Scoreboard replays - Michigan & B1G

Submitted by Section 1 on September 1st, 2011 at 10:24 PM

I've been to games in about half of the conference in recent years.  One thing that occurs to me -- and it may be subjective -- is that Michigan Stadium has traditionally done fewer scoreboard replays on close/disputed calls than any other.

I was reminded of this just now watching the game in Camp Randall, and it is the Badgers that always really struck me as doing the most replay work by far.  MSU is next, and OSU after that.  It may be that those are the stadia that I've been in most.  Michigan seems to be about the least.

Absent any metrics, does anybody else agree?  Has anybody been to more than half the B1G since all of the current jumbotrons have been in place?

Maybe this situation will be corrected with the new scoreboards.



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I haven't been in many of the BIGs but based on what I have seen in Michigan stadium you are probably right - my impression is they have not been heavy on replays.  They show them but on the low frequency side, especially with the more controversial calls.

Not sure where this stands now but at least at one point the NFL was discouraging replays on the more controversial calls, to keep the rioting to a minimum.  Colleges I presume are left more to their own judgement.


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I'm thinking this will change with the new scoreboards. In the past years during reviews, there was only one replay throughout the whole process and I missed it most of the time. Even Purdue has a better replay system than we've had.


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But I remember being at OSU in 2006 and not having replays available on the big screen.  However, the TVs in the luxury boxes got the network feed so they kind of cued the rest of the stadium by their reaction on any play that was getting a replay review. 


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The only B1G away game I made it to was Iowa 2003.  Every play regardless of outcome or controversy was replayed, it was also "brought to you by . . . "  mostly the local paper, grocery store, or TV news team.  Seriously I was hit over the head with how many sponserships and ads there were, everywhere.  But they never missed a replay that I can recall, though I'm sure I didn't look up every time.

It used to be SOP that controversial calls were never replayed at UM to try to avoid fans getting too worked up.  That has been over for a few years now though.


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to the scoreboards.  They will transmit the game information directly to the crowd, in real time.  This will get the crowd significantly more amped up, IF the engineer in the box had his coffee that morning.