Safety Sheldon Royster visiting in January

Submitted by Magnus on December 2nd, 2010 at 2:41 PM

Sheldon Royster, from New Jersey, is visiting in January.  I thought this quote on Rivals was interesting:

"The coach that is recruiting me told me that they are in need of DB's and they don't have too many that are going to be staying," Royster said. "If I did decide to go there it would be a good move for me athletically and they also have good academics. That's always a plus and will be one of my main reasons for picking a college."

It's always possible that the kid misquoted what a coach said or maybe didn't quite understand the gist of what the coach said, but I thought the boldfaced part was interesting.  As far as I know, the only defensive back who's departing is James Rogers, who plays cornerback.  Royster is probably going to be a safety in college.

Like I said, it's probably just a miscommunication/misquote.  But I certainly hope that's not an indication that our underclassman defensive backs are having thoughts of transferring.



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Maybe we should just put something in there to go on a vision quest with DB to find out who the next coach should be. At very least we could all be chickens or purple potatoes for awhile and forget about the agony we call Michigan football.

Who is with me?


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The best thing about that saying is that more than half of the people that use it have no idea of its origin.  BlockM uses it correctly but I've had bosses that talk about "drinking the Kool-Aid" in the context of "joining the team" and "being positive."  Unfortunately for them, they have no idea that the phrase comes from committing mass suicide!

Maize.Blue Wagner

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Not only misused, but apparently it's factually incorrect.  Jim Jones' drink of choice was actually Favor Aid (at least according to wikipedia). 

Given that reasoning, Jones and several members argued that the group should commit "revolutionary suicide" by drinking cyanide-laced grape flavored Flavor Aid (often misidentified as Kool-Aid) along with a sedative.


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were using it incorrectly?

"Drinking the Kool-Aid" is a phrase and metaphor, used in the United States, that means to become a firm believer in something, to accept an argument or philosophy wholeheartedly or blindly without critical examination. - Wikipedia

Perhaps they were telling you, "Do what we say.  Don't ask any questions.  Don't complain.  Just get the job done... and smile."


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Magnus Bond.  Interesting quote.  Is he a CB or S.   Not a knock on him, but maybe the coaches are not that confident about Walls or Lyons.  I think Gibson visited Walls and Coach Rod will visit next.


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Both Scout and Rivals slot him as a safety, and his size (6-0, 190) agrees.

Rivals is higher on him (#12) than Scout (#37), though his offer list is pretty good (WVU, UNC, USC(NTUSC), Miami(YTM), Pitt, Mich) regardless.  Looks like a very solid prospect.


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Definitely agree with others, I'd have to guess he meant "staying" as in "staying at their current positions."

As for Royster himself, he is a highly-rated guy at a position of need, so here's hoping.


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Plus obviously Woolfolk only has one last year in the secondary so he'll move on quickly meaning several of our corners will keep playing corner...and not safety.


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That is possible. I've known about him being in contact with Michigan for awhile now, just wasn't given the green light to talk about it. I was tipped off by someone at another site, and their coaches don't like them talking to the media very much because of an incident with one of their players a few years back or something.

They have been going after him for a little while now, I just don't know the exact dates. But you're right, he could've just misquoted them. 


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Could it be that some of the DBs this year won't be playing DB a year or 2 down the road? Players like Cam Gordon, Marvin Robinson and Furman, who may be safety sized right now, but after this year will probably play LB?


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Besides Woolfolk and Vinopal, who do we have?

Rivals: 6', 185, 4* (5.8), #12 safety
Scout: 5'11", 190, 3*, #37 safety
ESPN: 6', 185, 3* (77), #59 safety

Offers from Miami (YTM), South Carolina, North Carolina, Rutgers, WV, Pitt, Illinois
Visited or visiting North Carolina, Rutgers, South Carolina

Sheldon Royster


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I am downright confused. We sure are getting a lot of new looks right now. Strange that a coaching change could be coming with all of this new player attention at the moment.


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the coaches went on some in home visits. we are getting alot of looks from recruits. I am skeptical that a coaching change is coming. I am a little confused as well.


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Between Walls, Lyon, Royster, and maybe Williams and Clinton-Dix, we seem to be in on enough promising safeties that we should do okay there.  I'd hope for Walls especially since he's an early enrollee.


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I love that kid he's pretty funny. But he is a good safety I've gone to all his games this year and last. He goes to my school so I see him a lot. Pretty happy he's hearing from Michigan, would love a kid from the school I go to, to go to Michigan.