Sam Webb hints that DB is transferring

Submitted by Dreisbach1817 on February 10th, 2011 at 8:54 AM

Speaking about the Terry Richardson offer, Webb intimated that a DB "not highly recruited" is leaving.  I don't want to necessarily speculate too much (ok, maybe a little) but i think it's a young kid who doesn't think he's going to play much down the road (rather than a veteren guy like Mike Williams not returning who I don't think is on scholarship for his 5th year anyway). 

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Curious to see how the coaching change affects our APR.



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He is not leaving or anything, far from it ... he came in on a mini-bridge-program thing-a-ma-jig where he hasn't worked out with the team yet ...  he's doing okay in the program and I think the hope is that he starts working out soon (like next week)?

But he has met with and loves Coach Hoke, etc.

At this point all is well there.


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Another take on Koger's tweet could be that it's someone that came in early last year and redshirted. But since Sam Webb is saying it's a DB and I don't remember if any DBs enrolled early last year my guess would have to be Brown. That's too bad.


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This is perplexing.

IF it is Brown, it's either a home-sickness issue or being overwhelmed academically.  Otherwise, how do you explain someone leaving 1 month into their college freshman year of college without ever setting foot on the field?

Interesting, to say the least.

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If memory serves, I believe Brown is a strong student, so I can't imagine that is the issue.  I recall some members here who talked about watching him play his senior year and were underwhelmed, noting he got beat consistently by Cheatham Norrils of toledo st. johns.  perhaps he is very self aware of his ability and loves the game too much to not be on the field every week the next 4 years. 

obviously, like others, I am speculating.  best of luck to him (or whoever) as he moves on.  Is Brown the recruit his HS coach noted he would let his daughter date?  (this and the strong student comment very well may be about courtney avery, i may be remembering his recruitment instead of Brown's). 



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I've always thought that it has to be hard for these early enrollees.  They finish their fall semester of high school and then while all their friends are preparing for spring semester, and all that it entails (senioritis, prom, graduation, etc.) they are off to a college campus to begin a new life.  It's so much different than starting in the fall, when you've had more time to prepare mentally and all your friends are going through the same process of starting a post high school life.  I can only imagine that it's harder when you're the only early enrollee at a school.  

Hopefully this rumor isn't true and Brown isn't transferring.  And if it is true, hopefully Brown doesn't file papers yet, goes home, gets his mind right and potentially comes back in the fall in a better situation, if that's even possible.


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Feel bad whoever leaves and wish him the best.

But not to be callous or anything, but how does this affect APR?  I'm not going to like the look of it for a couple of years.


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After I read all that stuff about how he wants to carry on the tradition of Fremont players at Michigan?  Don't get me wrong, I wish the kid well.  Maybe he just couldn't handle it, and there's no shame in that, I'm sure Michigan isn't for everyone, but still.