Sam Webb-Colin McGovern Detnews Write-up.

Submitted by CHI_BLU on February 23rd, 2012 at 3:49 PM

Standing 6-6 and weighing in at 280 pounds, McGovern possesses the size that all coaches covet up front, but with that size comes a level of athleticism that sets him apart from many of his peers.




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Does anyone else have a problem with DetNews links?  Every time I click them my internet (safari) shuts down and I have to reset it before it will open back up.  This happens occasionally with other pages but every time with the DetNews links.  My computer's seen better days but that seems weird.  Any tech guys out there who can help me out?  I'm technologically impaired.

Old Country Blue

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than he seems destined for OT. I am guessing that would mean that Bosch and Fox would both slide inside along with Dawson to make room for him. If one of either Bosch or Fox ends up at OT though it seems like the coaches would be persuing another OG/C type instead of someone like McGovern. It's obvious that this kid has loads of talent but it will be interesting to see what they do with the last OL spot. It seems like they are still pushing the hardest for OT types like Mcgovern, Pocic, and Kugler though.


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I would hate to give up the chase with Pocic already by wrapping up the OL class with McGovern, but after missing out on Garnett and Diamond, I'll take it.

Old Country Blue

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I would much rather have McGovern now than potentially have Pocic later. I am no scout but my opinion was formed from watching both of their films'. I do think that all 4 of the big time Illinois lineman in the class are plan A recruits though. Just saying it would be a shame not to get Pocic thats all, no disrespect meant to McGovern(seems like a great kid and a great athlete).


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I would take McGovern or Pocic but I agree I would rather have Pocic more. I think Pocic is going to ride out his recruitment for awhile though. Seems that ND and OSU are heavy players for him too. Luckily we already have 4 very good offensive line recruits so we can be very selective with that last spot. I know center is a position of need but most of the best offensive lineman in high school play tackle. I am sure Hoke and Co. believe that one of these guys will be able to play center in the future so I am not as worried as a lot of people are about this.


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We're still in on a lot of top guys and already have an elite 2013 O-line haul. With only one spot remaining I think we'll land someone really good and not have to wait for a Garnett/Diamond like announcement.