SB loses first Big Ten Game to Neb. 6-1; Emily Not Doing Well.

Submitted by MGoSoftball on April 26th, 2013 at 11:35 PM

The SB Team lost its first B1G game of the year at Nebraska.  The loss also snapped a 22 game win streak.

We could onlly muster 2 hits off the Husker Star Ace Tatum Edwards.  Lauren went deep and long for a solo and Caitlin had a single.  That was it, nothing more to say.

Sara and Haylie split the pitching duties and had damned near identical numbers.  Both gave up 3 ER, struck out 2 and walked 1. They both gave up a bomb as well.

Overall, not necesarily a bad thing.  Good teams are going to lose.  It is just a fact of life, but the key is to rebound from it.  All we need is to win 2 of the next 5 games or 1 at Nebraska and we share or outright win the regular season.



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trying to wait to post the website but since you posted it, we will have to work with it.  It is really not that big of a problem.  Brooke was just concerned that she would run out of shirts too fast.

I encourage everyone here on the blog to read the website about Emily.  She is a wonderful person who has taken a turn for the worse today.  She was getting ready to come  home but she fell ill again and was rushed back to the ER.

Her immune system is depressed because of all the chemo.  She has several infections and new cancer was detected.  Sometimes life is not fair and times like this can really challenge one's faith.



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M softball has more wins than MGB's team has games played...

More to the point, they'll get the regular season championship. You can't go through a season without a bad game, even if you're an undefeated team; they'll rebound just fine.

South Bend Wolverine

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Like everyone's been saying, you just can't win them all, especially in a sport with a 60-70 game season.  Never in UM history have we had a perfect conference record - we were very fortunate to get this far, with a few close calls in there.  Just gotta get back out there and get the W on Saturday.  Game will be on BTN, I can't wait to watch it!  We get to watch so little softball throughout the season, it's a real treat when we do.