Scout updates their scout 300 for 2012

Submitted by Gobluegr on November 15th, 2011 at 7:58 PM
Thanks to mgouser GBOD2 for posting about this in a previous thread. Kaleb Ringer dropped out of four star range, but AJ Williams got bumped up to a four star after he was moved to an OT on their site. Joe Bolden moved up from #224 overall to #94 overall. And Tom Strobel also moved up significantly from #142 to #73.



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I thought for sure he would get the 4th star as a TE. I think he will make for a much better TE than DE. Our most athletic recruit, 6'6" 220, has more yards and TD's than Devin Funchess this year. I'm guessing they are concerned about his blocking ability? Mainly, because thats the only excuse I can think of, for them.


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Thanks for posting this. Glad to see some of our guys moving up in the world.

And let's not worry about Kaleb Ringer. I think he's going to be a true gamer, just like Javon Ringer was for MSU. Javon didn't get highly rated because he didn't have the measurables. All the guy did was play football. I'm expecting similar things for Kaleb.

Bolden and Strobel come across like old school Big Ten defensive players that hustle from whistle to whistle on every play. Glad to hear some AJ Wiliams news. Seems like he was the one recruit that I just never seemed to hear about after he committed. Could be a heck of an o-line that we are putting together here, and it may not be complete yet, as we do have the room to take another high quality lineman or two.


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Stefon Diggs-13
Brionte Dunn-26
Kyle Kalis-32
Josh Garnett-37
Jordan Diamond-44
Tom Strobel-73
Yuri Wright-75
James Ross-76
Jordan Payton-91
Ondre Pipkins-101
Royce Jenkins-Stone-114
Erik Magnuson-132
Mario Ojemudia-152
Chris Wormley-161
Terry Richardson-188
Amara Darboh-206
Jarrod Wilson-217
Devin Funchess-224
AJ Williams-236 


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Ringer's drop is not that big a deal, considering his injuries ending the season.  McMullen and Stanford dropping is quite a surprise.  

I am glad Williams and Bolden jumped...they were both highly underrated.


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What ever happened with Jordan Payton? Wasn't he set to announce several weeks ago, quite possibly for the Blue? 

Does anyone know what his situation is? Or Darboh's?


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people think he might be more inclined to stay on the west coast now (Cal) than previously, but Michigan and Notre Dame are still very much in it. 

Darboh is likely to commit after he visits Michigan.  


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How does Kaleb Ringer make the Butkus Award watchlist and get booted OUT of the revised Scout 300? Who are we supposed to believe here, hmm?!?!

Kaleb Ringer rules


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1. Kaleb has been out majority of the season with an MCL sprain.

2. Debroah has already visited and is 50/50 now according to the recruiting guys to be blue.

3. Payton is still our best option at WR now 75% is what I have heard tossed around.

4. Diggs will be interesting.


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Sorry I am typing on the phone.

Darboh was here sometime in July with his coach, so no he hasn't been on an official but he has been in AA.

Disposable income?

I heard this from a certain scout analyst out west whoes name might rhyme with buffman.


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Yes! Just had drinks with an OSU fan in Nebraska (the flat cow shit smelling state) and he is terrified about Hoke. He thinks our OC may bring him down though. I agree.


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I've seen Wormley play twice, I wouldn't be surprised if he is a combo DT/DE by his sophomore year. Kid is around 250ish now and can easily be 285 in a year or two.

Strobel is a bull but pad level is a concern. Not the most athletic player but overwhlems people with his strength. Another cadidate to move down inside.

Biggs reminds me of J. Irons. Not the tallest guy right at 6 feet, but is so instinctive and has great side line to side line.


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Only seen what film I can find on the internet.  And I'm not saying your incorrect, just that most high school linemen to that in high school.  Hell, Clownley's film had a lot of standing up at the snap.  But in addition to just blowing people over, he could also swim people who stood at his armpit really well and just plain run around everyone with that like 4.5 speed which is why everyone was drooling over him.  So much athleticism.  But again, will need coaching, like pretty much every single lineman before they make an impact on the college level.


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The last thing I heard was that AJ wants to be a TE, so I assume that the coaches told him that could be his position. However, as most of us know, he is pretty darn big already, so he could be a Happy Meal away from playing the line. I'm not sure we'll know until we see him take the field . . .