Sam Webb hints that DB is transferring

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Speaking about the Terry Richardson offer, Webb intimated that a DB "not highly recruited" is leaving.  I don't want to necessarily speculate too much (ok, maybe a little) but i think it's a young kid who doesn't think he's going to play much down the road (rather than a veteren guy like Mike Williams not returning who I don't think is on scholarship for his 5th year anyway). 

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Curious to see how the coaching change affects our APR.



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To whomever it is.  I am not going to fault a kid for transferring if they (1) are homesick, (2) simply don't love Michigan, (3) can't hack the academica, or even (4) don't want to play for a coach that they didn't commit to (any may not have wanted to) play for.  The only transfers that I have been personally offended by were Borin (because of the whole family values thing, and dude, if you are going to transfer, how could you go to Buckey) and Toney Clemens (dead to me).

If the speculation on this board is correct, and it is Brown, we will be fine.  We have a TON of young talent at this position (DB) already, and as a low-rated 3* who, per scounting reports, needs to both add size and work on technique, he wasn't going to see the field in 2011 or 2012. Remeber, we return our entire secondary (T-Wolf, Avery, T. Talbott, Floyd) except for Rogers, and add Countess, who was likely way more field ready.  We will be fine.


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I wasn't aware that Toney had rescinded his comments and defended RR.  That's interesting.  Where did you hear that and when did it happen?

If this is true, then Toney will be first person to come back to life after being dead to me, and I will take your approach that he is just another college fb player about whom I do not care.


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Full disclaimer...we don't know it's Brown, but it appears it may be. If it is..let's not be completely shocked. It's surprising he's leaving this early, but maybe he realizes it won't work out. First of all, we all expected there would be attrition right? The standard line here has always been, "don't worry, we only have 15 schollys to give out in this class but it will grow to 20+ after attrition". Well, then we are expecting 4 or 5 other guys to follow suit, right? Brown was someone who got an early offer in camp from the old staff, but then was very underwhelming every time someone here watched him play. Remember when Hoke talked about the recruits, all he basically said was he was a DB who has enrolled early. Not exactly glowing praise. Perhaps another coach would have come in and revoked his scholarship, but Hoke honored it. We have recruited a lot of corners in the past 2 classes, so in the immediate sense it will not hurt. Again, we are just speculating, but if he does leave, maybe he will end up in a better situation for him.


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Also I admit I dont know much about APR but it seems people stress about it every time we have a transfer and ive never heard of a school getting penalized for it. Transfers happen all the time at every school, and we were all expecting 5 or 6 this year, right? At least that's what everyone said. I think MSU has like 11 schollys to give out next year, but I bet they sign at least 18 because of transfers and guys not asked to return. Heck, SEC schools lose like 15 to 20 players every year and I never hear about their APR troubles, unless the rules don't apply to them.


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..then I am ok with it. Don't get me wrong I would love the kid blue, I liked his attitude toward continuing tradition, but we have a bunch of young Db's from lsat year who got valueable game experience. (No they didn't look all the great, but there were some bright spots through out the season, add that to the new 4-3 and coach them up with mattison and Hoke). And we have 3 Solid Db's for this class in Countess Howell and probably Taylor.

If he wants to transfer, best of luck to him where ever he goes, but realistically we could use that scholarship for this monster midwest class were about to bring in, that Hoke is already hitting hard and will only get better when we win some games next season.

Bird of War

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..being the only early enrollee.  We don't know for sure if it's him though.  Hate to just throw names out there but what about T. Jones?  I know he switched positions once or twice but I can't recall if he's in the secondary or backfield at this point.


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this is nearly as big of a loss as everyone thinks it is if it's Greg Brown. I just watched his senior film and i think he is mediocre at best and would have a hard time finding the field


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I hate to see any player go, but they need to do what is best for them. I hope whoever it is sticks it out and sees what happens, but you never know. Good luck to the player no matter what he does.


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Since Brown hasn't even had a spring practice yet, how would anybody know he's a "reserve?" Is it possible that it's somebody else on the squad who's already been here a year or more? This is notwithstanding Koger's tweet, which certainly points to Brown...


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If it is Greg Brown, I'm not completely shocked.  Much like Austin White, Brown had some rumors of character issues floating around.  If he transfers prior to his freshman year, then that only solidifies the similarity to White.

Also, I'm not impressed with Brown's talents, anyway.  He could end up being a decent player down the road, but an early offer for a player like that really boggled my mind.


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...but that said, Brown is the guy whose loss is least likely to affect us any time soon.  He was not going to play early, and we now have significant depth in the defensive backfield. 

Moe Greene

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Does it really make sense for someone to look at the depth chart now and assume you're not getting any PT? Holy cats, we practically had "hey you in row 21, come down here and cover" last year...


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Sam indicated that the kid was not one you have seen on the football field a lot, indicating that we have seen him...  some.


This would not be Brown... 


Back to your regularly scheduled wild @ss speculation...


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Didn't want to bring this up on its own thread a week ago when I heard it because it's not official, but my friend is dating Brandon Moore and she says Talbott is gone. If it's true, I hope this is the guy Webb is talking about, and not someone else in addition to him.

Blue boy johnson

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This shit is priceless. Anonymous player with questionable morals and wandering eye, may or may not leave program, but whatever, in any case we wish him the best on his possible sojourn



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...the speculation on this thread really sucks hard.  I seriously hope a mod will delete it.

Oh, and it looks like it's not Greg Brown who is transferring.

 Michigan DB Greg Brown is NOT transfering from UM.. There may be 1 player who has had past medical probs who may...


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If it is Brown . . . wow. I know taking shots at RR out the door is not popular here and for good reason, but the guy did NOT know how to ID recruits who would be able to cut it in this program. Brown in this class and there is also news that Prince Holloway, who RR may have signed had he stayed, is going JUCO. Conway didn't end up in the class because of academics.

Last year: Demar Dorsey, Davion Rogers, Antonio Kinard, Conelius Jones - all clearing house or scores issues. Austin White leaves after a couple weeks for whatever reason. Tony Drake gets bumped from the class near NSD because he wouldn't be able to get in.

2009: I've already lost track of all the transfers, not to mention decommits.