Sam Webb on 2014 RB Recruits

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On this morning's Recruiting Roundup Sam suggested that there is a good chance that neither Jones nor Mack will be part of our 2014 class.  He said that his opinion on both had changed over the weekend.  Details apparently to follow on Scout.

Kind of a surprise - and not in a good way.  



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Had we redshirted De'Veon Smith he would have been the running back in the 2014 class.  There was no need to burn it for the few carries he received.  On a similar note, I don't know why Charleton played as a true freshman with both Ojemudia and Clark directly ahead of him.  Next year we will have a senior, junior, and sophomore at the same positions. 


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Unfortunately, we have not been in the position to red shirt everyone the way we would like.  

I always kind of thought red shirting RBs was kind of silly.  They have such a short shelf life, and if they are going to be decent, they are going to leave anyway when they are juniors, especially with the NFL salaries rewarding longevity the way they do now.  

As far as linemen go, red shirt them all, I say.  

Mr Miggle

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I wouldn't dismiss their importance. Giving him playing time can't hurt hurt for the near future. The non-redshirt might be an issue for 2017, but our RB recruiting now probably has more to do with depth issues in 2014. Good RBs usually contribute early so 2017 depth chart issues don't matter much now, as opposed to the OL.


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how many other top programs red shirt a ton of players, but not curious enough to go and research it for myself. It seems that we overstate the burning a red shirt idea here. If a player is successful on the field, chances are they are not sticking around for 5 years, especially at a position where your pro longevity is already limited due to the amount of punishment you are likely to take on like RB. It may be understandable for an OL to red shirt so that they can add the bulk needed, perhaps interior DL as well, but that is about it. In an ideal world, we have depth so that younger guys essentially can master technique, learn scheme, and contribute on special teams until they are juniors and then they get to start a year or two before moving on. Is the jump so great between year 4 and 5 to warrant massive red shirts vs. the idea of turning over your class and essentially taking 20ish addition players every 5 years and the probability of getting an very special generational type player to pan out with the higher volume of players taken.


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to recruits. High school football players want to actually play once they get to college. They don't want to sit around and marrinate for a couple years. On the job training definitely has to be preferable especially if they are "star" players.

By playing freshmen, M lets them know that they will play if they compete, work hard, and are meritworthy. Just the right message in my view. 

In any event, the really good ones are not likely to stay for 5 years. The less than good ones may wind up transferring. May as well get it sorted out right from the git go.

Jack Daniels

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Yeah, Jones has to take the ACT and won't know if he's eligible until March-it takes a month to get the scores back and he's taking it three days after signing day

Why do recruits do this to themselves

5th and Long

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Jared Shanker at ESPN Insider has an article on Malik's FSU trip and the quotes are from Malik's father, Greg.

Greg notes that Malik was having a good visit and could see a path to getting on the field.  It goes on to discuss how Narduzzi's in home visit helped dispel some rumors Greg had heard about MSU players and how serious they take their schoolwork or lack there of.

But the money quote is:

“My son likes Coach Narduzzi and the coaches at Michigan State, but it’s always been University of Michigan first with me,” Greg said.





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Can anyone tell me where I can listen to Sam Webb's discussion on recruiting matters? I live in Dayton, Ohio and would be interested in hearing him talk about recruiting. 


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I Lived there for seven years (worked for NCR).  Was glad to leave.  Very vanilla, utilitarian kind of place.  Everything seemed dull . . . the location, the topology,  the buildings, the entertainment/nightlife, the people . . . all of it.   I went there immediately after living in Ann Arbor for school.  It felt like I fell off a cliff.



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Drake is coming off an injury, Rawls may transfer, Hayes may go to slot, Shallman is not an RB and Damien Harris is no longer a lock.

This class really needs McDowell AND an RB and if we miss on both it will be pretty disappointing. 

I Like Burgers

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Thanks.  Didn't know that, but it reinforces my point of taking as many as you can because they get hurt, transfer, etc.  

I was always surprised that Kamara committed to Alabama.  As the last one to commit of that ridiculous haul it was just odd.  I mean good for him wanting to compete, but there were a couple of studs ahead of him on the depth chart, plus 3 other RBs in his class and he could go pretty much anywhere he wanted.  Now he's burned two years of college.

I Like Burgers

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Counting on RBs is foolish.  Take as many good ones as you can afford to, and then let them sort things out on the field. Even though we have Green, Smith, and Hayes you never know what will happen.  Kids get hurt, arrested, homesick, etc.  So your depth can go away quickly.  And Harris is a 2015 recruit, which is a long ways off, and there's no guarantee that we get him.  Counting him amongst our RB assets is also foolish.

So in the same way you should take a QB ever year, you should take at least one RB every year too.