Sam Webb write up on RB Kalen Ballage

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"Coach Hoke came down to my high school (in late January)," Ballage recalled. "He couldn't say much, so I just shook his hand. That's about it. But he kind of sized me up and everything. Coach Funk messaged me on Facebook (the next day). I called him, and he put me on the phone with Coach Hoke. He pretty much just told me then and there that I had a full ride from Michigan. It was just mind-blowing!



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As long as he realizes that as soon as he steps foot on campus, there will be no "not picking up a football for four months". It's an every day job, son. And given Michigan's out of state tuition, it's a damn good paying job, too.


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the kid seems like a real slacker, he probably thinks football practice is only in the fall, he probably doesn't realize that college football will be more demanding than HS ball, he probably also thinks that 4 months off helped his camp performance, stop recruiting the guy, he doesn't take this game seriously!!!!!!!!


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Whoa whoa whoa. The kid runs track too. God knows what other sports. For all we know they don't have the facilities/programs in Colorado to do Football year round. Get off his back. I don't think Hoke would offer a "lazy kid" a scholarship, and if he stepped foot on campus, the coaches wouldn't let that trend continue if it was true. Look at BWC. He was worthless till Hoke stepped on campus.


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Gotta love Speight's picking up where Shane left off. Makes me wonder if his willingness to commit right away and become such a willing recruiter led to him being offered first over the other close prospects? Either way, hope he keeps up the good work!


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someone with that kind of size and speed would be awesome to put in this offense. With weapons like Funchess, Butt and Derrick Green and the receivers hopefully emerging onto the sceen this year the offense could be dangerous. Not to mention he would be running behind a line where there has been so much focus the past couple years. It could be dangerous


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So we're supposed to believe that a high school junior would have tied for the 5th-fastest time at the 2013 NFL Combine...  Yeah, I don't believe the 4.36 forty time for one second, just like I don't believe that Josh Furman and Derrick Green ran 4.37's.

He is fast, and I like his highlights.  But most of these numbers are fudged at least a little bit.

Lupe Fiasco

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My rule of thumb, add .2 seconds when recruit, and then probably when the graduate or leave college their time is actually about .1 higher then highschool times. So yes, I think everyone realizes every time is fudged, but because take of that we can compare it to other fudged times of classmates to gauge the speed of the player. Thats the way I look at it anyways.


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I wouldn't believe any of those times from the combine either.


The rolling start makes a huge difference. Add at least .2 if you want to compare against real track times.


Now, the fact that his fastest 100m is only around 11 flat tells me that 4.36 for the 40 is super fake.

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I've been in Colorado for 12 years and I've never heard of Falcon, CO. I imagine the competition he is playing against isn't very good, not that it matters that much I guess. McCaffery (Same high school as Kozan) is a good player, lot's of TDs, and I think he holds a Michigan offer.

It seems like Michigan is recruiting Colorado and Utah pretty hard the last few years.


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Falcon is a northern suburb of Coloraso Springs. They play in 4A, the 2nd highest classification in Colorado. It's a relatively new community and school. I've been in Colorado for 21 years and lived in Colorado Springs for a couple years when Falcon was still a praire.



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Yahoo! Sports Radio did an interview with Ballage a couple weeks ago - (LINK)

As their summar notes, he basically talks about his approach to the process and being open to playing either LB or RB based on his final decision. Rather interesting listening - it's about three and a half minutes long.