Scout 100 for 2013 out

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Scout 100 for 2013 out (man they release lists earlier and earlier it seems).  Players of Note:

Sugar Shane, MI 5* QB

Dymonte Thomas, OH, 4* S


Jalin Marshall, OH 5* RB, could play QB, WR, or RB in college

Michael Hutchings, CA, 5* OLB, said Michigan was his early leader couple of months ago IIRC but will be big battle to land kid

Ty Isaac - IL, 4* RB, no offer but wouldn't be surprised to see one come his way if we don't pick up a RB in this class

Steven Elmer - MI, 4* OL

Adam Breneman - PA, 4* TE

Chris Fox - CO, 4* OL, we offered quite awhile ago

Wyatt Shallman - MI, 4* DT, could play FB, RB, or DT

Ben Gedeon - OH, 4* OLB, they call him The Freak

Jon Reschke - MI, 4* OLB, MSU leads IIRC

Quite a few other players on list that we've offered; Hoke and Co hitting recruiting trail hard for 2013 and getting great start.






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Hahaha Sugar Shane.  Awesome nickname.  I wish we had Autumn Thunder back with his Big Money Bill Martin photoshop.  Sugar Shane would be such an awesome addition to those pics.


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I have visions of linebackers bouncing off Shallman like they did off the Nigerian Nightmare on old Techmo Bowl.  IIRC, didn't Magnuson line up at WR at one of the skills camps over the summer?  OL/WR may be better than DE/RB.


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This kid named Dion Dawson plays RB/DT.  He is expected to be a DT is college.  It is too bad that he doesn't have the grades to qualify for Michigan because his highlight tape is too funny.  It is crazy that a kid so big could move like that.



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Georgia has four guys on the list, so they're probably early #1 class favorites.  A&M has two and they're moving to the AllMighty SEC.  We are definitely on the move back up the ladder though.  I can't wait to see who fills out the rest of this years class!


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I thought the same thing but I didn't know if some Georgia kids go there whether they stink or not, similar to tosu.  They've been top 5 to 15 for years and how long has it been since they've won anything?  I guess there's a big difference between #1 and 5 to 15 though.


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From listening to the talk radio here in Athens, the impression I get is that Georgia does well in state but always manages to let some of the best talent slip away. You should hear the yearning for Eric Berry and Cam Newton and the whatifs. Last year they managed to lock down the state for the most part and had their best class in years. I don't think it's going as well this year.


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He plays DT at times in high school, but he's only 255 right now and reports are that he is not nearly as good at DT as he is at other positions..  He's going to have to gain some serious weight to play DT at the next level.  It's far more likely, IMO, that he will play RB, LB, or DE.

True Blue Grit

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but I think they'll finish pretty high again.  We won't take the number of kids we did this year, but I'm guessing the average rating will be higher when it's all said and done.  It's more important to me they fill some critical needs - especially at the skill positions and continue to seek out premier defensive players.  I have this recurring dream that one day we'll actually have 4 really good players in the defensive backfield at the same time. 


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I came across that name last night. Saw the 5 stars and the offer and was wondering about him. Have not heard that name before last night. Do we have a shot with him?

Mr. Yost

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Swoopes is the nephew of Sheryl Swoopes...


From everything I've read, it'll be between he and Morris for the nation's #1 QB. But it really won't matter, he'll be the #1 "Dual Threat" and Morris will be the #1 "Pocket Passer."


I'm sure we'll hear a bunch of stuff in the next couple years comparing them. I'm sure both will be perfect for their systems. Vince Young vs. Trent Edwards, Mark Sanchez vs. Ryan Perrilloux, Matt Barkley vs. Russell Morris vs. Swoopes.


FWIW, ESPNU compared Swoopes to Vince Young and Morris to...Tom Brady on their recruiting show this weekend. Wowzers.


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So does anyone know how the 2013 state of Michigan recruiting compares to 2012?  I know there was a lot of talk about this years class being one of the best Michigan has had in a while.  At first glance, it looks like 2013 may have some higher rated kids while this years class is considerably deeper. 


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warning - long post (i'm a recruiting fanatic).

first of all, finishing up 2012.  it sounds like we're going to be taking 28+ players in this class.  the largest class the big ten will allow is 28.  but we're going to back-date all of our early-enrollees.  for the current team this means...walk-ons with scholarships and r.s. juniors that aren't playing - - - goodbye.

.....right now we've got 22 commitments, giving us at least six spots left.  how will those scholarships be used??

.....1 more OL.  zach banner seems to be the flavor of the week right now.  jordan diamond is still out there.  quiet recruit adam bisnowaty is still out there.  josh garrett and andrus peat are long shots.  first to commit gets it!

.....2 more WR.  jordan payton is the flavor of the week right now.  i still feel pretty good about a. darboh as the second guy.  leon powe is still out there and interested.  m. madaris from ohio i'm still hearing about on the reg.  big time 5-stars n. aghlor - and to a lesser extent - s. diggs are still in play.  j. chesson, j. overstreet are still guys to think about.  d. stafford seems to have moved on...but wait for osu sanctions there.

.....1 HB.  i'm feeling as good as i ever have with b. dunn now that we've got his cousin.  g. garmon is getting more serious.  haven't heard much from w. brown lately.  then j. lewis from muskegon is probably a last resort.

......1 DL.  d. o'brien from flint seems to be our best shot right now.  that 5-star out west a. shittu is still worth paying attention to.  a. washington is in the same boat as d. stafford...out of the picture, but wait for osu sanctions.

.....28th(+) spot(s)!?  cb yuri wright is a guy i'm feeling very good about.  5-star safety shaq thompson is a guy most definitely on the radar.  and it looks like we want another tight end as well, preferably a walk-on, but if there's room...i'm still looking out for ron thompson.  db's armani reeves and devin fuller are also guys worth keeping on the watch list.



now, getting to 2013.  here's a list of all the prospects we've offered thus far, and a list of scout 100 prospects with interest that we haven't yet offered.

.....offered: QB: 5-star shane morris (committed), 4-star kevin olsen, NR riley ferguson.....WR: NR richard benjamin, NR jake oliver.....TE 4-star adam breneman.....OT: 4-star steven elmer.....OG: 4-star christopher fox.....DT: NR james ellison, NR henry poggi.....DE: 4-star wyatt shallman, NR taco charlton.....OLB: 5-star michael hutchings, 4-star ben gedeon, 4-star e.j. levenberry, NR reginald carter.....MLB: 4-star peter kalambayi.....S: 4-star dymonte thomas (committed), 4-star tray matthews.....CB: NR shaquille wiggins

.....haven't offered: QB: 4-star max browne.....RB: 4-star ty isaac.....WR: 4-star rickey jefferson.....OT: 4-star kent perkins, 4-star lovell peterson.....DE: 4-star elijah daniel.....OLB: 4-star jon reschke.....CB: 4-star cameron burrows.

.....sort of strange seeing all those top-100 level kids with interest and no early offers, but it's probably going to be a small class, and i certainly trust this staff's player evaluations more than's.