Ryan Glasgow is in a sling; "working through some things" per Durkin

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on November 11th, 2015 at 1:18 PM

I don't know how to embed a tweet, but Angelique and Nick Baumgardner both reported this via Twitter within the last hour.  Baumgardner said there is nothing definitive. 

Durkin added that Wormley and Henry can play inside along with Hurst - this per Baumgardner.


Here is a red panda eating a grape:




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I feel like it's a realistic opinion.  The only time we've beaten OSU in over a decade is the one debacle of a year they had with an interim head coach after tat-gate.  I know we've played them close a lot and we will have an opportunity this year so anything can happen.  And, I have no doubt we put forth our best effort of the year and make it a good game.  But, in reality until I actually see us start beating them head-to-head from time to time it remains a long shot.  Anyting other than that is just the fan in you talking.

San Diego Mick

November 11th, 2015 at 5:31 PM ^

In 2012 we led 21-20 at the half and proceeded to go away from the offensive game plan of the 1st half, stupid coaching.

In 2013 we called a mind boggling stupid play on the 2 pt conversion, otherwise we win that game 43-42.

Last year one could make a great argument that we played OSU tougher than any of the last 3 games they had and it was in Columbus.

All of these things were with Hoke as coach, not only do we have Harbaugh now but the rest of the staff is as good if not better than any other staff out there. We also have a better defense, better special teams by a mile and a QB who is improving and has a better running game helping him out along with better play calling from a genius coach.


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I agree with a lot of what you said, but it still took our best performances and so-so performances from them and we still lost.  Our special teams is better, but there are still flaws.  Our defense is better, but I'm concerned about our LBs getting exploited by Barrett/Elliot/Miller.  We don't have a Jake Ryan anymore to contain them.  We do have Peppers, but he can only cover so many guys.  They are still quite a bit more talented from what I see and I doubt our coaching staff is enough to overcome that this year unless Ruddock plays lights out and we can get the running game going.  We only put up 23 points on MSU and they have a better defense than MSU.  I think we need to score at least 28-35 points to win and I'm not sure we will get there.  I'll be curious to see how many points they score against MSU.  But, they seem to be a matchup problem for us, but I hope I'm wrong.


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What evidence is there to expect a different result?  We've lost what, 10 of the last 11 games?  Once they prove to me they are capable of beating them with a full slate of players that aren't under investigation and with an interim head coach then I'll start to believe.  But, from where I'm standing there has been little evidence to suggest we can beat them in over a decade.


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The list of things going on in the world that are worse than this injury is incredibly long. That will not change any time soon.

However, this is a football blog and it's likely, despite the world's tragedies, that we discuss things that are bad purely in a football sense.

Why am I explaining this to you? Who knows.

Jack Hammer

November 11th, 2015 at 1:58 PM ^

Shoulder injuries don't seem like the easiest things to diagnose. Have heard orthopedic surgeons explain that they sometimes don't know the extent of the injury until they get in there. Let's hope Ryan feels better quickly and avoids anything major.


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my MRI revealed a tear in the supraspinatus. When my Orthopedic got in there he found a tear in the labrum and a third that I do not recall. I was told not to worry about further injury on mine as long as I could tolerate the pain I was ok to do what I wanted until I chose to have surgery. Further injury would not affect the time it took t heal from surgery...which for me was about 1 year.


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Crud. Our depth at DL is diminishing, and the team's one clear area of strength is now tenuous. First Mone, then Ojemudia, now Glasgow. The team is down to Hurst, Henry, Charlton, and Jenkins-Stone as starters. We're now getting to the point where Pallente, Johnson, Marshall, or Jones could be seeing PT to spell those guys. Not good. Having said that, I am firmly in the camp of not risking Glasgow any earlier than absolutely necessary. He shouldn't and won't play if there is any threat of further injury. Crummy position to be in.


November 11th, 2015 at 1:37 PM ^

Godin, don't forget Godin who's played awful well this year.  He's been out for a couple of weeks, but was back on the field for a few plays against Rutgers.  

Hopefully he's back, and if so we should be fine against Indiana and PSU.