Sam Webb recruiting roundup

Submitted by MichFan1997 on September 4th, 2008 at 12:03 PM

For those who don't listen to him:

-Craig Loston and Devonte Holloman will visit. Both are 5 star prospects currently pledged to Clemson.

-David Oku has eliminated Florida State and Michigan is back in contention.

-Anthony LoLota will be back on campus. "If he shows up to the Wisconsin game, that bodes really well for the Wolverines."

 -The only other really notable comment was that Marcus Witherspoon no longer appears to be part of the teams future plan. No surprise there. On a side note, I really hope this leads to a serious run at Jelani Jenkins. From what Webb has said in other roundups, Jenkins father promised Michigan was going to be in the final 5 and that Jenkins wants to study pre-med (i believe that's what he said)



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Quality post, thanks for the update.  I like that the Clemson safeties finally took a second to realize, "Hey Tommy Bowden is the coach" and decided that maybe Clemson wasn't the best idea.


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that Loston was visiting, he also mentioned that tomorrow (today now) he'd tell of another 5 star committed elsewhere still planning an M visit. My two guesses were Chris Watt (ND commit) and Holloman (cuz of the possible connection with Loston). However, today Webb mentioned that Holloman was b/w Clemson and Michigan in the first place. The first time distance was a factor, but now he mentioned that it might not be if Holloman has 2nd thoughts. Here's hoping, cuz i bet Holloman is a linebacker in college.


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I'll be honest, I don't care if he's interested in the fine girls of Kappa Kappa Gamma if it brings him to Michigan as a star linebacker.  5* players should choose what school best prepares them for the NFL, as that is what their career will likely be.  I do enjoy the fact he's a scholar athlete in the real sense, and that our programs in sports med may help land him, but he'll be spending 40+ hours a week on football, and should choose accordingly.


Also, Jelani Jenkins, spiritual successor to Dhani Jones in awesome named linebackers.


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Another Sam Webb nugget.  This DE grew up without any favorite football team and is wide open.  He is taking an official to UM.…

I do wish 'Spoon well and wish he would still make it to UM.

Jenkins really liked the academics (Sports Med) at UM and a certain S&C coach (eeeeeeeeeeeee) for practical application of said academics.  I would guess UM gets an official visit, unfortunately, I do not have anything to do with it.

Two 5* safeties, LaLota, Jenkins, and Oku is back in the mix...  I don't know where all the schollies are for these guys but man.


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we have about 5 or 6 spots left in this class if we wanna fill it up that much. 11 players are gone+4 schollies are unused=15.  Add 5 transfers (Mr. Plow, Patilla, Slocum, Hill, Spoon)=21. Guess around 2 unrenewed 5th years=23. Maybe even 1 more if someone goes to the NFL. Add in what brian calls general knuckleheadedness or something like that, and we may be able to take a full class with some unused schollies available for 2010. We currently have 17 commits. If my calculations are right, we have room for around 23ish. I think we have the room, IMO.


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By sports med are you guys talking about the Kinesiology Movement Science program? Cuz Michigan doesn't even have a designated pre-med program, nonetheless sports med (unless he's interested in athletic training, not medicine). Whatever, don't tell Jenkins that.

Emil Faber

September 4th, 2008 at 9:46 PM ^

is stuff doctors study/learn, not undergraduates.  It's post-grad.  Pre-med is a list of fewer than ten courses medical schools expect thieir entering freshmen to have taken.  Good grades, a good test, the courses on the appropriate list and a degree in philolophy will get you into any of Michigan's professional schools.


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Haha Emil, I know that's why I'm wondering why everyone is saying he potentially may come here b/c of our "sports med" program. Sports medicine is a sub-specialty in orthopaedics and/or family medicine that's why I was questioning that theory on Jenkins. OT: Funny you say that though, b/c I'm a "pre-med" Phil major.

Tim Waymen

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How do people know what kind of medicine he wants to do?  Even if he wants to do sports med eventually, it's like a high schooler saying that he wants to be a surgeon.  He's not going to study it right away, but it's a goal in life.  Nothing wrong with a player wanting to do sports med.

Anyone else disappointed with South Carolina's D?  I thought they were supposed to be very good.  Way to stick it to the old football coach, Vandy.  (Yes, I know what exactly they like to call Steve Spurrier and I'm not honoring it.)