Scott Loeffler Rose Bowl Ring

Submitted by umhero on July 13th, 2010 at 10:33 PM

A week ago there was a post about a 1997 National Championship Rose Bowl RIng for sale for $5999.  The auction ended on July 12.  I don't know if the ring sold.

Today Ebay has another (?) ring from the same team.  This one lists the player as Scott Loeffler and is available for under $1600 as of now.  Sounds like a bargain.  I guess he doesn't expect to ever come back as a coach.  I'd think it would help with recruiting.



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I'm pretty sure you don't know Scott personally and don't know anything about his situation.  Yes, it sucks to see this sort of thing, but how do we even know that he is the one selling it?  there is probably a good chance that he had to sell it a long time ago to get some cash and hasn't even seen the ring in over ten years.  I'm hoping this is what is going on and I hope Scott has enough monet now to buy his hardware back if he even wants it (some people don't care about that sort of thing).  I may be way off base, but without having any idea of the circumstances, I would rather assume this situation and not resort to unjustly calling the guy a"dick". 


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He sold it at one time.  I guess we would like to see someone appreciate something that is a rare accomplishment with a team we would kill to be apart of.

Lefty has never hurt for money by income standards for at least the last ten years.  There are only two possible scenarios assuming this is not stolen which a pawn store worth its salt would have records of something so obvious or risk their license to do businesss.

1.  It is an original that was replaced because of spelling which lefty could come out and prove.

2.  He sold it.  If we hear nothing in the next day or two, this is the case.

If number two, then there is no reason to neg previous poster.

EDIT:   Very glad to be wrong.  Who would think an idiot pawn shop would sell an item that could be related to theft.  



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I  found this post on the MVictors blog


Scot lost it four or five years ago in a Phoenix hotel while on a layover during a west coast recruiting trip as a Michigan coach. Shortly thereafter Michigan Football staffer Scott Draper ordered him a replacement ring which Scot now has in his possession. He never sold the original, never pawned it or gave it away. How it ended up here is anyone's guess. I know Scot is trying to get the original back, but I doubt he is going to pay a ransom for it, and neither would anyone else if they had already been given a replacement. Any help with getting it back would be appreciated by Scot and his family. He can be contacted through the University of Florida Football office.


Hopefully he will get it back.....


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Strange. Seems odd that a high profile character like Loeffler would want to be involved in such a thing. Doesn't seem like good PR for him, beyond the Michigan repercussions


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I would love to see the University buy it back so someone else doesn't get it. Mgoshoe should know about some black ops slush fund for just some occasion


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According to Chengelis, on Twitter, Loeffler was still a Grad Assistant in 1997, FWIW.

Also, rings for the players are all cubic zirconium due to NCAA benefits rules. I never thought about that.


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I can't believe that Loeffler would be selling it. Something weird's going on. You just don't part with something as meaningful as that for no reason. It can't be money; he's been working at FLA and probably being paid pretty well.

This will probably start up the "house divided against itself" notion again.

Maybe he just doesn't like the stadium expansion without the troughs.


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if you look on the ring it says SA where it would have his position if he was a player.


Nasty divorce................come on.  He was making 6 figures for the last decade and is tipping in at 240K a year at Florida.  But geez, maybe he need the grand that he got from pawning the ring.

BTW, he was a student assistant so maybe it is real.  


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... but maybe the ring manufacturer spelled his name wrong (Scott) initally and had to make him a second ring and the first one with the incorrect spelling somehow never was destroyed and is now being put up on Ebay by whoever ended up with it. It is listed as "mint condition", which suggests it has not been worn (or at least not very much).


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Makes sense to me.

Also, the seller is a pawn shop in Arizona.  Hard to believe Loeffler would drive all the way out there just to pawn a treasured ring.  Smells fishy to me.


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I've been reading this blog since before the coaching change. I can't believe this is the thread that finally caused me to create an account.

That being said. I didn't check to see if anyone had already made my points.  They sorta had, but I joined, so I'm going to repeat them anyway.

Two things I noticed made me pretty sure that this wasn't really Scot selling his ring.  First, it the seller is a pawn shop.  If you make 6 figures and you want to sell something, you aren't going to a pawnshop. And Second, he spells his name with one "t".  It's clearly a misprint that somehow found it's way to a pawnshop.


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We certainly have alot of MGoDetectives here.  Funny that we all figured this out in about a day.  Hope the above poster bidding has pulled his bid, just in case.


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This is pretty messed up to sell something like this. Unless the original owner has or had a sick kid or something along those lines, I can't think of any reason that would justify redeeming something like this for cash. Sure, its his ring, but it was the product of a concerted effort of many different coaches and players. It's insulting to everyone else who had a hand in the championship.


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It reads:

Ned, This is Scot Loeffler.  Thanks for the call.  The ring was stolen 10 years ago in Arizona... I'm trying to get it back.

My response is:

Scot, I can put you in touch with an excellent lawyer in Phoenix, AZ  who is my best friend.  Are you working with anyone.  Do you want me to contact eBay and make them aware of the situation?  How can I help?

Stay Tuned, but as of now I am stopping my bidding on this.