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you can say that NFL coaches won't work in college.  Someone like Gruden would be a home run in recruiting. That guy was famous before MNF broadcasting. Now everyone knows who he is. He's got charisma, and a great football IQ. He (as previously mentioned) has been to Oregon and several other schools to study the spread attack. I realize that you can't really say that NFL coaches will work definitively either. It's all al clusterF right about now.

Who knows what'll happen.. The scary part is that my f'd up brain will justify whatever Michigan ends up doing. If they hire Mickey Mouse, I will find myself defending Walt's creation at the water cooler on Monday morning...

Tha Stunna

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Yes, let's all dogpile on Harbaugh now that he's not coming.  Where were all these people currently attacking his character when RR initially got fired?

He wanted to go pro.  He was in no way obligated to coach at Michigan.  If he led Dave Brandon on, then screw him, but he can do what he wants.  Crying about it  by attacking him makes us look like a spoiled, petulant fanbase that feels like they deserved Harbaugh because they wanted him.

Dave Brandon still looks like he's screwed this up so far.  Time to give Patterson a call and demonstrate that you can kick some ass, because right now it looks like the ass is kicking you.

Just Maize

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he just didn't want to stay in college. Maybe his family didn't want to pick up and move across the country. We'll never know, but I never thought it was supposed to be a foregone conclusion that he came here. There's a lot more to it than "he played at Michigan, so he must return home."


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Until he sit's down at the press conference and signs, I don't believe anything. I'm the guy that thought Lloyd Carr would stay until 2012.

Gary Pinkel looks pretty good, though.


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Will Michigan win more than 15 games over the next three years?

I say yes (and RR will deserve credit for his recruiting classes). A solid coach and stability (no transfer melt down) will calm the waters and produce more wins than losses.

Better days are ahead.


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Lloyd had put all his eggs in the "let's ride into the sunset" basket and stopped reinforcing our defense before he left. RR was also hurt by several players going pro early on offense. This year I would venture a guess that no underclassmen are going pro. I would also say that there will be a few guys who might leave, but nothing like what happened before RR got here.

Because of this 15 wins will happen in two years, and we will get to 22 in three easily.  Whoever we hire has a ton of work to do in repairing our special teams and defense, but the offense is full of playmakers.

My biggest concern is timing. We need to hire a guy ASAP so that he can: 1. Secure the team as is and cut down on possible transfers 2. Lock in all verbal commits and finish the class off well 3. Hire a coaching staff 4. Millions of other things that are MEGA important.  This should really all be accomplished in the next two weeks (Is that crazy or what???).


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I'm happy JH is not going to M.

Patterson please pick up your phone. What good is dominating the Big East anyway, when you can be a few years away from dominating the Big Leagues at Michigan?

This is Michigan

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This sets up nicely. We get Miles, he re-builds this program and decides to retire in 5-6 years. Meanwhile, Harbaugh fails miserably in 5-6 years and decides to relieve a program perfectly set-up by Miles. Perfect senario.


I should note: 1. I don't think this program needs much re-building. As far as the team goes, I think the pieces are in the right place. 2. I hope Harbaugh has a happy and very successful career in the cut-through NFL. 3. I don't necessarily believe Miles is the BEST man for the job.


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I know I'm in the minority and I understand the risk, but why can't we give Hoke/Miles a chance? No one gave RR a chance and we all know how it turnded out. Is the fanbase really going to do the exact same thing again? I'd much rather have Patterson or Gruden or Dungy or Harbaugh, etc., but those guys aren't that likely to end up here.

Miles has dirt on him, I see that and it worries me as well, but DB knows that and he'll let Miles know that he knows. If Miles really loves Michigan as much as his contract says, then I trust him to be clean here. I also realize he's getting older, but if he really loves Michigan then he'll work his ass off and bring in the best staff possible. As for Hoke, I can't convince anyone, including myself, that he's a good choice, but it may come down to that and we'll have to wait and see what happens. Maybe it won't work out, but the program is obviously in trying times and if he doesn't work out, then the program needs fan support more than at any other time. The best programs go through dry spells. USC in the late nineties. Alabama as well. FSU in the last couple of years. Florida under Zook. Notre Dame and Miami as we speak. It isn't ideal or fun but it's reality.

And if anyone thought this coaching change was going to go smoothly, then they're dreaming. These situations never go as planned.


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I would've loved to see Harbaugh at UM, but you can't hate on a guy who wants to see how he stacks up at the highest level of his profession.  It's going to be difficult and the number of coaches that have failed is probably higher than the number that have made it, but this is what successful people do, and I give him credit for it. 

Blaming Brandon for "losing Harbaugh" is nuts-- he clearly stated that he "talked to Jim Harbaugh and will continue to talk to Jim Harbaugh."  At this point it's a positive that any UM pursuit of Harbaugh didn't go crazy public-- If Brandon had gone on TILT like Ross and the 49ers, we'd be sitting here with no coach, and and the cards open for all to see.  Anyone Brandon approached next would automatically be labeled the 2nd choice. I'm going to wait and see how this ends before judging DB.  


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Maybe I'm old school, but i would not fire a coach if you don't have one to replace him. DB maybe didnt show his card, but he allowed the media to create a freenzy on how RR should be fired and jh brought in. Now those same writers are saying that he always had NFL ambitions. No matter what DB does, publicly he looks like he blew it.


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I was hoping that the DB decision on retaining RR depending on whether we had a verbal committment from JH.  I do believe based on how thing played out that this was the plan DB had going into this mess.  However, RR really blew it.  I believe if he had done anything other than lay an absolute egg in the Bowl, that he could have been retained by Brandon without losing face.  Especially when you consider the aftermath whereby they meet for 3-4 hours and no decision is taken.  What the Hell happended in that meeting.  Was RR just too stubborn and egotistical to get it.  He had to know if JH was available he was gone and if not, he likely keeps his job.  Maybe he said publicly that he wanted the job, but it doesn't appear that way. 

Had they put up a respectible fight even against Miss State he could have been retained.

Hind sight is 20/20, but basically the only thing looking back that DB could have done differently is to have handled it like Stephen Ross did in Miami.  Basically, make no pretenses that if Harbaugh wants the job it is his, but otherwise we will stick it out another year with the current situation.  Then at least the Miss State game wouldn't matter and all eyes would have been on Harbaugh's decision.

That said, I'm warming up to the idea of a new coach whose name isn't Harbaugh.  The more time that passes the better it seems to know that the RR fiasco is over.


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Just think, we fired a coach that wanted to coach this team and wanted to be a Michigan man. I vote we stop saying this Michigan man crap. It may get you a job interview, but it doesn't mean shit in coaching searches. Be careful what you wish for people.