Scouting Report: 2014 Quarterbacks

Submitted by Magnus on February 3rd, 2013 at 8:29 AM

In an attempt to distract you from the frustration of last night, here's a (brief) scouting report on the quarterbacks who have been confirmed or rumored to be in contact with Michigan about potentially receiving a scholarship offer for 2014.  When I put all the names together, the list came out at the nice, round number of 10.  Hopefully I didn't forget anyone important, but if I did, you can only blame yourself for not following me on Twitter and tossing out suggestions.

The list includes David Cornwell, Andrew Ford, Caleb Henderson, Coleman Key, DeShone Kizer, Michael O'Connor, Travis Smith, Wilton Speight, Chance Stewart, and Tyler Wiegers.…




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So Cornwell is the guy then? I ask because it seems like he also has the most interest in us. Is there anything more the coaches need to do before offering? They have met and seen tape on everyone at this point, I believe.


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The vibe I'm getting is that the coaches like Cornwell the most, too.  But maybe he's just got a good relationship with the Michigan recruiting services, who are hyping it up a little too much. You never know.

Regardless, I don't know that there's much more for the coaches to do at this point.  I believe they've concluded their evaluations of their top prospects on this list, so it seems like they're in wait-and-see mode.  Supposedly, they're going to sit down as a staff and deliberate this week.  All the coaches will be back in town for National Signing Day on Wednesday, so that seems like an opportune time to make a final decision on whom they want.


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The state of Oklahoma is really deep at QB this year. Between Cornwell, Key (mentioned in the article) and Justice Hansen of Edmond Santa Fe, OU has a number of targets. Since Hansen already holds an OU offer and is being recruited by Josh Heupel, that leads me to believe he's their favorite.

Edit: my bad, DGDestroys has the same info later on in the post


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We take two QBs? Like one pro style, such as Cornwell and one guy like Smith who can book it when needed. I know with switching to more of a pro style this could be out of the question. Just wanted to see what other thoughts were.


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I doubt Michigan takes two quarterbacks unless something happens to Gardner, Bellomy, and/or Morris.  The coaches don't seem interested in having 4 or 5 quarterbacks on the roster, or else they would have taken a QB in 2012.  That was the first time in 14 years (IIRC) that Michigan did NOT take a quarterback, and it seems to have been by design.


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Well, they did offer some of the better quarterbacks in the country (I've never seen Michigan completely ignore any position except specialists), but there were some decent options that they chose not to pursue.  They only offered eight guys total, and a couple of them weren't pursued very hard (they stopped recruiting Bennie Coney, they eventually told Devin Fuller they only wanted him as a DB, etc).  I'm sure more than eight guys will turn into successful college quarterbacks, so I think they could have widened their search a little bit.


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Your list got me thinking about recruiting sites and what there super early thoughts are. Scout has Henderson ranked as 3rd best QB. Rivals doesn't have a full list, but Henderson, Cornwell are both early 4-stars. In your opinion who do we have the best shot at? One of the guys in your top 3 would be great, but I imagine O'Connor will be tough to pull from Florida let alone SEC country.

Side question on the QB subject: why do you think a lot of QBs commit so early in the process? Is it mainly because most schools generally only take 1 and are more selective with the offers?


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I think Wiegers would have the most interest in committing on the spot.  Of the top three guys on my list, I feel like Cornwell has shown the most interest.  O'Connor keeps moving south (from Canada to Tennessee to Florida), so yeah, I feel like he might be SEC-bound.  He and his family seem to think that the football is better as you go farther south, which is probably pretty accurate, considering all the SEC national championships in recent years...

Quarterbacks commit early for a couple reasons.  First of all, a lot of the good ones start getting offers really early in the recruiting process.  Since you often put your best athlete at QB and they're the most visible players on the team, they're a little easier to see early than receivers.  Secondly, quarterbacks are groomed to be leaders, so they often want to commit early and then recruit other guys (like Shane Morris did).  Third, as you mention, teams are selective and only take one or two guys.  At some point in the late spring, you'll probably see the dominos start to fall - when Recruit #1 commits to Alabama, then Recruit #2 will commit to Florida, then Recruit #3 will commit to Texas, and so on down the line.  (Those teams are chosen sort of randomly and it won't be that linear, but you get the point.)  If these guys don't commit early, they're stuck with lowly options.  If an offensive lineman or a linebacker waits until January or February, there are still spots remaining at most schools.


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Thanks Magnus. Who do you think would fit best with Hoke's style offense? I feel like it's Henderson after reading your post. I'm also interested in seeing if Loeffler at VT is a serious threat to recruiting the same quarterbacks.


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Well, the players are listed in order of how well I think they would fit at Michigan.  However, I do really like Henderson's abilities.  I wasn't that high on him earlier in the process, but his junior tape is pretty impressive.  Any of the first three are guys I think would be very good fits.  The next couple are guys who could work out in a few years.  The guys toward the bottom of the list just don't seem like good matches.


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That is something that may well be generally true, but a lot of the research that has gone on in biomechanical research in kines labs and the like is starting to be incorporated usefully into training regimens.  Given access to that kind of thing, athletic guys with quarterback stature and a feel for throwing are candidates for velocity gains.  

Not saying Borges is that sort of guy, but I would imagine that as the throwing programs that are starting to proliferate in baseball trickle into football that the pool for quarterbacks will grow.

the Glove

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Who knows what reports are accurate? A couple weeks ago I heard Cornwell was the man, but last weekend it looked like Henderson was getting the most attention from Borges. Henderson mentioned that Borges is expecting a commitment on spot from whatever QB is offered. I have to say that I'm kind on the Cornwell bandwagon. On a side note, if Borges does go with Cornwell we might have an idea of what he thinks the proto typical quarterback should look like. Morris and Cornwell have some similarities: black hair, 6 foot something, white, and athletic build. It could be Borges view of his perfect race haha


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Honestly, it's really difficult to say who the biggest threat(s) would be without the offers to back it up.  Hell, Michigan isn't even a legitimate threat to Indiana right now, because the Hoosiers have offered and we haven't.  It doesn't really matter if he likes Alabama if they never offer him.  However, Alabama is a huge threat for just about any prospect.


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Not knocking on Shane - I think he will be a very good QB and leader for Michigan football - what if the only QB recruit turns out to be very average? With one season to go for the 2014 class,  coaches have two years of films to study and they probably feel they have much better grip on how good the kids are.


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Put out there for everyone... But who would you like to see in the Winged helmet? I'm at a coin toss for Cornwell and Henderson.

And I know this about 2014 QBs... But does anyone else see that 2015 QB down in Detroit getting an offer from us? I believe he plays at Cass Tech?


February 3rd, 2013 at 9:47 AM ^

You're talking about Jayru Campbell from Cass Tech.

Michigan seems to offer most prospects from Cass Tech, so I wouldn't be surprised if he gets an offer...but Michigan's coaches supposedly aren't sold on him yet.  It's tough for inner-city kids to get good quarterback coaching.

Darker Blue

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Your post is incomplete. The coaches at MICH have contacted me about possibly playing QB for U of M. WHY I NO IN YER POST??? (that sounds kinda dirty, just the way we like it.) 


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The kid... Hasn't Bama already offered? I don't mean to be that guy that uses the likes of Alabama and other SEC powers to gauge recruits. But hell... They do a damn good job down there.


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Was it not speculated that--as well as make an addition to their class--Alabama and Notre Dame also offered to make some in-roads Cass Tech?  Similar to what we did with Reschke?


EDIT: switched from MGoApp to the computer and what do you know, I'm 3 hours behind.   See DGDestroys below for original point. Sorry DG.