Ryan Glasgow off to a strong start for the Bengals

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Although my beloved Bengals were atrocious yesterday, Ryan Glasgow was a clear bright spot.  PFF rated him as the second best Bengal on the day, with an 83.4 overall grade.  PFF's full take



The Bengals look as though they’ve found their replacement for Domata Peko. Glasgow was incredibly stout against the run at nose tackle, registering two stops on the day.



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Friendly reminder that Graham Glasgow was an OSU commit as a PWO, and his brothers likely would have followed suit.

That whole family is awesome, and is probably the only silver lining of OSU hiring Urban. Thanks for the tattoos Tressel!


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Hoke offered him as a PWO shortly after he was hired, but he was solid to OSU. I mean you can make things up if you want, but I'll go with what Graham himself said.


"I remember my dad sat me down and said, point blank, 'Do you want to be a leftover walk-on?'" Graham recalls. "He told me, 'You don't know what the new staff is going to look like, if they're going to want to keep you, you don't know how many years they could miss bowls, you might not ever have a chance to earn a scholarship if they get sanctioned. I strongly encourage you to think about your other options.'" Graham had roughly two weeks make a decision. When he called Hoke, Michigan still had an opening. He switched course and headed for Ann Arbor.


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At least something good to hear from that game.  Bengals fan here too, but I'm pretty much repulsed by Marvin Lewis still being in charge. So much so, I have a hard time paying attention.  I ended up not watching any NFL this past weekend.

Glasgow will have a good career though, I expect.


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Graham is articulate.

Ryan is a wrecking ball.

Jordan is a modern day Wolfman.

Glasgows make great football players. A truism that fits along side death and taxes.