Sam Mikulak: One Step Closer to the Olympics

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Less than a year after breaking both ankles in competition, Michigan gymnast Sam Mikulak is in third place going into the finals of the 2012 national gymnastics competition, which airs today on NBC at 1:00 pm Eastern. As many of you know, Mikulak was 2011 NCAA National All-Around Champion as a freshman, and even after his major injuries managed to win the 2012 NCAA title in high bar. Last year’s U.S. national champion, Danell Leyva, is currently in first place (Mikulak was unable to compete in last year’s nationals because of the injuries), and 2011 world team bronze medalist John Orozco is currently in second.

Michigan freshman and last year’s junior national champion Adrian de los Angeles placed 18th overall in Day 1, and Michigan senior Syque Caesar is already set for the Olympics, competing for Bangladesh.

Links: Freep  (sorry -- only Mikulak feature I could find) and USA Gymnastics.

The highest combined scores from this championship and the U.S. Olympic trials held later this month will determine one member of the Olympic Team, after which the other four team members will be determined by committee. 

Don't be distressed if you see him in a red uni.  That's one of the uniforms for US national team (he's already a member).  Maybe today they'll wear the blue.   

UPDATE: One step closer to the Olympics.   Finishes Nationals in third.  With the smaller Olympics teams this year, not much room for specialists, so Sam's amazing consistency over the two-day competition is a major plus.  Based on today's performances, the U.S. men's team should be a serious contender in London.


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the amount of comments in this thread show how much people care about gymnastics. what's next, a thread on Michigan fencing? Michigan croquet? Michigan competitive walking?