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Submitted by Steve Lorenz on January 30th, 2012 at 9:03 PM

Hey guys, I had a good conversation with Team 132's own Ryan Van Bergen last week and posted the interview tonight. I was going to wait, but everybody's being so lame about recruiting that I thought this might be a breath of fresh air, enjoy: Ryan Van Bergen



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 I really enjoyed reading it & being able to hear from RVB again.  I always enjoyed his post-game comments.  

- definitely agree with those on the Jack Black resemblance

- appreciated hearing him give credit to the improvement in coaching

A lot of people have said that the defense improved because the players matured, but I always thought more credit should go to the coaching staff.  They players learned how to make adjustments!  One of the most frustrating things under the previous staff was that there didn't seem to be half-time adjustments, by UM anyway.   It was great to see GMatt get to the point with the defense where he would let them (the seniors) do the play calling and adjustments themselves, in response to what they were seeing on the field.

I think we'll see more of RVB in the future, whether it's in the media, on the coaching staff, or in the Athletic Dept.


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It made my heart sink the day they interviewed RVB at the spring game and he said, "we've been here working hard the whole time, where have these guys been.". I felt so bad for the guy since it was clear he came to Michigan to represent the school/team with pride. So glad to see him go out winning a BCS game and getting to experience that feeling of representing with pride. Can't get enough of team 132.
Thanks for sharing Aquaman.


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Really nice interview, you could tell he appreciated thoughtful questions instead of just the same ol' media softballs. Keep up the good work.



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Fantastic stuff, Aqua.  Team 132 couldn't have asked for better leaders than RVB, Molk, and Martin. 

Really interesting to hear what RVB had to say about the difference in how the coaching staffs handled the defense, Gibbons, etc.


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Great interview. RVB is definitely one of my favorite players in school history. Hard working and calls it like he sees it. Hope Team 133 looks to the leaders of Team 132 to know what leaders look like.


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Aqua: I would just like to inform you that, in my head, you look like TIME Magazine's Man of the Year, Lloyd Brady. I just imagine it is Lloyd Brady taking all these interviews.

Keep up the good work!


January 31st, 2012 at 12:51 AM ^

Great interview.  Loved the comments about Desmond Morgan, doubters take note.

Desmond Morgan is going to have a huge year next year. He's a special player, that's for sure. Incredibly hungry and driven. Delonte Hollowell is another guy who was huge for us on special teams this year. I think he'll take a big step forward next season.

Mr. Yost

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The story of the senior class...someone could make that into a VERY good movie. I read that interview and couldn't help but get a little misty at the end knowing guys like RVB, Martin and Molk are gone. They all endured so much - Heininger with injuries, Koger with schemes, all of them.

And then the little things like Wisconsin running the ball 39 straight times and them not adjusting, what that had to feel like. How do you sit in a film room after that?

Or watching the coaches berate the kickers?

Now I know why Molk made those comments about Coach Hoke. He'd seen every coaching style, endured it all, and finally his prayers were answered and he simply got a good football coach. And that coach and his staff took him and his teammates somewhere they'd never been before.

I know this song has some negative conitation to it and I'm not the biggest Green Day fan so forgive me. But the story of this senior class just reminds me of Friday Night Lights. And for whatever reason this song keeps playing when I think of the moments from this class:



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This was a well done interview, and you asked the tough questions in a way that let RVB be open to answer them openly, rather than back him into a corner. I think his answers (the coaching, and about 3&O) were helpful to understand the inside perspective. (I also think Molk was in the camp of the coaching has made a big difference.)

I agree with the posters above, this Senior class is special, and it is sad to see them go. What a great bunch of leaders.


January 31st, 2012 at 12:10 PM ^

I don't know that RVB gives bad interviews, but this was one of the most insightful I've read.  Let him speak on topics, but didn't badger him at all.  His talk about defensive coaching, the accompanying pain of the Wisconsin game as a defensive player, speaking on Gibbons, the effect of bulletin board material, being a "violent" player...all very candid and interesting to have such a smart view revealed.

Oh, and can someone give Ryan some peace of mind....? Doesn't the baldness gene come from the mother's side?