Schutt to OSU

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It's official, per Treiu twitter. Good pick up, but this is one of those times where we can actually say we didn't want him!



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Was committed to PSU. Caused an interesting mini-saga this summer. Wanted to commit to ND but was told they were full. Promptly got in touch with us to visit and possibly commit but was told no since Pipkins was committing. Not too long after visited Happy Valley and committed to PSU.


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Seems like a lot of comments on the MGo speak to the concept of Godin and Wormley both moving inside. It's hard to say where the coaches project players. It does make sense, given Wormley's large frame or Godin who is currently 6'6 270+...height might not be ideal for the inside but, then again, GMattison moves players around and it's very hard to predict how much bigger extremely large 17 year olds are going to grow.

turd ferguson

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One possibility is Clarkie's suggestion that one or two of the guys listed as DEs could end up as DTs at Michigan.  Another possibility is that the coaches thought that Pipkins wouldn't come if we took Schutt (and they preferred Pipkins).  There's a lot that we don't know.

Marlin Jackson…

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Let's be honest, we passed on Hankins and I think we would take a mulligan on that one if we could. 

This is not an exact science.  Some guys will excel elsewhere, some won't.  We just have to roll with the decisions we make and work harder to achieve success. 


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At that time, most people said "trust the coaches, they know more than we do".  That seems to be such a common thing still being said.  I'll just never understand why.  The coaches are people, like the rest of us.  They're just as susceptible to mistakes.  Our current staff is no different.  To support every decision they make b/c they supposedly know more than us is literally stupid and really it's arrogant.  It ignores the fact that there's 119 other staffs in the country evaluating players.  When our staff takes a player that nobody else wanted, everyone here says "trust the coaches".  So our staff is the only one that knows what they're doing?  Anyway, I'm done ranting.  My guess is in a couple years we're all going to be regretting their decision to not take Schutt.  Especially since he's now going to be playing for our biggest rival.


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I dont think most people have a problem with Schutt, in terms of taking him or not.  I think some people are tired of why didn't we take him.  we will never know.  They are not going to say he wasnt good enough or he didnt want to come here. 

In almost every thread on Schutt, there are always a few that said man, i dont know why we didnt take him.  some peole are tired of hearing about this.


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Agree with you....the more stars the more certain they are to land in the middle of th ebell curve for panning out.  A 2 star can make - but not as certain.  I trust stars given everything else because of this probability view.  I trust the coaches once the person is a clear starter as a soph or JR.

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is not really intended to imply that they don't make mistakes and we are all idiots for forming different opinions.  I think it is typically intended to mean they have a much more in depth understanding of their plan for the program and how, not only the recruits, but the current players are going to be deployed (thanks, Brian, good term.)

In this instance, I say trust the coaches, and I mean, there is no way that Hoke and Mattison would not have taken Schutt is they felt he was more of a need than another DB, etc.  To all of us, it appearrs as though DL is an area of great concern, and that is a fair concern since we lose both interior DLineman and we have not seen much in terms of quality replacements.  We have every right to be concerned, but we don't know what the coaches know.  I'm sure that our coaches are very in tune with our DL and what its strengths and weaknesses are moving forward.  I think this staff has shown they can get good/great recruits.  If they wanted another interior DL recruit, they would get one.  This must mean that they have some people they are comfortable with on the roster or that there are areas that are raising more concerns.

This in no way is inteded to mean that the coaches don't make mistakes.  This staff will recruits some busts and some kids that we turn down or don't recruit will turn out to be all americans elsewhere.  My analysis on this issue is simply to trust the coaches with respect to their decision to take one interior DL.  As to whether they end up taking the right one, that is the subject of fair debate.

Marlin Jackson…

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Just to be clear, that was not a knock on anybody.  Rather, a general comment that just because we pass on a kid doesnt mean he stinks, and vice versa. 

Rich Rod made both good and bad decisions in hindsight, and so will Hoke and Mattison. 

It's their ability to coach the kids once they make it on to campus that will prove to be the difference, which I have every confidence they will excel at. 


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that one or more 2112 OLs will play as true freshmen, and likely play a lot. M will barely have enough experienced linemen to field a starting 5. 

Scholarship players who won't be true freshman: Khoury,  Miller, Lewan, Schofield, Omameh, Barnum, Mealer, Bryant  (did I miss someone?) ... Of that group, there's one who's been a career back-up, and two current true freshman who've never seen a snap. I don't see a likely scenario where a true freshman or two don't play a key role in 2012. 



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RR didn't pass on Hankins. Hankins had issues related to his attitude and being in shape and they told him that he had to get squared away before he would get an offer. Apparently, OSU didn't make the same demands.

You're right about it not being an exact science. It's too bad the process wasn't flipped between Hankins and Turner.


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Isn't it pointless of you to constantly come on here with the sole intent of stirring the pot and being a douchebag because you root for MSU and need some sort of outlet to free yourself of the clear penis envy you feel as a result? Guess that's just MasonBilderberg being MasonBilderberg...

Should Be Working

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Wasn't stating Michigan doesn't recruit other committed players, but simply stating that while Urban was at BGSU, Utah and Florida, he insulted coaches by continuously going after their commits. If you were referring to Dunn, I think he is just as interested in Michigan as they are with him. Please don't contribute to this site of higher learning unless it's going to be logical.