Sadly the Ferns-Bunting Miss State letters seem like frauds

Submitted by CarrIsMyHomeboy on April 26th, 2013 at 12:00 PM


If these were real, and if the images were taken by the players, then it's nearly impossible to explain the same floor, desk, and trapper keeper textures appearing in both. It seems we've been had by someone who had enough time to fool the internet in imperishably weird fashion but not enough time to, like, try.
"To Ferns":

"To Bunting":



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The second one looks like a photoshop of the first.  Everything is literally identical except for the text.  My bet is the first was real (or at least really written), and the second a photoshop.


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Guys - I did some internet research of my own, and it turns out the polar bear in the Alaska Fairbanks videos DOES NOT actually fly through outerspace or shoot actual lazers into team logos.  It turns out it would have to be an enormous coincidence to be able to fly through space while also being an arctic mammal.

I cracked the case guys!


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We don't KNOW that the Bunting fax is a fake. Ferns and Bunting might have the same fax machine, because THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON! Have you ever seen them in a room together? Huh?

This is the Michigan Difference--a critical mind.


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But I love this thread.  So there's that.

Also, in the OP's defense, his sleuthing didn't lead to the disastrous consequences of Reddit's crimefighting, so he's A-OK in my book.


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After further further examination, this is not a fraud.  In addition to t-shirts, Ferns also sends out  floor, desk and trapper keeper textures to recruits when they commit.  


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One of the most embarrassing aspects of this is that the entirety of my career can be distilled down to being patient about conclusions, skeptical of my mind, and diligent in seeking alternative explanations. At least it's Friday.