Saw the uni's but what do your gloves look like?

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I am mildly amused by these



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I lived among the Wolverines for 4 years, and the Sparties for nearly that long. And while every fan base blames the refs, most teams blame the refs for SPECIFIC blown calls: Eddie Brown tripping Desmond Howard, Spartan Bob stopping the clock, etc. Michigan fans (and State fans, from my experience) chalk plenty of losses up to refs, but they blame incompetence and "blown calls" rather than a full-on conspiracy.

Irish fans, on the other hand, seem to take the "the refs had it out for us" to a pathological level. It isn't about specific blown calls.  For example, they really believe that the '09 loss was because the refs WANTED Michigan to win, and that they actively tried to help MIchigan. The only comparable tinfoil pathos I have seen is that of Penn State.


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Having Penn St. alums in my family, I'm pretty famliar w/ Penn St fans.  I've never seen another fan base so convinced of a very real conspiracy against them.  Paterno feeds into it.  It's bizarre.   


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Most Notre Dame fans seem to think they haven't lost a game in the past decade, they've merely been screwed hard by the refs.  I counter by pointing out that makes Willingham and Weis good coaches.  After all they had winning gaming plans, the refs just screwed Notre Dame.  So if they embrace the "refs hate us" line, they have to admit Weis was a good coach.  That tends to shut them up right quick.  


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You can't judge an entire fanbase, but I agree that Notre Dame has more than their fair share of whiney fans that throw out the ref complaint without thought.

I was at the 2006 47-21 beatdown Michigan gave Notre Dame in South Bend and a guy in front of me was literally blaming the refs every other minute and literally claimed that the refs handed Michigan that win and we couldn't take pride in it.  When I tried to discuss his point of view a few ND fans actually jumped in and supported the idea that the refs were tossing the game in Michigan's favor.


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ND won't need any favorable calls in Ann Arbor this year.  Also, ND has recieved so many favorable calls against everybody over the years that an even playing field often appears to be slanted in the other team's direction to many ND fans.  

As for the game, Michigan needs time to acclimate to their "new" offense.  ND has had a year to acclimate to the most efficient offense in football.  Even if the defenses were somehow equal, Michigan has a long climb with the offense just to get to ND's level this year.  Due to its timing, this game could be THE ugly game of the season for us, and THE game that ND uses to tell everyone they are "back."

When USF transitioned from the spread to an offense that isn't quite WCO but looks a lot like what SDSU ran last year, they looked terrible in their first few games.  The good news was that they looked surprisingly good toward the end.  

It's obvious that Hoke doesn't care about ND nearly as much as he does "Ohio" or MSU.  It will take a crushing loss to ND to piss Hoke off enough to see it as a true rivalry game.  That will probably come this year.  By the end of the year, Michigan will have four percieved rivalry games: ND, MSU, Nebraska, and Ohio.  If they go 2-2 this year and the victories are against MSU and Ohio, I'm guessing the staff and the fanbase will be happy.



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Those gloves are sticky. I am seeing a lot of dropped balls by ND in that game. Michigan will be bringing the lumber when they hit that night.


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Those are the best "logo in glove" gloves I've seen. Nike does them for every school, but those look pretty sweet.


I hope ours is an awesome looking Block M with some wolverine stripes on the backs or some shit. Lightning bolts... wait. what. where am i?


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So this year's Jimmy Clausen/Charlie Weis/Manti Teo/Brian Kelly Memorial One-Missing-Link-Between-ND-and-a-BCS-Title is...


Pretty gloves!!!


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Remember this?

When I see the gloves I sense an optical illusion.

Do you see a little green rainbow hopper?

I do, on the right side of the photo.


Do you see an early Matt Groening-type character?


I do, on the left side of the photo of the gloves, the two left-most fingers in the photo facing eyeball, looking away from the rainbow hopper.