Sam Webb/Det News column on 2013 RB W. Shallman

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Sam Webb interviews CC RB Wyatt Shallman.

Key points:


"Michigan is looking at me as a pure tailback. Cincinnati and Syracuse are looking at me as a hybrid tailback, but also as a wide receiver where I can split out and kind of do the multiple purpose thing. I'm just trying to do everything."

"They envision me as a big tailback like (New York Giants standout) Brandon Jacobs," he said of the Wolverines. "They want me to play tailback. That sounds great. I really want to."

"My parents are both crazy Michigan fans,"


Wyatt Shallman 6-3 251 (Now)

Brandon Jacobs 6-4 264 (Now)

Toby Gerhart 6-0 231 (Now) 6-0 215 (senior year HS)

Jerome Bettis 5-11 255 (NFL) 240 (ND)




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I haven't seen any film but if the coaches think he can play tailback, I'm sure he can.  I would love to have someone his size in the backfield or as an h-back.  I hope he really enjoys the BBQ and makes the right decision soon.  I'm going through hello: withdrawal!


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really don't see this kid not going to michigan with his family and friends.  but damn that kid is big, not going to be a home run threat running the ball, but could definatly see him being a consisteant 4-5 yard type of guy you can rely on to control the ball and milk the clock, which will be perfect timing because if we are going full on manball eventually 2013 class is the one thats going to see it.


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Having gone to CC, and been there through a few state championships, this kid is the prototype running back for coach Mack.   CC only has one thing in mind, run right at you untill you give up with brute force.  

ND Sux

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Seriously, this kid has great feet for a bigger back.  Love the 'always forward - GTF out of my way' mentality.  Could potentially be a beast LB as well. 

Man-ball Shall, coming to a B1G powerhouse soon! 


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3rd and 2 with Shallman running behind Kalis and Magnuson!!!

Oh, wait!  The defense bit... Morris to Funchess for the 20 yard TD!


The possibilities...


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This kid would be a great guy to have on pass protection. Could you imagine a D lineman coming around the edge and getting blown up by a guy as big and ferocious as he is. Then again, with our future O line we may never see some one come around the edge.


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...his Plymouth facility. It could be quite the boon for elite level Detroit area HS athletes.

That commitment to his teammates, his lingering bitterness over a tough playoff loss to Plymouth last year, and a nagging offseason injury led Shallman to push himself harder this summer than he ever has before. Two of the driving forces behind that effort are former Michigan strength coach Mike Barwis, and his new training facility, Barwis Methods in Plymouth.

"I hurt my hamstring, so really I was looking for alternative things to do to strengthen my hamstring the right way and Barwis popped up," Shallman explained. "It is hard to debate with what he has done. He has gotten pro sprinters back to where they were after completely tearing their hamstrings. Mine is half as bad. He knows what he is doing. This is my sixth week working out with him and I've gotten a lot stronger and my hamstring is basically back to 100 percent. It is a blessing."

Also, how about these quotes?

Despite the obvious parental leanings held by John and Barbara Shallman, they are intent on exposing their son to every collegiate option. Two friends who also happen to be Michigan commitments aren't quite as diplomatic. 

Warren De La Salle quarterback Shane Morris and Catholic Central defensive lineman Matt Godin haven't been shy in their attempts to lure Shallman to Ann Arbor. "I love Shane," said Shallman. "We talk a lot especially over Facebook because he lives far away. He is the man -- the next Tom Brady I'm thinking. He's got swag, he can throw the ball --- he can do it all. The sky is the limit for this kid and he has got everything.

"I love (Matt) Godin. He is a really nice guy, funny, and a leader. Not only is he a leader, but he is a beast. He is just crazy. He has got great work ethic. He has really helped me a lot with this (recruiting) process. They are both (recruiting for Michigan) little bit, but not too hard because they are getting ready for the season, too."

That's pretty damn encouraging.


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I love this:

Despite the obvious parental leanings held by John and Barbara Shallman, they are intent on exposing their son to every collegiate option.

I like to think that if I have a son (who somehow is a top prospect) that I would "expose him to every collegiate option" as well.  I'd show him...

-MSU and say, "Son, would you really want to go to this strip mall/community college in the middle of nowhere?  Of course not.  Now, let's get the hell out of here!"
-ND and say, "No fucking way.  No.  Fucking.  Way."
-OSU and say, "Sure, it's a tight family...but that's just because they're all related.  Besides, you already have a car."
-Stanford (or Cal) and say, "Well...this would also be acceptable but you didn't grow up singing their fight song."


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Yeah, but searching by author rarely works.  Had you simply typed in "Nebraska" or even "primer" you would have found a post from yesterday.  Or if you checked one page back on the sidebar.


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Don't sweat it.  People here get super touchy about being burdened with having to read something they might already have read.  Of course, that's a different story.  Anyway, maybe WolvinLA2 was just goofing around, I'm sure he didn't really think that "primer" would be a go-to search term.


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dahblue. I have actually frequented this site for years, I just do not post often because of the exact thing you mention. I love this site and will continue to frequent it. I will simply continue to keep my posting to a minimum. It is not worth getting ripped every time you make a mistake. Regardless, this site continues to be a wonderful source of U of M football info and there are a lot of genuinely funny posts.


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Look man, I'm not trying to discourage you from posting.  By all means, post away.  I don't ever recall any post of yours being at all negative.  However, there are things that make this board better than others, and that is a general lack of clutter. 

Here's my thinking when I see M related news outside of mgoblog - if I'm seeing it, chances are a bunch of other posters are as well, and it's probably been posted by now.  If I still think it hasn't been, I'll do a search of anything I think would pull up that topic (and with an article from yesterday, it's not like you have to go back too far). 

If every time M related news came out there were 4 posts about it on the mgoboard, people would stop coming here.  I'm sorry if I came off brash.

Son of Lloyd Brady

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He's only going into his junior year this year, so he definitely has some growing to do. If he keeps getting taller, I know he wants to play RB, but he could be a sick TE/DE, esp. since he's seen as a pass rusher on the defensive side of the ball. And with RB speed, imagine the possibilities...

I digress, that being said, I hope he doesn't get too much taller, there is a point where you can outgrow a position and I would love to see him at RB in a few years bowling over lineman/linebackers alike.

God I need to watch some football.