Saturday Attendance Fearmongering

Submitted by Tuebor on September 11th, 2014 at 9:13 AM

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Is the 100,000 attendance really at risk or is this a theme we will hear each week? 


A 3:30 game in September albeit cooler than average with a chance of rain shouldn't keep too many away.  Plus the secondary market is always terrible for these MACrifice games.



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Seriously, I just looked that up -- App State beat the Campbell Fighting Camels 66-0 last weekend. I had never heard of Campbell University (apparently it is a Baptist-school in NC) and their nickname is quite interesting. The women's basketball team is the "Lady Camels".

Back on point -- App State and Miami are both equally bad in 2014. Thus, if we don't beat Miami (NTM) in similar fashion to how we beat App State ~10 days ago, we've got even bigger problems than we thought.


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I remember reading a Daily article in 2009 about the Delaware State game. We had just lost to Michigan State and Iowa in close games, and it was the weekend of Fall Break. It questioned whether the Big House would reach 100,000+ fans.

Bottom line: whenever an article about the Big House even remotely not reaching 100,000 fans can be written, it will be.



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Well, it may not be fair weather in any sense of the term, but I'll be there and I'm excited for it.  I'm looking forward to seeing the drumline do stepshow, hitting up the MDen, seeing Jon Horford haul in a TD, and watching us touch the banner and get a win.  And is Blimpy's open yet?


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No kidding I got an "Amazon Local" offer this morning (think Groupon with an Amazon logo slapped on it) for a "special package" for the Miami game


$65 includes ticket hot dog beverage t-shirt and program




So, yes, we are at Desperation Defcon 6 or something.




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Just bought tickets for me and the boy for $23.00 each and I'm assuming the seats are comparable to what the university is offering for the deal.  I know they're trying, but ticket prices for this one are just WAY too low to compete here.

Indiana Blue

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Dave sent me a discount email.  Endzone tickets are now $20 off the face $70.  So $50 gets you endzone seats.  Since that's where my season tickets are ... do I get a refund Dave ?   How about some Mac & Cheese ?

Go Blue!


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I would be baffled if we don't reach $100k. There will be enough people that see the incredibly low ticket prices as an opportunity to take their little ones or attend the one game they can afford this year. 

Many people like myself who in the midst of anger, who vowed they weren't going attend or watch another game until the team/coaching staff provided us a reason too, all know, we will be sucked back in on Saturday.

I am going to be in Greensboro, N.C. for my sisters wedding and I am already looking at places to go watch the game at, decked out in Michigan gear. 


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Even though the announced attendance and the actual attendance will always vary (probably because the announced attendance usually include everyone within a four-block radius, like most venues), I still don't know that we've yet reached the point where demand for seats at a Michigan game goes elastic and attendance starts to drop like that - the program still has that wonderful problem of brand equity, recent performance aside for the moment. So, yeah, I think it would take a bigger calamity than it would at most institutions before the 100,000 mark was in serious jeopardy. 


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When they announce the "attendance" is it really attendance (people in the stadium) or is it still just ticket sales?

There have been a number of occasions that I recall since 1982 where there were not 100,000 people in the stadium at all, even if you are counting the players, band, ushers, media, etc.   

There is no way that there were 100,000 people anywhere near the stadium for some of those famous fan-endurance games like Minnesota in the '80s, Purdue in the '90s, Northwestern in the '00s.

If it's ticket sales, they can fudge those.  They can just quietly sell them to themselves and just eat them.  It seems like they will announce 100,000 no matter what.  Who really checks?


September 11th, 2014 at 2:22 PM ^

That isn't quite right. Michigan and many other schools base their announced attendance figures on the number of tickets sold, not on the number through the turnstile. Michigan then adds to the number of tickets sold, the number of other people in the stadium without a ticket (as you note).

Avon Barksdale

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I sold my two tickets to Michiganders for $100 for the pair -- before the season. Thankfully I did that. It came with the ticket package to PSU and Maryland games. I think it will be close, but I'm going to say announced attendance will be around 101,000 with probably 94,000 actually in attendance.


September 11th, 2014 at 9:52 AM ^

The ticket market will correct itself and there will be 100,000 in attendance.  Granted, that means we could very easily see tickets outside the stadium being sold for under $40.  Student tickets, I can imagine, might be nearly free in the secondary market.


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Main stream media is bored apparently.

Driving home yesterday I flipped on 97.1 for a few minutes (mistake I know)...Valenti was saying that RR was actually turning UM around and it's Hoke that is driving the car over the cliff. That clown lambasted RR every chance he coud and now he is defending him. My god the msm will twist and turn any narrative there is to make it in their favor.


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And also ask MSU and thier fans about the swaths of empty seats,rows,sections in their upper deck in 2 weeks against know the defending B1G and Rose Bowl Champion MSU Spartans.

Bando Calrissian

September 11th, 2014 at 9:57 AM ^

I posted about this, but on Tuesday I was able to put together a 99-seat block on 99 seats. Together. I bet if I had kept going I could have made it bigger. 

Something's up. They're not going to let it drop below 100,000--Dollar Dave will have marketing interns beating the pavement on gameday handing out free tickets to everyone on the street before that happens. It's not terribly surprising, I just can't believe it's happened this quickly.