Sam Grant visiting this weekend

Submitted by Lancer on January 11th, 2012 at 1:24 PM

Per our boy TomVH, the Ohio Tight End will be on campus this weekend. Second visit he has made in the last couple of months. If I had to bet who would be our next commit, it would be him. Legit need at TE, especially since it looks like AJ Williams will likely play OT at the next level.



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It was on Monday Night and I watched it with the wife rather than the BCS game which was being boycotted.


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Nobody important is saying that A.J. Williams is going to play tackle at the next level.

There is a GAPING hole at tight end, and the replacements are either old and invisible (Brandon Moore), young and invisible (Ricardo Miller), or wispy thin (Devin Funchess).

Furthermore, Williams wants to play tight end, and the coaches are telling him that he's going to play tight end.  That's more important than what a bunch of random MGoBlog posters think.


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you're right, but I think the point is that the first day he steps on campus he will be about as large as our TEs ever get, most players gain wait in college, perhaps he'll go the other way, but its hard to see him playing TE at 280 or 290 pounds.


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Played tackle in High School, projects well at tackle and it's likely a better path to the pros for him so I will bet dollars to donuts that is where he ends up. Not unlike Cam Gordon who wanted to play WR against all evidence he was better suited at LB and now he is an LB.


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The difference is that Cam Gordon was obviously not a wide receiver because he's super slow.  The coaches were like, "Yeah, whatever, fine, okay, we'll give you a chance to play wideout.  We just need athletes."  Gordon wasn't offered until November, partly because he wanted to play wide receiver and the coaches didn't see it that way.  They let him screw around at WR for one season before forcing him to realize that he couldn't cut it there.

A.J. Williams was offered last February, told he was going to be a TE, and the coaches have maintained that throughout his recruitment.  He was already huge and they recruited him as a TE.


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So if AJ Williams projects  to an OT then why are we still pursuing Garnett? I know JG would be the second or third best OL in the class depending on where you rank EM, but this just seems like overkill with OL. #'s at OL are still down but you dont do it all in one year . . . you are almost guarenteeing a transfer of one of them. Is this not what RR was condemed for with doing the same with WR??


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except a couple of them might get immediate playing time while others will take a while to develop which is typical for OL.  some OL just never pan out or become career backups its not a gaurenteed success posistion so if we do get transfers it won't be for a few years and Williams could just as easily become a blocking tightend.  Hoke isn't going to take more players then he thinks he can use 


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AJ Williams wants to play tight end and has been assured by Borges and Ferrigno that is the position he is being recruited to play at Michigan.


The moment that anyone from Michigan suggests that he will be moving to tackle, Williams would likely re-open his recruitment and head to Arkansas, or, worse yet, Ohio State.


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His junior  highlights seem to say good blocker and decent receiver.  His offer list (as noted in another comment) is much stronger than his star rating.  Oklahoma and Arkansas are top TE recruiters and both want this guy.  Bottom line he has the size and polish to fill a very big hole in our depth chart next year.  AJ will be the road grader and this guy may see a lot of PT if Moore does not improve.


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At 280 and most of it looking to be good weight, how does he get into a college weight program and not get to 290-300lbs? As a run-blocking TE he for sure fits but does he maintain or even have the abilty to be a pass catcher? Just sayin!


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He is 280, and yes, as he ages from 18-22 and goes through S&C, a guy his size would be expected to put on 10-25 pounds of muscle, bring him to 290-305.  But, college S&C doesn't just ADD muscle, it can result in a significant LOSS of fat.  Have you seen a picture of him recently?  Ton of muscle, sure, but he can EASILY lose 30 pounds of "bad weight."  So, assuming the addition of 10-25 pounds of muscle and a LOSS of 20-30 pounds of fat, he can be expected to get to between 260 and 285.  I would agree that 285 is probably too heavy for a pass-catching TE, but 260 for a guy his height is not.

Note: Jason Witten is 6-6, 265, and is a pass-catching TE. 

Bo Knows

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Brancing off the comments about WIlliams I can see him finding his way onto the field as a freshman as a blocking tight end in short yardage.  I think he'll help us out more at this point anyway.  Grant has offers from Oklahoma and Arkansas and appears to be well rounded.  

Jon Benke

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I am sure that's how Ohio will call this.

That said, I think this guy is a true sleeper.  He's been getting a slew of nice offers the past few months, so I like that.


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According to whom, rumor control on mgoblog?  What link says the coaches are considering A J Williamas as a tackle?  What evidence, aside from sheer ungrounded speculation?


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Does anyone have an idea when updated rankings come out prior to SIgning Day? Curious to see how our recruits fare in the final ones. Obviously everyone was very high on Pipkins in the AAA game and potentially can get to that 5 star level? But do we see the likes of Magnusson and maybe T Rich dropping a bit?