Schefter: harbaugh to 49ers

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there was a large contingent that would entertain RIch Rod being fired only IF Jim Harbaugh would be the next coach, because we felt Jim could unify the fan base and move us out of the dark ages.

Then, the losses, particularly the bowl loss exposing the much vaunted offense, and showing no defensive improvement pretty much sealed the deal. Rich would never really be able to lead at Michigan without some very solid reason to believe things would change. Brandon probably was pretty clear on what that meant (massive staff overhaul, and adapting schematically) and Rich was loyal to his staff.


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Convinced myself I could get behind Harbaugh, if RR got the boot. I will fully support whoever the next coach is, but damn the list of guys available that stir excitement is shrinking. I'm not sure what the best solution is to this problem, I just need something to root for goddamnit. Somebody tell me what to hope for.....





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I feel the same way. I wanted RR to get a 4th year with a whole new defensive staff and if that wasn't the case then I wanted JH. I think our best option whether people like him or not is Brady Hoke. He is a "Michigan Man" and would love to coach here. I will be all in for whoever DB hires and I hope you will all do the same. We all know what happened last time our fanbase was divided over a coach.


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One of Hoke's strongest attributes is his recruiting.  He was the guy that recruited Tom Freeking Brady to Michigan.  He also recruited a ton of our D linemen and linebackers back in the 1990s - when we had amazing defenses. 

This guy will bring in top recruits, so long as the fanbase gets behind him and doesn't hamstring him like it did to RR.  


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you really think that with Hoke we would ever beat OSU?

I can't see Hoke getting us into a position to ever beat OSU, MSU, PSU consistently and would probably end up at about the level of Wisonsin, which may look attractive now, but it isn't really what I want for the program.


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Brady Hoke???  If DB thought he had a tough job firing RR or unifying the Michigan fanbase before, it just got 1,000,000 times tougher.  This crap about starting a coaching search after the presser is BS.  And today ESPN reports that DB is hiring a search firm to conduct the search.

Are you kidding???  Can you possibly screw thisa up any more?  Well, if we can't get one of our own to come home, then Michigan has fallen much farther than any of us have imagined.

To unify the fanbase you can take Gruden, Patterson, and any prominent name off the list.  Gruden didn't make any sense anyway.  He has no connection to Michigan or the B1G.  The only ones left that fit DB's criteria are Hoke, Miles and god forbid ( I heard this this morning) Mike DeBord! 



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Honestly, the only coach I would be excited for now is Gruden.  Which I know is another pipe dream.  I guess I should just go and start smoking out of a pipe until this is all over so I don't feel anything, i.e. "comfortably numb."


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Should be next on the list, but who really knows.

He has a track record for running a defense- MICHIGAN'S for 8 years he was defensive head coach during the time that Michigan won the National Championship. He also as the ability to adapt his offense to support Robinson's just maybe with his experience which I believe is a little more the Harbaughs is exaclty what Michigan needs. He is 53..still young enough, having a career goal to be Michigans Head Coach, I could go on and on on this.

Do some research on Brady Hoke

dr eng1ish

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First, there's no such thing as Defensive Head Coach. Second, he didn't run our defense ever. He was the defensive line coach though. Maybe you should do some research on Brady Hoke.

Personally I've started mentally preparing for it anyway. With the right staff it could be... not the worst thing in the world...


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Is Ashton Kutcher hiding somewhere at the press conference?  Maybe he runs out just before the 9ers GM starts swearing/crying and tells him Jim is in AA....Please?


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But may he also spend the rest of his days being followed around by Michigan fans wearing our darkest blue M gear head to toe, silently staring at him like sad zombies.


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This controversy has made it easier for me to accept that he isn't going to be our coach....I would be feeling way worse If there wasn't all this talk and he just randomly signed with the niners when we thought we were going to get him 100%.


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have proven to me that that won't work.  Don't throw Pete Carroll into this either, he cheated his way to the top.

I can't imagine Les Miles here, he's so dirty and Hoke, my god, he's 13-12 at SDSU, how is that an improvement?  Gary Patterson is about the only one that seems plausible. 

Is Urban Meyer a possibility?


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even if he was "evaluating" RR, he must have been talking to someone.  Phone calls and footlockers. Please tell me you have something more DB;  Michigan is on trial for its life!


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I had to spend a minute to decide if you were making a pun off of "Luck"

But I decided that no, you were not.

Then I realized I just wasted a minute of my life...

On a side note, I just finished my hot chocolate and half of the mix was stuck to the bottom of my cup. Bad omen? Take it for what its worth


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There has to be a master plan here right? DB is not flying by the seat of his pants I just need to know what that is. I'm strugglin here to figure out whats going on. SO many questions. 

I once wanted to know was there a 2nd shooter on the hill, do aliens exist and what's in that yellow powder in the box mac and cheese. Now I want to add to that list: Is DB Darth Vader or Dark Helmet?

Go Blue!