Sam Webb Article: Taco Charlton now a top U-M recruit

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"As a kid growing up I was a diehard Ohio State fan," Charlton said. "If Michigan and Ohio State were playing, I would go for Ohio State. But when I grew older and recruiting started going on, I started straying away. The Michigan offer was so big, and with how much love the coaches have showed me — it's crazy how a kid from Columbus can change schools like that."

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He is a must get. I understand him and price are close friends and the whole twitter thing was a big no-no but It would be great to get both of those guys in AA. Work your magic Mattison.


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Aside from how awesome this kid is, I really really want a kid named Taco on our team. So many amazing things can be done with that. Tacopants, Taco from "The League." What a great bonus and upside to a seemingly great kid and great player

Blue boy johnson

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Hoke bringing in Taco's Pickerington teammate, Tamani Carter, in last years class also helps M's cause.


Adding to Michigan's appeal is the presence of Charlton's former high school teammate, freshman defensive back Tamani Carter. "I was real cool with Tamani," he said. "We used to always talk when he was on the team. He is a good teammate. I love Tamani. He is like a brother."

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The bucknuter are saying that he is probably not good enough to get an offer from ohio.  ohio is apparently going after out of state kids for DE in the 2013 class.  That is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard.  This is like Duane Long suddenly changing his views of Dymonte Thomas after he committed to us. 

His Dudeness

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Where will Burrito Sasparilla and Chesterfield Enchilada end up?

Also is Taco "supreme" or just, like, chips and some shit salsa? Because fuck that man. Fuck that big time.