Sam Webb says two of his sources are telling him Harbaugh to Michigan is unlikely

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"The feeling of two sources that know and talk to Harbaugh (one of which has been actively selling the 49ers coach on the virtues of returning to Michigan) is that he isn’t likely to choose college over the pros.  It’s a sentiment that has grown stronger over the past few days."…



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This keeps being brought up...but I'm not so sure about it. I mean, it's a possibility, but then again does he really need the leverage? He's successful enough as it is that many teams are going to come calling and he'll get a pay raise. I seriously doubt he would string Michigan along just for leverage unless he was actually considering the job. He's not THAT much of an ass.

Autocracy Now

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Well, it's been less than a week of an open Michigan job and Harbaugh's season isn't close to over. He may just want to keep his options open. Even if he is 90% sure he wants to stay in the NFL, making sure everyone knows he might take the Michigan job can only help him. He doesn't have to be that big of an ass to do that -- coaches pretend they'd take other jobs all the time just to get raises. See: Saban. 

Maize and Blue…

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It may mean that Harbaugh wants top dollar to leave the NFL for Michigan (8 Million per), and not, "a couple of million less" (6 Million per), as has been propagated on this board. It seems that Michigan will have to pony up top dollar to get him to come, and I, for one, am on board with that, Mr. Ross, open your checkbook please.


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very consistent in the advance knowledge he leaked and the way he got it out there. That said, his credibility has taken a bit of a hit recently. Hope this one is right for his sake, wrong for ours. I'm not a big fan of Harbaugh's screamer coach persona, but I do think his kids would get educated, and that he'd leave the program in a better place. 


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Whether JH was more or less likely to take the job if DB was the Athletic Director is pure speculation and hypothetical.  No one has been proven wrong on that one way or the other.  It seems unlikely DB's presence would help, but we're all just making educated guesses.

So I don't think you can point to that and say "Look, the supposed insider was WRONG!!"



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While I understand Sam's rationale for that, I think he's just wrong. I also think it's weird he keeps bringing up Bielema's name, because there isn't any more liklihood of Bielema coming here than there is for Bob Stitt.

As for the business about "JH not taking the job last time": I do business with a former Bo-era player who has remained pretty close to the program over the years, and he told me in person that Brandon made the decision to hire Hoke at the spring football golf outing in 2010, which meant that RR was a dead man walking for the entire season. Which also means that neither JH or anybody else besides Hoke was offered the job after RR was fired. The "process" was a kabuki show designed to give the impression that Brandon was doing a search when he knew months in advance what he was going to do.

I have no way of knowing that what this player told me is true, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me. Maybe JH wouldn't have come even if he wasn't offered.

As for Sam's article here: I can't read it because it's paywalled, but the OP's title refers to the "sources" as "Sam's" as though they were sources close to him that he cultivates personally. Is that what the full article says, or is it the case that these are just people who have said stuff to Sam and he's passing it along?


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the only one who thinks that we can't possibly wait for Harbaugh unless he is absolutely coming?  Florida just hired, Nebraska is sure to do so soon, if Michigan does not start making moves here soon it tells me that they at least believe that Harbaugh is going to come here.  They can't wait until February and then just hire leftovers if he declines.  If we don't have a coach by January it tells me that there is at least a handshake deal with Harbaugh.



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With Florida taking McElwain and Nebraska perhaps making a decision soon what will the rush be for us? If anything I think this means we can take our time as long as there aren't any other big time programs looking in the future.  


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You are definitely thinking of Rivals when you say that. Sam said that there was a greater chance Hoke stays because of AD uncertainty if DB got canned, partially because DB would have thrown Hoke overboard in an attempt to save his own skin. In private conversations to me he mentioned that DB and JH would never work together, so I can't imagine he would have said anything 180 degrees opposite in public. 


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actaully kind of funny trying to imagine Brandon and Harbaugh working on anything together.  Putting together a swingset, taking a large quantity of recyclables back to the store, engaging a balloon toss.  There is actually not one single act that I can imagine them conducting harmoniously.

You Only Live Twice

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i don't remember him saying that but I can't say I've listened to and read every word, so I'll take your word.  Even if that's true, Sam is the first to admit when he is speculating or giving an opinion, and he has a radio show, he is going to give an opinion.  Sometimes he is wrong and sometimes opinions change over time.  I'll have to agree to disagree with your assessment cause I find Sam to be entertaining, likeable and credible, and what more can you ask for on the radio driving to work.


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with you on most of those points.  I like Sam too and will continue to listen to him.  I agree totally; nobody really knows whats going to happen and sometimes when they do have bulletproof info they have to keep it close to the vest. 

What bothered me the most though was when he said DB being here gave us the best chance to land JH.  From my understanding it was common knowledge that JH and DB (and current Athetic department) were at odds, thus making that statement seemingly very out of place.  Just a very off base comment by him, IMO, that made me question some of his ideas on the HC and AD situation.

Number 7

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Every time the team releases updates rosters ("The New Phone Books Are Here!") we engage in fine-toothed analysis guided by the maxim that "all weight gain is good and all weight gain is also good."

The same approach should be taken to reading the coaching change tea leaves, particularly as the pertain to Harbaugh.  See, if a sources says he's likely to come, that is good.  It means he's likely to come.  If a course says he's not likely to come, that is also good, since it means people close to Harbaugh have been assigned to propogate rumors in order to throw people off the scent, maintain negotiating leverage, and maintain credibility in the 49er lockerroom. One would expect nothing less.

In other words, all good news is good, and all bad news is also good.


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I believe the news on both was leaked a few hours or so before the actual announcement. What else am I missing here?

I'm not saying we shouldn't trust Sam Webb. My point is that we don't need to put Sam on high ground because he sat on information. If anything he failed to do his job correctly because of of a personal relationship with Hoke.

You Only Live Twice

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Had a coach who they respected.  224... if you have never been in the situation where you get bad news in a situation where the org. handled it with a total lack of class.. I hope you never are.  The bad news sucks enough but then it's compounded by the way it's delivered.  In this case, it was handled in the best possible way by everyone concerned.  As fans we actually found out 90 minutes ahead of the press conference.  I didn't need to hear it any sooner.


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so let's ignore Webb because, even though he has proven connections,  he hasn't been 100% right about everything.  Or have we reached the point where we reject sources we typically respect simply because we don't like this particular information.  Someone with sourcing better than wanting and hoping should step up to confirm Harbaugh's interest.  So far, I haven't seen much.


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There is so much that is gonna be said over the next few days/weeks that we need to just let it play out. Doesn't make sense that this is said the day after the Beaver report