San Diego State game torrents

Submitted by dakotapalm on January 12th, 2011 at 10:39 PM

There are a few San Diego State game torrents available from Ten Yard Torrents. I'm not suggesting that you download and watch them, but I'm not saying that you shouldn't either.

Watching SDSt vs Utah and SDSt vs. Navy, I've seen a lot of 3WR, 1TE Shotgun formations, no-huddle and zone run schemes.

Not exactly the antithesis of basketball on grass- might not be as awful as some anticipate.



January 12th, 2011 at 11:15 PM ^

Glad to hear they run a lot of 1TE sets, since we really don't have the players to run too many 2TE sets.  We literally will have 2 scholarship TEs on the team next fall, unless we get one in this class or your count Ricardo Miller. 

Speaking of which, does anyone know how Jon Bills is doing?  I know he got hurt in that car accident, but that was about a year ago now.  Is he going to be able to play this fall?  He would be by far our best walk-on TE, he could even play a little FB if needed.

Marley Nowell

January 13th, 2011 at 12:48 AM ^

Some observations:

  • They ran a bubblescreen where the WR throws back to the QB twice in the 1st quarter again NW, so he's not afraid of trickeration (just saw them run again in the Bowl game)
  • Their RB seems really good and was close to breaking Marshall Faulk's freshman rushing record
  • QB looks pretty decent but not really a better passer than Denard was this year
  • Scheme-wise they ran a lot of 1 Back Sets with 3 or 4 WRs, rarely any FB play and a lot of shotgun snaps as well
  • Up 2 TDs with 7 min left they are still throwing the ball so I hope we never see Lloydball again


January 13th, 2011 at 12:40 AM ^

After watching this game, I feel soooo much better about our offense next year.  Al Borges runs a multiple offense which appears to be highly adaptable to Denard's skill set.

- SDSU has run a lot of shotgun.  Granted they have passed far more often than run out of the gun but they did run a read-option type play as stated above.

- Regardless of whether they are under-center or in the gun, they tend to run single back, TE, and 3 WRs as stated above.

- They feature a good mix between power runs (i.e. blocking down with pulling guards) and zone runs (i.e. stretch plays similar to what we ran under RR in 2008/2009 and DeBord with Mike Hart).

-  The passing attack appears to be more complex.  The intermediate zones are attacked more.  There doesn't appear to be a heavy reliance on all the WRs running the same routes (e.g. 4 verticals or all the WRs running 5 yard hitches, etc)

-  Tunnel screens and jailbreak screens are used (I'm looking at you Roundtree, Grady, Odoms, Gallon, et al)

Howeva ...

- Lindley (SDSU's QB) is 3 or 4 inches taller than Denard.  Denard shouldn't have trouble throwing over the middle when in shotgun but I wonder if he has problems with batted-down balls when he throws from under-center.

-  We will really need a RB to step up next year ... which would be true regardless of the offense/coach.

Watching SDSU's offense, I honestly don't think our offensive players will have soo much trouble adapting to this offense.  Molk and Robinson will be under center more.  The WRs will run different types of routes.  Robinson will have more reads.  Omameh and the other OG will be pulling more.  Obviously they will have to learn a new terminology. 

The blocking schemes, however, do not seem much different.  Denard can still have designed runs out of shotgun along with the "oh no" plays that come with them.  If the players can learn the playbook and Denard can continue to improve his accuracy, I don't see why our offense won't still put up big numbers.

Also, watching SDSU's 3-3-5 makes me even more angry about the GERG/2010-defensive-staff debacle.  The linebackers line up 5 yards from the LOS, there are many formations (i.e. the OLBs, spur and bandit all change where they line up from play to play), and the LBs attack the LOS.  Basically they did everything in Brian's picture-page of WVU's defense.