Scout: Cameron Gordon and Lewan on All Redshirt Freshman Team

Submitted by jtmc33 on August 2nd, 2010 at 9:51 AM - C. Gordon (defense) - Lewan (offense)

Looks like an outside source shares our collective enthusiasm for Cameraon Gordon's switch to defense and starting at free safety in 2010.

I hope they are right.  What a huge hole to fill  (that's been empty for 3 years)

As for Lewan, as the season nears there is more and more talk of the LT spot belonging to him, rather than a battle with 5th year Sr. Dorrestein.  Experience versus Youth and Potential



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Other than that one long pass against WMU, Woolfolk played pretty well at deep safety last year.  I'd say that position has only been lacking for half a season now, since Woolfolk moved to cornerback.

I have an "inside source" that tells me the LT spot is Dorrestein's spot to lose.  Lewan could beat him out in the fall or if Dorrestein's injury persists, but don't count out big ol' #79 yet.


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Is it "Dorrestein's spot to lose" because he's expected to beat out Lewan, or just because he's starting the fall on top of the depth chart?

I can see a scenario where the coaches enter fall practice with Dorrestein at the top of the queue, and make Lewan beat him out to take the spot (something we law-types would call the burden of proof).  However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't expect Lewan to beat him, only that if the season were to start today, Dorrestein would get the nod because he is the known quantity.


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They think Dorrestein is the better player at this point.  Obviously, things can change in fall camp.  But from what I've heard, they expect Dorrestein to be the starter at LT.


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Meh.   Just heard Brian, Ira, and company on WTKA make some decent comments about Lewan, but they still seemed down on the defense.  I'm with you Blaze one of the things we really needed has been depth.  In 2008 and 2009 the cry was put so and so in, well sos and so on the two deep was a serious step back in most cases.  The Depth what little we have is less experienced but in some cases have talent.  As for CFN and reporting those words should never be uttered in the same sentence.

Edit: Wow why are people getting negged for these comments?  I could see if they brought some bogus factoid or their comments were toll-ish but damn.  It must be a bad Monday who knows.


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I looked at the list and saw a few other names that Michigan almost had at one point or another.

O: Bryce McNeil

D: Sam Montgomery

Sounds like they are both doing pretty well. Would have been really nice to have Montgomery.