Sam Webb Interviews "Logie" Tuley Tillman

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This morning on the Michigan Insider, there was a interview Sam Webb had with LTT and his Mother. Some ot the important points:

-Michigan remains his outright leader, by a long shot

-This was LTT's 6th visit to Michigan, 1st with his mother

-Has developed a great relationship with Coach Funk

-His Aunt living close to Ann Arbor is VERY important to him

-His Mother wants him to go to UM, and she seemingly stressed that several times in the interview

-His Mother calls him "Logie"

-He will take all of his official visits

-Loves the family atmosphere at Michigan 


I think it's going to take an awful lot for a school to pass Michigan. There are too many built in advantages for Michigan. Also, as most of us have learned "If Momma ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!". I really think he respects the policy of no visits once committed. If not for that, I think he'd have committed by now. I don't see LTT being swayed by visits, I think he just honestly respects getting a scholarship offer so much, and he wants to give those schools a shot.



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He really appreciates where he's at in his life right now, and how awesome the opportunity is. His maturity really speaks volumes in this interview, and how grateful he is that he's getting an opportunity to go to all these great schools.

Hardware Sushi

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Sam also interviewed Laquon Treadwell and his mother this weekend, coming out today/tomorrow.

The Illinois kids (LTT, LT, TI, a little EP) have started talking about each others' schools of interest and Michigan is sitting in a nice spot right now.


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I'm sure lots of people know, but I'm sure some have missed this. LTT and L Treadwell both train at Core6. This is a high end facility in Illinois. It requires (for most of them) a train ride, plus $60 dollars fee just to train there.

Two things jump out at me. One, this requires a huge sacrifice of time and money on their part to get there. Two, they might feel some camaraderie as a result of sharing the same facility.

I believe that there is a third Illinois prospect (for UM) that I believe trains there, but I am forgetting who it is. If anyone knows, feel free to chime in.

Hardware Sushi

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I don't know who 'trains' there regularly for sure, but Core6 does a showcase and most of the big-time 2013 Illinois guys were there.

Here's video I found on a quick google for "Core6 Showcase":

Tillman (I think it's free but I have a membershit, so maybe not and I didnt check)




I know a lot of the hype is about LTT, but Pocic still seems to generally be the held in as high or higher esteem than LTT. Same HS as Molk - I don't think that puts us in the driver's seat but it certainly doesn't hurt. McGovern not far behind them and he's been getting a lot of attention. I'd take any of these guys, and the list doesn't include Bosch.


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Don't forget about bosch. He has us up there too and that kid is a monster as well. If we can sweep the state or get 3 or 4 this class could get crazy. Ty Issac is the one that strikes me as the hardest to get at this point. My favorite of the 5 is Pocic for sure. Watch his tape and you will know what I mean.


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All those five guys are in the top 109 on Rivals. They're 5 of the 7 guys in Illinois in the top 250 (the other two are QBs btw, and something tells me we're set there). I would say that I'd love 2-3 of them because it might be a tad bit unrealistic to get all 5. If you get that, you're getting 3 of the best players in the country. If you get 4 or 5, you're probably gonna have the Macallan 20 of recruiting classes because you're doing an awful lot right.


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If I remember correctly he had mentioned earlier in the week that Bama had become tied with Michigan in terms of a #1 school. Was that just said because he was coming off the visit?


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Momma TT said she had a tear in her eye after Saban offered.  But when she was here this weekend, she knew this is the place for Logie (I'm paraphrasing).

Logan sounds like a kid who is mature beyond his years.  He's grateful for the opportunities he has, humble, and is going about his recruitment the right way.  I'd be shocked if he didn't commit to Michigan in the end.


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There isn't a single recruit in recent memory I have wanted in maize and blue more than this kid. He values family above all else, is high character, and knows the value of hard work and education because of where he has come from. He knows where he wants to go and he is beyond determined to get there. If you're on twitter you should be following him because his tweets inspire me all the time. Great kid.


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The state of Illinois has a lot of blue chip talent this year. Sad thing is that UIllinois is probably going to miss out on all of it. Happy thing is that there's a good chance a lot of it comes to Michigan!

Space Coyote

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The talent in Illinois isn't really that much higher coming out this year than most years (maybe only a little).  The big difference is that Michigan is really going after a lot of that talent, and with Illinois trending down they have a pretty good shot at a lot of it.  Another reason Michigan is going after a lot of Illinois players is because of how top-heavy the state of Michigan is.  After the first group it tends to go down by a bit, so it makes sense to go after more Illinois players.


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I agree about the rationale of going after more out-of-state players this year, because I think the in-state kids are a little short on talent overall...

...but I also agree with the above poster that Illinois has more talent than in recent years.  Tuley-Tillman, Bosch, Pocic, Isaac, Alviti, Treadwell, Goebel, McGovern, Bailey...  There are some good guys in there.

Space Coyote

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I'm saying there is typically a pretty good talent level in Illinois, and while this year may be slightly higher, it's not that extreme of an anamoly.

For instance 2012: Schutt, Diamond, Lunt, Voltz, Morrison, Jaleel Johnson, Gregory, Faith Ekakitie, Ryan Ward, Westerkamp, Standifer.

Point is, Michigan is simply going after more of them this year, and the talent is better, but not  exaggeratedly better.

(I should note that in my previous post I say "Illinois is trending down" that I mean "University of Illinois is trending down", not the actual talent in the state)


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And also good for LTT that he's going to take all of his official visits. Obviously I hope we land him, but he'd be stupid not to check out all of his options. He's set a great benchmark with Michigan, and he'll see if any other schools come close. Obviously none have yet, and I hope none do, but he should be lauded for doing his research and keeping a level head on his shoulders about the process.