Sam Webb on Swenson Decommitment

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I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Sam said this morning that Swenson was told during the season that he needed to pick up his play. While Sam thinks (and I agree) that the timing could have been better, this wasn't a blindside type of decision. I wonder how much of this timing issue had to do with Partridge coaching linebackers and bowl prep/dead period stuff. I think Swenson will land on his feet somewhere in the B1G West. Whether or not he is successful, only time will tell.



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The one thing youve said I agree with.

The narratives out there now. Swensons a victim. That snake Harbaugh and his $EC recruiting tactics are the cause. And anybody who would rather see all the facts before condemning Harbaugh and staff are hypocrits because we all jumped on Urban Meyer and Nick Saban for committing acts that were completely unrelated and dissimilar from this one.


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on a couple of posts.  A couple of ups and a number of downs (nowhere near 100!).  What I wrote was in line with Sam, but your always going to get people to disagree with you.  That's what makes this board entertaining.


PS: I called "bull shit" on the Freep story and stand by it.  Sams account is more believable as to what happened.


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day in the sun. I agree with the majority here who feel it unfair Harbs didn't have a platform of his own to opine from do to NCAA rules. No I am going to take exception to Kermit saying he doesn't want to blame people for not wanting to wade through 400 comments on Swenson mudslinging to get to the truth.....Nobody reads past the first couple of jumps to get the story that would be as redundant as Sam and Brian had to be on the round table this morning on TKA radio. No offense fellas (on the roundtable) I found it funny too.

Yost Ghost

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There's nothing at the top of that thread you link that even talks about Sam's comments. That's a key piece of imformation. Not something that the majority of us should have to go dig for in another thread.

It establishes a trend of concerned communication about his development on the field. As opposed to some unethical behavior out of left field two weeks before a deadline.

I for one intend to give Harbaugh the benefit of the doubt until I'm shown clear cut evidence to the contrary.


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But "you" in the case of this board isn't a 17-year-old kid.  I don't know what was actually communicated, and whose fault the miscommunication was, but clearly there was a miscommunication.

When high school kids don't understand what adults are saying, i don't assume the high school kid is to blame.  And I teach high school and have experienced miscommunication. It was always my fault, as far as I can tell.


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Besides the comment itself, it's the very first and it's in a thread with hundreds of comments. Nearly everyone on the blog saw your comment :)

Also, I for one don't follow recruiting that much and I don't wade through pages of recruiting posts. I'm glad someone posted this. If you're going to complain about useful information that most people don't know about but are interested in knowing about, you're sure to get negged.