting as a fan from Alabama that was surfing MGoblog as a way to get to know our team and fanbase better.  He purported to have some insider information, most notably on Ty Isaac.  That would have been cool, except he was also posting as Wolverineinabag. 

Although it looks like RDT's comments have been removed, here's where he was outed:




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He's obviously ranked higher than Jake Ryan was coming out of St. Ignatius -- has Berger's coach compared him at this stage in his career to how Ryan was in high school?  I know you said he reminds you of Jake Ryan -- but is he having more success at St. Ignatius than Ryan had?


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Berger is getting a lot more college attention, and Michigan's coaches gave a presentation for Berger in which they showed him how they want to use him like Jake Ryan.  So I'm not the only one who sees it (along with other Michigan fans who have said the same thing).  The coaches see it, too.  And as WolvinLA2 said, Ryan had some injury issues that sort of kept him off a lot of people's radar.


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One point that I would add after the highlight film (long enough for a full box of popcorn) is his closing ability.

He anticipates well and really closes hard in the backfield - indicates a " hunter's instinct" much like Ryan.

Very few HS kids have the ability/mindset needed to close aggressively and many elite kids struggle in this area.

He fits Mattison's model.

Drunk Uncle

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Watched the video. He definetely sheds blocks well; covers the edge well; fast; never gives up on a play.  Definetely a SAM. In some ways his film reminds me of James Ross's film  due to his 'everywhereness', obviuosly different size, style and position. I hope we get him. Thanks for the scouting report, Magnus.


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Any of you can do what Magnus does #1 look at highlight reels and have an opinion. #2 set up google searches for every recruit and regurgitate what you've "heard"  #3 Attend Nike coaching clinics and critique those who are actually coaches for college programs #4 post

Also, when will this board stop with Fred Jackson jokes - even for the younger generation this was perhaps still original 3 years ago (que Fred Jackson comments on what I just said by a zany poster)


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Wow!  Did someone wake up with a case of the red-ass this morning?  

Thanks for going Jim Rome on us there too.  Are you part of his XR4TI crew?  

If anyone else has any kind of life at all, who would have time to do that?  It's because of his profession that he's able to provide us with this information free of charge.  What's wrong with showing a little gratitude?  

As far as the Fred Jackson jokes go, fuck off.  Those will always be funny.  

Drunk Uncle

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Actually, no. I can't do any of the stuff you mentioned besides post, most of the time. Why? I'm busy. When I get a couple spare minutes in between meetings I might check this blog, and if I'm lucky I get a couple extra minutes to put something on here that's entirely pointless, irrelevant and filled with typo's and bad grammar. 


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Even if I agreed that what you said is true, if someone else did everything that Magnus does, I would probably read that too. Now, that person would have to have a solid football knowledge like Magnus does as well. So if another person wanted to take the time to do all that like Magnus does, I would most likely read it and appreciate it.

If someone came to my house and washed my car for free, I wouldn't say, "Oh who cares, anyone with soap and a brush could have done that just as we'll." No, I would thank them for washing my car because I like clean car and I didn't have to pay someone to do it or put in the work myself.

So yeah, I just compared Magnus to a free car wash, but I think the analogy works. Is it the best thing ever? Nope, but unless you have a ton of money to throw around, who's gonna turn down a free car wash?