Sandeep: One of the First Michigan Recruiting Bloggers

Submitted by marlon on August 22nd, 2011 at 12:10 AM

Tonight I stumbled across what could be one of the very first Michigan recruiting websites.  It was created by one Sandeep Vijan--who, according to the umich directory, is now an associate professor at the medical school--to chronicle Michigan's 1996 recruiting class, and it's pure Internet gold.  Mr. Vijan seems to have pioneered many of the features of today's sites: he's got a recruiting board, a list and breakdown of commits, visit tracker, and even recruiting news.  Perhaps the funniest tidbit is this nugget from the day before national signing day:

A surprise commitment to Michigan: Jason Foster, a fullback from Medina, Ohio, has decommitted from Purdue and will attend Michigan in the fall.

Somewhere, Jim Colletto muttered under his breath something about snake oil.


Naked Bootlegger

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Nice find.   This is a totally kickin' web page design for 1995.

The list and description of verbal commitments is fantastic.   Are those 40 times indicated by each name?!   If so, they are definitely 5 fakes out of 5 for every one of them.   This brings back golden visions of NFL-caliber QB Jason Kapsner dancing in my head.  According to the description, he's a faster version of Elvis Grbac and Todd Collins (which, in hindsight, really isn't saying a lot).  Aaron Wright (4.3 speed?!)?  Paul Tannous?   I vividly remember my internal hype meter pegging most of these guys as can't-miss prospects.   Absolutely great stuff. 


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I can confirm that that site is legit.  I did not visit it at the time it was up and running, but Sandeep himself used to post on various other sites.


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Jeff Backus was an unbelievable athlete. A great baseball pitcher, and played some outside linebacker on his high school team? That's pretty impressive.

This is Michigan

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I wonder if he is a fellow MGoBlogger.



Also, I found this funny.

"The first day for recruits to sign an official letter of intent in February 7, 1996. Coaches are not allowed to comment on potential recruits until a letter has been signed. Please do not contact the recruits directly - it is an NCAA violation to "recruit" for a University (but then again, pretty much everything is an NCAA violation these days)."


I guess things haven't changed much over 15 years.



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Great find!  Here's a fun snippet:

"the coaches are very high on Tom Brady, who is a freshman from California who was redshirted this year. "

Good call, coaches.

oriental andrew

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Many of the things introduced to the MGoCommunity by Brian ((!), schadenfreude, etc) were internet memes for years.  Folks were using (!) that during my freshman year (1994) on IRC.   You know, back when we had PINE email.  


August 22nd, 2011 at 8:55 AM ^

was by and far the best IM system back in the day. I felt like a sleezeball (sp?) when I downloaded AIM and started using it. Plus I couldn't use my "Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail" soundboard that worked with IRC. Ah, simpler days.

Anyway, you are correct, the "(!)", etc. were in use long before the MGoBlog days.


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...I remember him in high school. Kid was a beast. Can't believe he was battling a certain "Ron Dayne" for the #1 HS FB. Funny how different their paths went.

Came in an played as a true freshman and did pretty well for Carr. Had some mental health issues and left the team. Ended up at GVSU where his brother was a star. Dayne, well, you know what he ended up doing.

Lot's of productive NFL talent in this class. Gold, Brandt, Hutchinson, Backus, Knight, & Jones just off the top of my head. Nice first class haul for LC.

Thank's for sharing the link.

*Or is this LC's second class? Either way.....nice haul!


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I've linked to that site a few times in the past. I'm pretty sure that guy's still around, and reads MGoBlog. Sandeep, come out and take a bow.


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He was blogging up through the 1998 recruiting cycle.  I actually blame him for my love of following recruiting.  As a college Junior, I stumbled across his site and was hooked.  Those were the days of practically free recruiting info.  I still won't pay for it, but it was much more prevelant back then.


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He started off here as a RB, then was "moved" to LB.  And the rest is history.  And is another example that a player moving positions isn't always the end of the world.  Sometimes coaches see stuff players don't. "I want to be a RB!" "Well, ok, we think your skills might better be served at LB, but you can give it a shot".  "Dang, these are some good, can I still play LB?"   Part of the game of recruiting.


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That was a great read.  Wish I could go back and give tips to the staff: "this guy will be an all-american"..."this guy will warm the bench."  "Play Brady more. "

Anybody got an address for Dr. Emmett Brown?


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One bit caught my eye: Plaxico Burress considering UM. I never knew that.  UM could have  been the beneficiary of his 200 yard  receiving game in 1999 instead of the victim.


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I mean, I realize that this was a huge building block for the NC team, but it's just crazy how much talent was in that class. Five excellent NFL players in one class. Pretty cool.


a non emu

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The site has been posted in the past. Always great to read again though. I thought this was pretty funny -

This class has class. Several members were interviewed on the radio yesterday, and all seemed down to earth and intelligent. The Ann Arbor news reporter who covers Michigan football wrote his column today on the "quality people" in this class. By the way, I like the columnist, except that he blames "the internet" for spawning all of the rumors that have popped up in recruiting this year (he claims most of the info on the internet is wrong). My guess: he's never even seen "the internet". It's just a vague computer thing to him. Since he covers Michigan sports, and this is the only Michigan recruiting page that I know of, I invite him to check it out and look at all of the "false" info I'm supposedly spreading.


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We had a Vijan AND a Vijay (I blog for cookies)?  I remember Vijay from his Usenet days, but Vijan is new to me. Great find. And yes, that's what the internet looked like back then.