Sam Webb recruiting article featuring Michael Ferns III and much more

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Sam has penned a very interesting article on an impressive recruit from Ohio: Michael Ferns III. The article features Ferns III, but also gives some interesting insights on Joe Bolden, DL Coach Jerry Montgomery, the impressiveness of M in general, and of course the one and only Brady Hoke.

This quote from Papa Ferns regarding DL Coach Jerry Montgomery really caught my attention.


He is as strong a recruiter as we've dealt with," the elder Ferns said about Montgomery. "He's pretty on top of the game, and he's real good about informing you. He's a real asset to Michigan. He is very open. You get comfortable talking with him to where you can ask him or tell him anything, and you don't feel like you're being put to some sort of sales pitch. So instantly, you feel good about that."



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on yesterday's show, and absolutely loves him.  Ferns seems like he fits right into the mold of Bolden/Ross/Morgan/Ryan/McCray/et al.  Would be a huge get.

On today's show, Sam indicated that distance may a factor for Bailey, and the southern schools may have an advantage.  Yesterday he said Bailey would have a large effect on McQuay, and if those 2 didn't commit, we might hold those spots open for a while.


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You're certainly entitled to your opinion.  I just think it's disrespectful to spell kids' names wrong, especially when those names have appeared on this website thousands of times.


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It's magnus. He hates puppies, starburst and beer.

But, on the other hand, he provides usually spot on analysis of OL and DL and has a greater than average understanding of football.

So, unless a thread he deems it important to be serious in is up,the easiest way to put it is ...

Magnus is gonna Magnus.




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I never said he was a borderline FBS player.

Also, he wouldn't be the first recruit with lots of offers not to reach his lofty recruiting rankings.

Take a look at this list of Rivals top 100 players from 2007, which I chose because all of those players have completed their college careers:

What do you think of Florida's Torrey Davis, Florida's James Wilson, USC's Marc Tyler, Tennessee's Chris Donald, Tennessee's Ben Martin, or Ole Miss's Enrique Davis?  Those guys were all top-30 players whom lots of coaches offered...

Furthermore, at the time of Dawson's commitment, Michigan had a good shot at getting Ethan Pocic, a player that I felt was superior to Dawson...and guess what?  All four major recruiting sites agree with me.


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You implied David Dawson was a borderline FBS player. You give examples of kids who washed that were highly ranked, but I would bet a majority of the contributed at the FBS level. Ethan Pocic is ranked higher than Dawson, ok. So, the recruiting services are only right when you agree with them?


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"You implied David Dawson was a borderline FBS player."

No, I didn't.  Fact.

"So, the recruiting services are only right when you agree with them?"

Did I say that?  No.  I said the recruiting services are capable of being wrong.  So am I.  But in this case, the recruiting services agree with me.



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have been reading this blog/board for a very long time, and the one thing I can tell you is that Magnus does not give enough of a shit to edit anything he has said to appease some poster with a grudge. He will edit for facts, but content he will not.


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You don't think I would edit my blog to make flwolverine and all of his 184 points happy?  I feel like his opinion would really affect my reputation around here, so maybe that would be a good move for my popularity...


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Chance with Pocic < Commitment from David Dawson.  Much less so

I prefer in these arguments if you just said, "I hope I'm wrong and he's a monster."  No issue with standing by your eval, but discretion is the better part of valor here.


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I disagree, but you're obviously entitled to your opinion.

I hope I'm always wrong when I say that I don't think a recruit is going to pan out.  That ought to be obvious.  I'm a huge Michigan fan and I want all these guys to be All-Americans and first round picks.  But that's not realistic.


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I feel like you're one of those stubborn people that even if they know they're wrong, they will dig for any stat to try and somewhat prove their point.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery Magnus.  You can do it and the MGOBLOG community is here to support you.  


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Well I'm not happy. I don't think you should have conceded anything, even if it was done in jest.

I think the crap you are being handed is much the same reason why some people stop giving their opinion. I don't mind opinions as long as they are backed up with some form of intelligent reasoning. But since they are opinions, I do what most people should do, I take it with a grain of salt.


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I feel like my opinions should be taken as fact, and other people's opinions are merely suggestions.  So the fact that you take my opinions with a grain of salt is dumb.

Don't worry - I'll continue to give my opinion.  I've been called a dick 1,000 times on here.  I don't think 1,001 is going to change anything.


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I think we have some nice receivers with Darboh and Chesson. Also IMO Morris should probably red shirt unless he is our clear cut best option his freshmen year. That gives us this year, next year, and possibly the following year to find that guy who his highly regarded as a "stud". I don't think it's impossible to get a guy who's an impact receiver as a freshmen like Sammy Watkins. Obviously the sooner we get that receiver the better, but there is no need to panic.


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Speaking from one who has gone through it, medical school is medical school. It really doesnt matter where you go for pre-clinical. I had kids from the smallest colleges in the country at school with me, and they did fine.

And Notre Dame i believe has one of, if not the highest, pre-medical acceptance rates in the country, just saying.

Penn State sucks. 

O Fo Sho

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has been absolutely unbelievable the last 2 years.  At some point a guy like Ferns is going to look at our depth chart and see 3 deep at every position!

Ferns size and speed for a HS JR is phenominal.  The kids going to be an absolute beast by time he hits a college campus.


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I don't think having a 3 deep is bad, especially at LB. 

And most colleges across the country have stacked up depth charts, especially elite programs. If I was a defensive LB recruit, I would think that I would want a year to bulk up.

And for what it's worth, but PSU and ND have 3 deeps at their LB spots.