Schefter: harbaugh to 49ers

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Auburn football: Offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn a head coaching candidate again

He just turned down Vanderbilty and vows he'll stay at Auburn.  Clearly a hot property and maybe worth a look.  Negatives?  1.  Southern, no midwestern roots.  2.  Offensive guru, no indication if he understands defense.  3.  We just had a coach with similar qualifictions.
Positives?  1.  Cam Newton  2.  Auburn Offense  3.  H.S. coaching legend--so maybe he "gets" defense.


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He doesn't need to understand defense, he just needs to hire a guy who understands defense and allow him to coach.  I think RR's loyalty to his WV guys and his need to control the DC was his main downfall. 

Sure our offense sputtered at the end of the year, but imagine the pressure that might have been lifted off the offense, if our D was able to get some stops.


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So it goes; another day, another saga.

Miles won't be available because with our field turf he won't be able to find a good meal at the game.

Patterson won't be hired because he doesn't fit the B1G experience meme. Peterson thinks money is the root of all evil and doesn't want a better gig. Urban's too urbane for A2.

Get used to it: Hello, Coach Hoke!


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I hate the Rich Rod haters. I hate that Brandon gave in to the haters. This might be FUBAR.

Loved the Brock Mealer video though. And the home page banner is great.

blue note

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so harbaugh to the niners......and it's friday... and there's a mostly full keg in my house... and no one else home....

one ticket to blackout city, please


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There are a couple of top schools hot for Hoke, including Michigan, after his impressive job of turning around the SDSU football program.

Hoke would be able to do a lot with the Stanford football program, considering that he runs a pro-style offense and uses his running game much like Stanford does. His mentality is a fit, and there would have to be minimal turnover in terms of staff or style of play.

The only problem is, again, that Michigan may have him on the hook already.

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Could Brady Hoke be our Jim Tressel? After reading the Mathlete's great diary, it seems hard to argue with his success. He's not a hare; he's a tortoise -- slow and steady. Tressel had great success at then 1-AA Youngstown State but many in Buckeyeland thought he was 'beneath' the OSU job. His only 'crimes' were coaching at YSU and wanting to be the OSU coach (OK, insert jokes about YSU violations here).

So, Brady Hoke has success at two smaller programs -- not the championship success that Tressel had, of course, but in the FBS -- and wants to coach Michigan. Would he be so bad?

And by the way, yes, I've been drinking, and I now have Hoke goggles.

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But it's a bit easier to be a big fish in a small pond in 1-AA/FCS.

I'm not a Hoke lover, by any means. Just not a Hoke hater, especially after reading the Mathlete's diary. And by the way, Mathlete, congratulations on the impending arrivals! Way to do it with style, and my best wishes to Mrs. Mathlete. I'd post something on your diary, but I no can has iPhone.


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We need to save this response for all the "he's a michigan man!" / "he loves michigan, won't go anywhere else!" / "need someone who understands the history!" posts.  Past history to this institution should be nowhere near the top criteria for hiring a coach.  It can certainly factor in but should not be a deciding factor.  I hear that Mike DeBord loves him some Michigan football and he was an actual coordinator (not a mere position coach) under the immortal Lloyd!  Send the plane and a bag of cash and lets finish up this process!


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Have you done your research on Brady Hoke?

He has more than the love for Michigan Football and wanting to be back in Ann Arbor. From 1995 - 2002 he was Michigan Defensive Coach, and in case you have forgotten or are maybe too young this would have been during a time when Michigan had a top defense and won the National Title.

Go into internet explorer and type is name, the online encyclopedia will give you his bio if you don't know what it is.


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Not saying I'm a big Hoke supporter, but Gary Moeller was 6-24-3 at Illinois, and he worked out OK (minus the bender).  And Bo never had a 12-1 season in his 6 years in the MAC.  He was 9-1 one year but just 6-4 and 7-3 in the two years immediately preceding his Michigan hire.  Like the stock market, past performance is not a guarantee of future results, particularly when those results came at bottom feeders.


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Bill Lynch's Ball State team was 5-6,5-6 and 6-6 in his last 3 seasons. When Hoke took over it wasn't until his 5th year that they "improved" back to that level. Can we please stop trying to embrace Hoke....


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He was titled Associate Head Coach several years here. I do think he'd do ok, and while I also tend to think he's slightly underqualified, it's his W/L record that scares me. I know he started from shit at both of his last stops, but man, I don't know.


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I know that he is not popular here, but I would be very happy with Hoke.

Why, you ask?  Oh, you didn't ask?  Well I will tell you anyway.

First, Hoke is a defensive minded guy.  He will make it a priority to recruit Big Ten sized linemen.

Second, Hoke is a great recruiter.  Even Brian - hater of all things Hoke - would not dispute that.

Third, Hoke does love Michigan.  Put that together with his recruiting abilities and I think that we very quickly start re-taking the state (and OSU) from our rivals.  And, having worked in SDS, he probably has some good west coast ties.

Fourth, he is a tie to our better years.   I know, not popular on this site.  But, we have an incredibly rich tradition.  We need to tie the steaming pile of wreckage that is our current program to that formerly great program.  Otherwise we are just a steaming pile of garbage that used to be great.

Fifth - staff.  I have no doubt that Hoke would bring in great asst. coaches.  Louffler is now unemployed.  Soup Campbell would likely return.  These guys are great recruiters and even better coaches. 

No, Hoke is not sexy - as a man or as a hire.  But, he would be a great coach here.  Remember when Lloyd wasn't an exciting hire - we won a NC, followed by several Rose Bowl appearances. 


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Could you point to proof of Hoke's recruiting prowess?

Also, Carr won with Moeller's talent, not his own.  Carr utterly failed to do anything notable with some of the best talent in the country every year after the NC.


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right now with what I have seen from the media, I will not believe it until I see Jim Harbaugh in front of a 49ers logo at a presser.  "Sources" are not "sources" anymore, it just means that somebody has heard something from somebody.  NFL live with the same claim, let me see him in 49ers hat (he put a 49ers hat on, and sexually assaulted co-eds for much of the 1980s - ba dum dum).