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The Michigan Softball Team clinched another Big Ten Title today at Alumni Field.  The team defeated Northwestern 2-1 under near perfect conditions with clear skies and 70F.  The team played before a nearly full stadium.

The Big Ten Tournament will be held in Lincoln starting this Thursday.  We will get a first round bye with the #1 seed.  As it stands today, we will play the winner of #8/#9 (MSU, Purdue) on Friday at 3pm EDT.

Sara Driesenga was the starting and winning pitcher.  She pitched all 7 innings giving up 1 ER off 2 hits.  She walked 4 and stuck out 8.

Lyndsay went 2 for 3, and Colie and Romo had and RBI each.

Congrats to the SB Team.  You are truely one of the most consistant teams on campus.  Hutch has the best record as a M coach as well.

UPDATE:  Check out Emily's webpage:



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...The team has won 16 regular season titles (all under Hutch). In 19 of the 29 years of her tenure, Michigan has won the regular season or tourney title. Five times they have won both the regular season and tourney titles. Hopefully this year will be year number six for the double. The tourney wasn't held from 2009-12.


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Congrats to the ladies! Go Blue!

My wife and I used to go to a lot of games back before we had kids and all the craziness that comes with them. The tourney used to be hosted by the regular season it rotating sites now? How does it end up in Nebraska?

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Hutchins continues to maintain softball as the gold standard of consistent excellence within the UM athletic department as well as within the Big Ten conference.  Just can't say enough about her or about the quality young women who come to play for her.  Yet another title, and we're just getting started!


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I could not have said it better.  Hutch is loved by her girls, past and present.  She is also well respected by the other coaches as well.   It is remarkable that she has been so successful.

Hutch was the first to win the NC east of the Mississippi (Alabama was 2nd last year).  That is just crazy.  Think of all the great teams in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee over the past 20 years.  None of them won a NC.  Then throw in that we are a northern, cold-weather team.  It is a-maizing that any warm weather player would ever want to come to AA, but they do because of Hutch.


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It's amazing to maintain a strong program for so long in a location so far away from your typical ball and bat meccas.

Wish all of our sports could be as consistently good! Congrats ladies!,