Scout upgrades Carvin Johnson, Saftey

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Scout has just upgraded Carvin Johnson. He was previously almost non-existent in their rankings. Now they have him as a three star. Did he really improve that much? Or did the "gurus" just mess up on this one in the first place? Could it be that they didn't rank him higher now is that it would be too embarrassing to admit not noticing a four star recruit? Maybe. Time will tell.



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Terrance Cody
Casey Keenum
Stephfon Greene
Eric Dekker

This list is longer, but I only added those making huge impacts. Not saying that he will progress to the levels that these guys have achieved, but the list is large for those who have been solid ball players.


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I thought in earlier threads it was stated that part of the reason Carvin wasn't previously ranked was because he didn't put himselt out there at camps and just wanted his play to do the talking? From everything we've heard, it sounds like the kid can play. Personally, I dont care if he was a 2*, 3*, or 500* I am just gonna take the kids that come to M as is, trust the coaches, hope they develop into studs, and root on the Wolverines every saturday they play for as long as I live.


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This is the older, more mature Magnus. I've turned over a new leaf and done away with axes. They're so barbaric.

Machetes are much more fun.


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Maimi went downhill under Larry Coker because their coaches relied too much on Rivals and Scout. There was an article in the paper where their coaches admitted that they had gotten lazy and stopped personally evaluating kids.

According to the article, people would literally walk into their offices and the coaches would be looking at the Rivals and Scout websites. Miami then recruited and received most all of the Rivals/Scout 4 and 5 star talent that they targeted, would haul in top 5 classes according to Rivals/Scout, but most of those kids never panned out for them and their program suffered.

Randy Shannon came in and stopped all of that and now has his coaches going back to personally evaluating kids. And now that program is on the upswing. They are not pulling in top 5 classes anymore according to Scout and Rivals but their team has gotten better.

And this is not to say anything against Rivals/Scout. Both are great websites. It is being said merely to illustrate the point that there is nothing quite like the personal evaluation of a coach.

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Does Rivals to a re-rating of players now that players' seasons are wrapping up?

I'm no star hawk, but it's going to be a long off season and will take any new and interesting info I can get.


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Carvin got up to two stars within a week of giving his verbal. That promotion was purely related to the Michigan offer and not to any further actual review of Carvin's film or anything.

Then a couple weeks later, he got another bump to three star, probably for the same reason. He's been three now for about a month.

I've been looking for and reading any news that comes out about Archbishop Rummel, his team. I was intrigued from the moment of his commitment by the apparent sleepiness of Carvin as a prospect.

I followed Mike Hart the same way, read about how he'd score like five touchdowns every friday for Onandaga. Howeva, with Mike, I thought he would end up a DB for Michigan and would never carry the ball. Too slow, too small. How'd that work out for me? I was at the Notre Dame game in '04 when Mike came in for Underwood who'd just had a concussion. I was shocked.

Having discounted my scouting ability, I will now spew forth this: Carvin Johnson is the best player on a team ranked 7th in the state of Louisiana, 1st in Defense (Massey). None of his teammmates are on anybody's radar, so their success is off of his play as much as any on team. He's a shoe-in for all state, if not MVP in Louisiana (or whatever the award is).

Can't wait to see how he proves me wrong.


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Carvin was a kid that didn't go to any camps, therefore there wasn't a lot of information out there on him.

Once the rivals guys got film on him, they said he was a high three-star, maybe even low four-star status. I'm not saying he's going to start next year or anything, but the kid definitely has very good potential. And gosh darn it, we need all the help in the secondary we can get.

His head coach was quoted as saying on rivals that as soon as Michigan offered and he committed, every school in "that area" (I assume the Louisiana schools and others) wanted to offer him. But he's a solid Michigan commit, so no worries there.


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the recruiting services are geared for more of a pro-style offensive attack. (yes i know carvin is on defence) most of the 2* studs you guys use as "see the sites screwed up" are offensive players in more spread styles so will not recieve higher rankings. so i guess what i'm trying to say is evaluate each player for the role and type of offence and defence he will be fitting into. i for one will trust RR and his coaches and then laugh after we beat the buckeyes by 13 in the shoe next year.


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the "gurus" have no idea of what theyre talking about. 99% of them do nothing more than frantically pry prospects for information about who has offered them. then, based on those offers, they give them star ratings.

alabama, florida, texas offered...5-star.

msu, iowa, purdue...3-star.