Scot Loeffler -his thoughts on Michigan

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I know that this is old news, but I just got back from climbing trip to Wyoming... I had been texting Scot regarding his ring (old news part), and this was how he concluded. "i wanted to thank you for all your efforts in helping me receive my ring back. I love Michigan, and will be pulling like hell for the maize and blue!" For any doubters, Scot is (obviously) True Blue.



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Typically "Butterfaces" have great bodies, as in everything is good but her face.

From this picture, I wouldn't think she qualifies... I'm guessing there is a gut in there and that her body ain't all that great


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Invite Scot to check out MGoBlog sometime... this community never ceases to amaze, whether it's bobblethons, info, or just helping someone who had something stolen the board comes trhough


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Loeffler would love to hang out on a message board. Yeah.

That way, if one day he slipped and said something totally anti-Michigan like, "I'm not too sure things are going the right way these days" 900 million zealots will call him a "Douchebag," insult everything and everyone associated with him, and pronounce him an EX-Michigan Man--and he can read it all for himself!


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We did three separate climbs/hikes.

1.  Wind River Range just outside of Pinedale, WY.  At 13,804' it is the highest point in WY and one of the most difficult climbs in the US.  We backpacked about 22 miles into the Upper Titcome Basin and ascended Gannett by climbing the Bonney Pass, descending to Dinwoody Glacier, then climbing back up Gannett by the Gooseneck Glacier and the summit ridge.  About a 15 hour day that started with an alpine start at 3 am.  

We were pushed out by the same violent storm that took the life of one of our graduate students and killed another climber.  Hail the size of golf balls and damn scary lightening pushed us to retreat back to Pinedale in two days.

Met U of M grad student "Ethan" in Pinedale.

2.  A quick stop in at U of M's Camp Davis.  Of course...

3.  We then went to Grand Teton National Park to do some hiking and to size up the Grand Teton for next years climb.  This was just a day hike without full packs.  We did meet U of M Geology 440 group (about 20 students and instructors) in Jenny Lake parking lot.  Avalanche Pass is a little known route that has no marked trails.  One of our party had done it several years ago.

4.  Yellowstone National Park - this was a one day, quick push up the Gallatin Mountain Range after looking at the Mammoth Hot Springs.  Quick 13 mile day hike.

All and all a nice 8 days - minus the fatal storms, of course.


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Loeffler was always one of my favorite coaches at Michigan. Too bad things didn't work out for him to stay here. I wish nothing but the best for him in his career.