Scout has Leilon Willingham to UCF UPDATE - TAKEN DOWN

Submitted by BostonWolverine on February 2nd, 2011 at 3:56 PM

Just thought I'd share...

I don't know what kind of credibility this has, though. Anyone have insight about that?


EDIT: Scout has taken that commitment off the board. It is no longer on the site.



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No one's sure. Willingham isn't talking much from the looks of things. Sounds like he wants to go to UCF but his parents want him closer to home. Not sure if they prefer Michigan or Colorado though.

Regardless, we aren't in a great position for him it seems.

EDIT: Update: Willingham's no longer showing on the Scout site. They still list him as UCF-High Interest and Med Interest for CU and UM which is probably accurate.

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So does SIAP mean sports illustrated/AP or "sorry if already posted"? Because the only times I see SIAP in a post is when there's a link to an article by the professional media.


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Josh Robinson, a CB from the class of 2009 (I think) chose UCF over UM as well. Robinson was from Florida so it made a little more sense.

I seem to recall a quote where Willingham said something to the effect that the UM coaches knew he was taking an official to UCF but that they were O.K. with it. This caused me to believe that he was a silent commit and just wanted a fun trip to sunny Florida. It looks like it may have backfired. Of course, it is POSSIBLE that the UM coaches were O.K. with it because they were satisfied with the current LB situation.

Personally, of all the guys UM "lost" out on today (Fisher, Cooper, Willingham) this one is the least troubling as UM has adequate numbers at LB.


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im not knocking on our beloved AA and the great University we all love.

I go to UCF and i picked it over UF, FSU, USF ect. because everything is new and you get the feel that everything is so up and coming. Its a beautiful place with all the new buildings and such. Also, free time wise you have everything you would ever need or want to do since we are in Orlando. Not saying i would pick UCF over Michigan at all (Mich is my dream school that i want to transfer into) but it is still a great place if you've never been and an awesome environment!


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Picking UCF over the other instate Florida schools is one thing.

Picking UCF over UM for a Colorado resident is an entirely different thing. However, like we've already seen with another recruit who supposedly was very interested in business school but has apparently gone elsewhere, trying to make sense out of the decisions of 18-yr olds is a losing proposition.


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I totally forgot O'Leary landed on his feet there. And he's doing pretty well.

Quick! Someone tell Brian there's an old white man with jowels who can recruit! We finally found one.


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Michigan or UCF. Nothing surprises me anymore. 

If M still covets him, Brady will be flying to Denver tonight, in order to point out the distinctions between the two programs.


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I really want Willingham to close out the class, but we will live without him too. We have a lot of young bodies at LB with Furman,Gordon(maybe both),Ryan,M.Jones and K.Jones,Clark,Morgan already in this year's class. A guy like Fisher or Cooper was a bigger need. 


Anyone think Hoke feels stupid for not taking Lucien at WR now?


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No I don't think Hoke feels stupid at all. If Hoke liked Lucien as a WR he would have offered him, we had quite a few open spots at that point. I'm sure Lucien didn't get an offer from us for the same reason he didn't get an offer from just about every other major program - Hoke didn't think he was good enough.

Look, I know this board loved Lucien and I know he had 4 stars, but it's not like he's a receiver with a lot of good options, so maybe Hoke didn't think he was worth an offer.


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FWIW   Scout also had Darian Cooper committed to Iowa, very early morning, before anyone reported it.  Man o man, Willingham is the one guy I really want to snag. We need a big LB.

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Thought I read somewhere that Willingham silently committed to us and then asked Hoke if it was okay to take trip to UCF.  I mean, WTF??? I just don't understand these kids nowadays.