Saturday Hoops Open Thread

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Lots of important basketball games on today in regards to the NCAA tournament selection coming up next Sunday.   We had a great write up earlier this week by the mods that detailed the umpteen games that impact whether Michigan might make the tournament so I won't list them all here.

I would note that MSU is beating OSU like a rented mule right now, 69-49. Since OSU is a bubble team that is assumedly good for us.  However, this is like a 5 year old hoping that brussel sprouts beats spinach - both of them turn your stomach.  Oh well.

Enjoy the games and and Go Blue later this evening - tip off @ 8:00 at Crisler Center. 




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Haha was just on the verge of starting this. Lots of important bubble action going on right now.

You mentioned OSU getting worked, but Vandy (another bubble team) is down 20 at Texas A&M.

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I've been tuned in to Georgetown-Villanova since almost the opening tip - Georgetown is slowly climbing back into this after a first half that could be tactfully described as "less than ideal" on just about every level of the game. In fact, that three cuts the difference to 11 points, whereas it has been as high as over 20 at points in this game. Villanova has stalled out a bit.


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Quite a shame. Was hoping Rutgers would somehow pull off the difficult task of actually losing every single B1G game.

I suppose after winning just one conference game in both football and basketball, their handful of fans can at least feel optimistic that they've got very good odds of showing an "upward" trajectory next year.


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I've got St. John's and Providence on now. Hoping the Johnnies can somehow get back in this game.

NC State lost to ND so unlikely they sneak back in to the RPI Top 100 unfortunately.

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Love seeing Ohio State get beat down even at the hands of Sparty.  Watched that game and I have to have an appreciation for MSU, they play a very entertaining brand of baskebtall and are rolling right now.  Ohio State went 11-23 from 3 and still got blown out.  MSU is a machine right now and it will take an off game for them to lose in the BTT.  And there are only 2-3 teams in the country I can see beating them in the NCAA.  Hope some team gets hot, because they look special.

I Just Blue Myself

March 5th, 2016 at 3:37 PM ^

Two ultra successful guys that are, in my opinion, equally as fiery on the sidelines. You simply have blind hate because of the rivalry. As you grow older that will mellow as you will learn that sports are purely for entertainment, and as cliche as this is, it's just a game. I feel sorry for adults that still live and die with the success of their favorite team. Both for them and their families.

Franz Schubert

March 5th, 2016 at 4:31 PM ^

Izzo is 1-17 against Roy Williams and Coach K. You won't hear any media member mention that though, MSU are the media darlings. There is technically a 50% chance MSU ends up in a region with Duke or UNC, but the actual chance of it happening is zero. Hollis will insure Izzo avoids his daddies.


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So hopefully I won't come home and want to turn the game off immediately. We really need this one if we want to get in the field of 64. I don't see us winning any more than two games in the B1G tournament.


March 5th, 2016 at 2:26 PM ^

A little cool to see MSU seniors kiss center court at Breslin.

And a lot more cool remembering Jalen Rose wiping his ass on center court of Breslin after he beat MSU in his last game at Breslin.

So basically, the MSU seniors just kissed Jalen's ass.


March 5th, 2016 at 2:41 PM ^

We are locked into the 8 seed for the BTT now.  Probably play NW on Thursday and if we win we get Indiana on Friday.  The teams we wanted to avoid IMO are on the other side of the bracket, MSU,Wisky, maybe Iowa.


March 5th, 2016 at 3:52 PM ^

So far our rooting interests are doing quite nicely:

Texas A&M beat Vandy Good
Notre Dame beat NC state. Bad
MSU beat OSU. good
Providence beat St. John's. Bad
Florida state beating Syracuse. Good
Georgia Tech beating Pitt. Good
Butler is beating Marquette. Bad
Xavier is beating Creighton. Good
Texas Tech is beating Kansas State. Bad