Scout gets around to ranking Matt Wile

Submitted by Blazefire on January 31st, 2011 at 9:26 PM

Edit: Sorry, this has already been posted.

As of recently, Scout had K Commit Matt WIle as an NR. Turns out, they think we got ourselves a pretty darn good kicker.


2011 HS Football Rankings (full list):
Pos: K Pos Rank: #4 Pos Rating:   

That's right. The number FOUR kicker in the nation. One of only 9 to get that coveted third star.

Rivals still has him at a 2 star, 5.3, and ESPN still logs him as a 74, but it looks like Scout has made a much more recent update.

That should push us nicely ahead of certain folks in East Lansing. I know it's just recruiting, but any time we can beat Sparty...



True Blue in CO

January 31st, 2011 at 9:37 PM ^

going into NSD when we are pulling up info on our guaranteed recruits as there is no news on the final six candidates. This will be over for the most part in 48 hours. Whatever will we do with all our free time?


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I am right there in hoping with you, but that is it, just hope. Kickers are an odd breed, just look at the NFL, the elite of the elite end up going into a funk and getting cut or not re-signed only to sign on with another team and become elite again. Bottom line, kickers are about as sure thing as not getting herpes from a $20 just never know.


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Rodriguez was always quoted as saying they were doing "much better" in practice than they were in games. I wonder what he was saying to them before they went in to kick.

"Okay, Brandon. I have faith in you. You're gonna get in there and kick that field goal. You can do it! And uh... just so you know, if you don't, I have located the graves of your childhood pets, and I am prepared to desecrate them in horrible, horrible ways."


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I like that his highlight includes his misses. Just goes to show those weren't picked out special. He really was making all of those. BEAUTIFUL!

Looks nothing, NOTHING like last year. I was at the spring game, and I remember just marveling at how.... ugh. It didn't get any better.


January 31st, 2011 at 10:46 PM ^

I don't mean to be overly critical (I certainly hope that Matt turns out to be a superb college kicker), but it probably should be noted that high school goal posts are about 5 feet wider than college goal posts. So a few of the closer ones on the video might have been misses in college. Not to worry. I'm sure the supportive screams of over 100,000 fans will help quide all his future kicks straight through the middle.