Sam Webb on CC Timeline

Submitted by GVSUGoBlue on December 8th, 2014 at 10:08 AM

Sam just said on WTKA that if the search extends past Christmas that we should assume that things with JH are going in a really positive direction. He does not expect that Hackett would wait for Harbaugh past Christmas if things were not progressing. 2.5 weeks until we get a clearer picture I guess.

As for JH and the 49er's firing him, there is no way the Niners would fire him unless he really did something bad between now and the end of the season. There is too much money involved.

I predict Michigan to make its serious push on Jimmy when the Niners are officially eliminated from playoff contention.

Sam was also advocating for Jim Mora if Harbaugh falls through. 

I guess this thread can serve as the Monday Jim Harbaugh Thread.




December 8th, 2014 at 10:51 AM ^

To me it seems like they lose a game or two every year that they should not, often in blowout fashion. I haven't studied them much but that's how it appears to me. And he tried this stunt to "toughen up" the team this year that involved them wearing face paint to a game, which, i'm sorry, was kinda ridiculous. And the discipline on that team is not really what you'd call top notch either.


December 8th, 2014 at 11:16 AM ^

This. I feel like Mora turning Texas down had less to do with UCLA loyalty and more to do with him wanting to be in the pros. I'd expect him to make a real push for either the Raiders or 49ers jobs... he is kinda budget JH, which explains our interest.

Of the names Sam has pitched, I like Whittingham more.

Chitown Kev

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did Bo Schembechler lose a game that he wasn't supposed to lose...the 1976 game to Purdue, the 1977 game to Minnesota, the 1986 game to Minnesota...

While it is a significant factor that USC has been down since the the sanctions, he has beaten USC every year, the last two in blowouts.

I want Harbaugh (like everyone else) but Hackett would get my applause if he got Mora.


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And that was one of the most frustrating things about Bo's tenure. That, the bowl record and the fact that he never won a national championship. Bo was an amazing coach and did amazing things for the program, but that doesn't mean that just because Bo lost games he shouldn't have it's not an issue that Mora seems to have that penchant.


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and would be thrilled if we got him (if JH doesn't happen). I just don't think he would come, and that isn't a knock on Michigan. I think all the noise is because his agent is floating him out there to get him a (well deserved) raise from UCLA. He had an opportunity for a higher profile job (Texas) and I believe Washington is his alma mater, and he turned that down too, just last year. So, with no connection to Michigan and considering all that, I just don't know why he would leave Westwood.

I hope I'm wrong. I think he's a very good coach, and that the fans would love him too.


December 8th, 2014 at 1:19 PM ^

Regarding Mora turning down Texas and Washington last year I think the script looked like this:

1.  Team was poised for big things with a lot of returning talent, Stanford and Oregon visiting UCLA and, crucially, the final year of Brett Hundley(the most talented UCLA QB since McNown).

2.  Lots of momentum from the crushing at the end of the season of both USC and Va. Tech. 

3.  A fresh promise from the administration to upgrade the facilities and a demonstration of commitment by raising Adrian Klemm's salary and allowing for the hiring of Kennedy Polamalu as an RB coach.

Add in the fact that he had only been at UCLA for two years and I doubt too many coaches would have left.

Now for this year:

1.  Hundley's gone and the Stanford and Duck games are on the road which he has to go into with either a freshman Rosen, Neuheisel's kid, or one of two poor man Hundley's that the team recruited at the last minute.  

2.  UCLA is still on a postage stamp and just dealt with a huge water main break which may mean promised upgrades may never happen or get unacceptably delayed.

3.  The batshit wing of the UCLA fanbase is already starting to turn, worrying that Mora may have a ceiling(never mind this ceiling is a better three year run of success than the program has ever had).

4.  The reality of UCLA being a basketball school in a USC city may just be getting to him a little bit and he may jump at the chance to go to a football school that can be the big dog program.

Seems like a better situation to leave now.

Personally, I like Mora a lot and I think he'd be a shot in the arm.  He turned around a similar situation at UCLA in which a lot of underachieving talent had been stockpiled.  He's a good recruiter and has been very good about establishing fan relations. 

Here's what I worry about; both Oregon and Stanford have basically been kryptonite for him and given that the Ohio State=Oregon and MSU=Stanford parallel's exist in terms of style of play and program profiles, I wonder if he can turn the rivalries around as quickly as we'd like.  That said, there's no doubt that UCLA has been up for the USC game every year and that was a rivalry in which the Bruins had been owned for years(and embarrassingly so, the only close game was the one the Bruins improbably won a few years back).

TL:DR  There was a lot to keep him in Westwood last year that I don't think is repeatable this year.  Don't necessarily take his turning down Texas and Washington as signs he's looking to stay in Westwood or leave for the NFL.


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Doing a quick look, Mora has done VERY well on the recruiting trail since he set foot on campus.  He has KLS in his class already this year, as well as Josh Rosen (5* QB).  Obviously, California has many quality prospects to choose from...and it's not like we have been lacking for good recruits either.  But good to see that we could plug someone in and, hopefully, not skip a beat.


December 8th, 2014 at 11:42 AM ^

I think waiting to approach him is a bunch of bull. Really?

These are all big boys that can multi task and have agents.

We have a job to fill and he knows that and would expect a call. I don't care who he is, we need to move the process and find out interest. If he is not interested, we move on. But to act nervous that we may disrupt JH is a bit foolish.

Put the offer down, set a deadline (like this Friday) and expect a response. He knows now if he is going to Michigan or not.


December 8th, 2014 at 12:30 PM ^

I thought the 2 Jim's already met.  I was told yesterday by a buddy with AD connections, (yeah I know, everyone has a buddy with insider info these days, (cough cough Sam Webb cough Cowherd cough cough) that Jimmy was offered $5 million a year with a $30 million bonus if he stays 10 years.  I have not seen this posted and do not have a name to drop as a reference so take it with a mine of salt.  But they are pushing hard already for Jimmy.  There is no waiting.


December 8th, 2014 at 10:34 AM ^

Agreed but there's always a chance in a rivalry game.

However, if the 49ers do lose next weekend then I think they'll be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I know they will be in terms of the NFC spot and I think they would be for a wildcard spot too.

It would depend on maybe one or two other results but there is a good chance they are done next weekend. Maybe the 49ers, Michigan, and Harbaugh can make some kind of deal. I don't think really anybody knows currently.

Number 7

December 8th, 2014 at 10:53 AM ^

There is a good chance that with a 7th loss, they'll be eliminated from the playoffs, no?

With two games to go, they'd be at least three games behind both Seattle and Arizona, locking them out of the division title possibility, as well as one of the wild cards.  

Green Bay could put themselves out of reach compared to a 7-loss 49ers' reach with a win tonight vs. Atlanta at home (or at Buffalo next week).  

Dallas and Philly play eachother, so the loser won't be able to eliminate the Niners just yet, as SF holds the potential 9-7 tiebreaker (having beat them both), but Detroit could nonethless eliminate the 49ers with a home win over the Vikings.

Mr. Yost

December 8th, 2014 at 1:03 PM ^

You were going to be bitching either way...whether it be because Hoke wasn't being fired as soon as the OSU game ended or because the search was going to take a month or so.

This is precisely why I said, make some shit up but leak a date..."Hoke will be evaluated on Thursday, December 11th." 

Why? Again, make some shit up, "this is the customary timeline (2 weeks) for the head coach and his assistants to hold end of the year individual evaluations with each players and units."

Now everyone knows what's going on and knows the timeline...they may not like it, but you know "okay, the 11th or 12th an annoucement will be made." You also understand that they're not saying they're keeping Hoke, just allowing for general end of the year stuff that he'd have even if he were returning.

Saves the heartache for fans, and more importantly, buys you more time and less media attention.

Fire Hoke this Friday, knowing that you've already started to evaluate your options.

Now you have a shorter window, less impatience, and you're not going to piss these coaches off who have to answer Michigan job questions every day while they're preparing for their seasons to end. You also may get lucky and hold on to more commits with a later/shorter timetable.

You get the bowl seasons started which deflects attention, you get the Christmas holiday which does the same. You could hire Harbaugh on 12/29 and that's just 2 weeks in your transition time, less Pepto and TUMS for everyone.

But I'm not AD, so heartburn is what we all have. Also with a hell of a lot more competance running the seach (I hope).


1989 UM GRAD

December 8th, 2014 at 10:13 AM ^

I admire your optimism that this will be considered the Monday Harbaugh thread. Maybe the Monday mid-morning Harbaugh thread. Because of course there are many more to come...

Cali Wolverine

December 8th, 2014 at 10:14 AM ^

informative as our CC threads. If I want to know whether a recruit is feeling strong about Michigan Webb is my man. However he has been a hot mess and all over the board on our coaching search.


December 8th, 2014 at 10:21 AM ^

JH needs to go all George Costanza to get fired early. Maybe wear Montana's pants to a meeting and get some jelly doughnut on it. Then drag the super bowl trophies around in the parking lot and then top it off with him running around the field in a body suit with security in pursuit.

Gob Wilson

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