Scout reporting Parker to Washington..

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Bob Lightenfels is now reporting Parker has had a change of heart and will pick Washington tomorrow. Geez, can it get any worse?


Frank Drebin

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Sam just said on the radio that Sean committed shortly after his visit, and reaffirmed it during his in-home visit. He stated that he was going to be on a cover with Christian and another who I forgot, but he said Parker sounded very solid on a commitment. He is surprised with the UW news, but said he is still holding out hope. This per WTKA around 8 am this morning.


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Posted by: Bob Lichtenfels, East Manager
at Tues 2/2/2010 11:00 PM ET

The same sources that tipped us that Harbor City (Cal.) Narbonne four-star safety Sean Parker has had a late change of heart and they feel he will likely pick Washington tomorrow over Michigan and USC. That is the latest at this time.


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I think your title is a little bit misleading.

"Scout reporting Parker to Washington" sounds pretty official to me, like it's a done deal.

The source of the title is some guy on Scout who has a source who feels Parker will likely pick Washington. That doesn't sound very official to me.

I'll wait until I hear something official before I start freaking out.


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He wouldn't be the first recruit that goes to bed w/ school 1 in his head and wakes up and commits to school 2. Who knows. Its time to stop worrying about it and wait for our answers tomorrow.


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fcuking Washington...seriously? Jesus Christ...a half ass team born and bred to be mid pack PAC 10 forever despite Sarkisian and his ex USC crew playing in front of the most apathetic fans in the universe...I hope for his own sanity Sean Parker doesn't go to Washington. I am sure he comes to his senses and thinks "holy fcuk...I was actually thinking of attending goddamn Washington".


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Let's not be ignorant here. Between the two I'd rather see Parker attend UW than USC. Have you been to a game at Husky Stadium? Phenomenal stadium on the water, and they have phenomenal fans. Easily one of the loudest stadiums too.

For the record, UW won 5 games last year, just like us. It also won a MNC in the 90s, just like us. Seattle is also an amazing city.

The kid is a west coast kid, so I don't think this is so unfathomable. I'm really glad he didn't go to SC at least.


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Dude, I went to Michigan. Had season tickets to Michigan for 4 years and have been back to games after I've graduated. Of course I love watching games in the Big House. It's phenomenal and amazing too. In stating that I thought UW was a great atmosphere was not a slight to us.

Why can't they be both amazing atmospheres? They're not mutually exclusive. Attending a game at either place gives u a unique experience you won't get anywhere in the country.


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They are not mutually exclusive to you and to me, but who gives a shit about you or me? The point is that they are mutually exclusive to Parker - the guy who really matters here. Its not like he is going to be hanging out in Belltown or Pioneer Square. In comparing the BIg House to Husky Stadium, and you are choosing between them (they are mutually exclusive) one is not like the other.

If you are talking about whether he will have a great time in either place, then I agree. And that is not a comparison. And if that was your point, then it is incontestable. BUt it goes pretty much for any D1 school a kid picks - he will have a good time wherever he goes. Thus, the point is somewhat, well, pointless.


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I actually think it's harder for us to pluck a guy out of CA than it would be for UW, considering it's not one of our traditional recruiting areas (like the Midwest or FL). Obviously Sark is from SC and has inroads from his days there, but UW has always filled the majority of its class with CA guys (and then the top guys from WA) from the Don James days through Ricky N. Being a west coast school they've always done a phenomenal job of recruiting it, and quite frankly it's usually the backbone of their class every year.


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Fat, we've definitelyy pulled some guys out for there. But that's also over a period of years. We don't really build the majority of our class or a small nucleus of guys from there, so that's why I said it may not be a "traditional" recruiting area. Last year we got Tate, but that was it for the class. We don't have any CA guys for this year. If you look at Washington's class this year, they have something like 17 guys from CA this year. Every year, I'd venture to say that maybe 60% of their class is made up from guys from CA. Hence, why I said it might be more of a traditional recruiting area for them.


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Last year we had 4 starters from CA, 1 on offense (Tate) and three on defense (Warren, Williams, and Mouton). I wouldn't say we are that bad at recruiting CA. If I'm not mistaken, that's more than any state other than MI. Considering we also had one starter each from WA and AZ, our recruiting out west isn't too bad.


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I'm hoping for some good news ... any if you're a Michigan fan and a fan of the Michigan teams. Think about the last 12 months:

Two losing seasons for the first time in my life
15th-ranked preseason basketball team in the shitter
Lions set the record for futility
Tigers miss out on the playoffs in the 163rd game after holding down first place since May.
Wings give up 3-2 advantage and lose in Game 7.
Pistons trade Chauncey Fucking Billups for The Answer (who started in this year's all-star game)
Hell, throw Sparty in there for getting blown out in a home championship game.
The only good sports news was the Shock leaving Detroit.

Some good news would be nice


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seattle sports has been about the same. in the last 2 years:
-the husky football team went 0-12 and then 5-7
-the UW basketball team went from being ranked as high as 10th in the nation, to being in the bottom half of the pac10 (weakest conference now too)
-the seahawks have finished 4th worst and 6th worst (i think) in the NFL
-the mariners had 2 losing seasons, finished 2nd worst in the majors one year
-the sonics arent even in town any more
-and our most hated rival went to the rose bowl

not trying to one up you, just trying to show our situation too


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Did some investigating and realized that UW and UM had almost identical defensive stats last year. Both teams went 5-7. Both teams could really use some defensive talent.

If he goes to UW, I do wish him well. I hope we beat his team in the rose bowl in a few years.


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i got negged for that comment earlier! Washington has NOBODY at safety. Sark is a good coach, but a better recruiter. Probably told sean all the great things michigan has to offer as well as U of W but with a chance to start. Oh and your closer to home. Hope its not true. MICH better get Dorsey and his 4.35 speed. So much for that facebook stalking conversation with ray and sean being teammates.