Sammy Watkins, and WR depth

Submitted by Jon Benke on November 17th, 2010 at 12:37 PM

Now that Dallas Crawford is blue, my question on his teammate Sammy Watkins is rather simple...  With the depth UM is bringing back; Roundtree, Hemingway, Stonum, Odoms, not to mention Ricardo Miller and Je'Ron Stokes, what are the odds that Sammy Watkins plays from day one?  I know he's highly ranked - Scout's #2 WR - but is he so good that he'd jump over Miller/Stokes/Grady, and see the field from day one?  Could our depth hurt us here?



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the talent to win the ACC but they always seem to find ways to lose a game that they shouldn't lose.  They can attract elite talents, but they can never put it all together to become a complete team.  Heck they had CJ Spiller, Jacoby Ford, Da'Quan Bowers and to name a few, yet they couldn't win ACC.


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Not sure that Sammy cares, but Clemson just picked up another WR.  That's 4 already in this class, and 2 of them are ranked very highly.  Charone Peake and Martavis Bryant are 4 and 5 star guys, with Peake being the #1 WR, all according to ESPN. 


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But if we start getting depth we have to change the way we sell the school. We still have great academics, tradition, facilities, college town and coaching. But now you emphasize that instead of getting early playing time, you get to spend a red-shirt year, when appropriate ( I mean there are some guys who are just so good they are going to leap past older, more experienced players, obviously), learning the offense, not getting hurt theoretically, and getting aclimated to college academics. Then the player can come out with a top notch qb and the best offense in the nation.

Some players are more concerned with early playing time than others. We just  need to sell what we have to offer and not worry too much about what we don't have.


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If he's good enough to play from day 1 RR has proven he will see the field.   If not Hemingway and Stonum will be Seniors and he can battle everyone else for playing time the year after.

Playing time concerns at all positions should be reduced next year.   We will be recording a lot of blow outs and RR will have enough depth to cycle in guys so many more players will be seeing the field next year.   This should prevent guys from transferring due to pt as much.  If they do transfer it won't hurt as much as we will have built up the depth.


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Look at Bama, USC, LSU, Fla...They have recruits committing at every position when there's 6 people ahead of them. They think they are the next big time person to play at this program, which is an attitude I like. If someone doesn't commit because they're scared of competition they most likely aren't going to be good anyways.


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The Florida mention reminds me of the story of their highly touted DLineman in practice. I believe the three of them were in the top five or eight on Rivals100 last year. Anyway, they acted like they owned the place and the upperclassmen didn't appreciate it. I don't think any of them have started a game this year. That will definitely put an ego in check.


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He is very legit.. considering the staff played Stokes last year, it wouldn't surprise me if the same thing happened with Watkins, even if we have a lot of kids coming back.


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 Sammy would be running into an ideal situation at UM. He'd have the luxury of being able to redshirt and not be played before he is ready. After 2011, outside WR is wide open.

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Sammy has mentioned that academics will play a huge part in his decision. Well, Michigan trumps Clemson and Miami in that aspect so I guess time will only tell. If he is that serious about his education, then UM is the place for him. I dont think he should worry about the depth chart at WR. There is nothing wrong with competition and if he has to redshirt a year,  so be it. But on the other hand, if he is good enough to play right away Im sure RR wont heistate to start him.


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Watkins redshirts, and by the time his *Sophomore season rolls around Stokes, Roundtree, Robinson, Hemingway, Odoms, Stonum, and Grady will all be gone.  I'd say we need Watkins. 


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I wouldn't be surprised if Watkins played.  I mean, Jeremy Jackson got some playing time this year.  Why couldn't Watkins get some PT in 2011?

But with Hemingway, Stonum, and Odoms all leaving after the 2011 season, that would leave things wide open for Watkins to play in 2012.

By the way, I sure am glad we burned Stokes' redshirt in 2009.  He'll be a junior in 2011 . . . and he hasn't had a chance to do anything.


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i would hate to see watkins burn a redshirt to get a few catches and downfield blocks. If he is good enough to crack the top three (over one of odoms, stonum, and hemingway) then let him play. otherwise id rather have him redshirt, save the yr of eligibility, and start in 2012 as a redshirt freshman. and unlike DB where experience is vital, WR is a position where he can jump into the starting role and succeed as a RS Freshman

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Watkins is described as a superb 5 star WR prospect. He's supposed to have freak athletic ability (size and speed) and is an elite vertical threat (as opposed to a possession receiver). Think in terms of David Terrell coming out of high school or even better. If he's as good as advertised it's possible he's better than anybody on our current roster which would indicate to me he'll see the field very early in his career. Then again I think we have enough depth coming back  (Miller, Roundtree, Stokes, Stonum, Hemmingway and Odom) so it wouldn't hurt for him to redshirt...


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I just don't think you redshirt a guy like Watkins, unless he shows up and he's far short of what's advertised.  He might not be a starter, but he'd be one of the most talented receivers at UM in the last decade, behind maybe Manningham and Braylon, but with the talent to pass both. 

Let him play, let him go out there and catch some balls.  Redshirt Conway.


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It's not necessarily about his talent.  The question is, Does Watkins provide something that the other receivers on your roster don't?

I don't know that as a true freshman, Sammy Watkins would be better than senior Darryl Stonum, senior Martavious Odoms, fifth year senior Junior Hemingway, etc. 

If he's not better than those guys, then you're sacrificing a potential year of eligiblity in exchange for maybe 5 catches.


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I agree with you, but we also use more than 3 outside receivers throughout a game, and it would be nice if our 4th guy in there was a game breaker as well.

Also, in 2012 when those three all graduate, you have Watkins with a good chunk of in-game experience and we're not relying on guys who haven't seen the field much or at all.


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Yeah, we use more than 3 outside receivers...we use those three and Stokes.  And Jeremy Jackson, who I don't believe has a catch yet this year.

Barring injury, you only need 4 or 5.  And with Jerald Robinson and Ricardo Miller presumably coming off redshirts in 2011...I just don't see the point.

And like someone said above, game experience for a receiver isn't all that important.  You see inexperienced receivers lighting up college football all over the place.


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Not worthy of a new thread, but I'm wondering whether Gardner will get a med redshirt this year. Also wonder if he realized that as good as he is, he just isn't on the same field as either Denard or Tate.


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Gardner will be better and Tate and Denard, he just needs time. He has the potential to be the next Vince Young, I mean look at the kid he's huge and has 4.5 speed and can throw the ball. What more could you want?


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What more could I want? For him to redshirt this year, learn, and get into the rotation in 2011. I simply have a strong aversion to true Freshman QB's. It almost always ends badly. This has nothing to do with Gardner and his latent ability. I fully agree with your statement:  HE JUST NEEDS TIME.  

My frustration is that a whole year of PT could potentially be lost because he played a tiny bit in 2010.


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Roundtree, Hemingway, Stonum, Odoms, not to mention Ricardo Miller and Je'Ron Stokes, what are the odds that Sammy Watkins plays from day one? 

I don't know, but Hemingway, Stonum, Odoms and Grady will all graduate after Watkins's true freshman season, so there will be a ton of available playing time in 2012 and beyond.  He might have to sit and watch for one season.   That's pretty typical.

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I thought I heard talk about not bringing Grady back for another scholarship year. Hemingway has yet to prove hes durable enough to make it through an entire season. Stokes played sparingly as a Freshman and clearly has made great strides yet this year. Miller was barely a 4 star at final rankings and most have Watkins as an easy 4 star. I would think he would have an opportunity if he stood out, but they would take a wait and see approach based on injuries/competition.