Saturday Experience

Submitted by Route66 on November 22nd, 2009 at 10:38 PM

I wanted to write a post about what I experienced Saturday at the big house and the events leading up to The Game. Warning: This will be wordy but does not feature enough statistical content for a diary.

My friend and his wife are unfortunately in AA because their 4 month old daughter just had open heart surgery at Mott on Tuesday. Mrs. Route66 and I were planning on coming over to see them Saturday. We could not find a sitter so I decided to stay home and watch our girls. Figured it would be best because I would be forced to spend the money on some tickets if I went. There is no way I could go to AA and not go to The Game.

At 3pm Friday, already planning naps around The Game, I got a phone call that said our friends just picked up a pair of tickets to the game from some people in the parking lot of the hospital. Literally these people rolled down their window and offered them the tickets. Face value. Our friends were not in a position to buy them and had to pass. Those folks then said they would sell them both for $65. He abruptly bought them.

We then had a sitter, one of 20 we called, call us back and say she could do it. COUNT ME IN! I was on my way to another UofM/OSU game! Only my second ever.(1995) Oh, and the tickets were section 23, row 40 seats 9&10. Um....yeah, those are mint.

The people who gave the tickets away were friends of Coach Hobson. That's why the tickets were so good. We both laughed that we would not be able to say anything bad about linebacker play because we may be sitting next his family.

If any of you know, that section's isle is THE isle to the press box. Saw the likes of Jamie Morris, John U. Bacon, etc.

Here are two others that stand out:

Jatashun "Big Tex" Beachum was walking up and I immediately noticed his name tag. I nudged my buddy and buddy yells out, "HEY BIG TEX!" Big Tex smiles and leans over and we both give him a hand shake and say welcome to the Big House, Go Blue, and Please Sign Today as we stumble over our words. He moved on and we both looked at each other like after you looked at the girl you first kissed. Really awkward yet stoked.(no homo) I then said to the people around me that if he signs, it is because two fat white guys, 40 rows up, welcomed him with hand shakes. Yes, I will take full credit right now when he commits. If he doesn't then it is my friends fault.

After the game, we were just chilling, soaking up the atmosphere realizing that we may never sit in this good of seats again. Kind of fuming over what could have been. Then across the isle, in our same row walks a balding guy holding a Members Only coat. His head was down, but I knew it was Bill Martin. I say...again, like a dork because you never know what to say in those situations, "Hey Mr. Martin!" He looks up and kind of stops. Both my friend and I give him the thumbs up say thanks for RichRod and keep up the good work. We also said, simultaneously "Keep Rich!". Bill moved on and we again looked at each other like dang, we just had an impact on RR's job security! Not really, but Martin did say he appreciated the support. Again, I am SURE that we were the reason for Martin giving RR the vote of confidence yesterday.

There you have it. We totally fell into some sweet tickets and got to chat, if you can call it that, with some cool people. For 3 hours yesterday we were able to get away and forget about everything and enjoy a fun atmosphere in the Big House. Thanks friends of Jay, whoever you are!



November 22nd, 2009 at 11:57 PM ^

How is the little one doing after surgery? I can't imagine how difficult it must be to face something like that as the parent... fortunately Mott's pediatric cardiology group are pretty much the best in the nation at what they do.


November 23rd, 2009 at 12:47 AM ^

She is doing very well. Sounds like they are moving her out of ICU tomorrow. I was there to visit after the game and it is truly amazing. Mott's is a great place. What they do for those kids and their families is awesome. Please keep all of them in your prayers. When I get to heaven the one question I will have for God is why do children have to go through that kind of stuff. They are helpless, they have done nothing to deserve what they are going through. Sorry to vent, but after seeing that place and those kids, it really moved me. Football is just a game. A loss on the gridiron is just a loss. Nothing more, nothing less.


November 23rd, 2009 at 10:25 AM ^

during the Utah game. Walking around at half time ran into Tate and immediately recognized the name. Told him he had to come here we love him etc...of course he committed the Monday after! I also talked to BG (my friends call him BFG for obvious reasons) at the bar and he is a super cool guy. Pretty much told him to sack QBs and eat RBs and he listened as well.